Diaoyu Island incident: China will usher the best opportunity into a powerful

Life: In this paper, "Japan" will be called on to "Pirates." "Japanese", the dictionary meaning for the ancient Japanese form of address. However, from the pictographic character of the research found that "Japanese" word can be interpreted as: a woman as high as straw, the specific meaning may refer to: small, fickle and so on. "Bandits", the dictionary meaning robber or foreign invaders. Therefore, the "pirates" the meaning of the term can be interpreted as: a group of like the little straw-like high volatility of the descendants of a woman with the robbers.

The Diaoyu Island incident impact analysis on China's future:

The west window rainy night

I. A Brief History of the occupation of the Diaoyu Islands is not in this elaborate, the scourge of the Diaoyu Islands from the Treaty of Shimonoseki, and it has a hundred years time. Ten consecutive years from China's GDP growth in eight Chao, China has basically shaken off poverty in the economy. Economic problem is no longer a government priority to resolve the matter. Therefore, the Taiwan sovereignty issue, the East China Sea oilfield issue of sovereignty, the issue of sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, South China Sea Islands sovereignty issue, while southern Tibet, then contact the Natural State Sovereignty of the Government's paramount need is to resolve the matter. Therefore, the Chinese government for the first time take initiative, this event I thought it was the Chinese government and Chinese fishermen co-star of a strategy to seize power double reed. The following reasons:

1, known in June 2008, when I reached in the Japanese joint development of the East China Sea Speculation about Chunxiao Oilfield consensus. In this two years in the Japanese co-operation agreement on Speculation about Chunxiao Oilfield has started onto the agenda. Woguo is urged to spare no effort in this matter as soon as our cooperation with them to reach a consensus on the details. Us to abandon the pirates (the year China had agreed to jointly develop a consensus reached in just a delaying tactic on the Japanese, and Speculation about Chunxiao Oilfield has always been the sovereignty of our country) and development of the East China Sea oil field alone, so there by the fishermen and the Government of our brave This is a staged collision storm. Moment to both sides onto the cusp of the world's media.

2, in the collision incident, China has never been hit or Japanese fishing boat as a direct contact with the events we all know China is a one-party rule, and said plainly, without government permission, no matter how patriotic our fishermen can not have the opportunity to collide with the Japanese ship. Even if the government did not allow this incident is at least acquiescence.

3, the collision from China after the incident, unprecedented "positive", "continuous" and "condemnation and protest," Woguo ambassador summoned to suspend economic and political exchanges, and "words" (words such as: the unconditional release of the ship and people) is not difficult to see that the Chinese government on this issue hundreds of times, the wise handling of this incident more than any previous one political event. For the handling of this incident we also commends the Government's political maturity, the whether there should be a little even if a trace is also speculation - the Chinese government has long strategy it? Of course, there are a lot of people think that this is domestic public opinion forced the government to sell. Asian countries were invited recall, a few things in China, the government is under political pressure, public opinion in order?

4, before the events in this collision, according to news reports Woguo: many times from our multi-Chong Sheng Nanxi ships across the sea to the Pacific Islands. There was a lot of people think this is a symbol of the Navy out of the first island chain. Now think about it, the most important thing is to head to the Chinese government would like to ship out of the high seas as ropes, to test out Woguo Woguo in Taiwan and the attitude of the sovereignty of this ocean, so pull the collision of the desperate measure.

Second, the Chinese government in the event of the harvest:

1, the Chinese government the double reed is a good start, should be regarded as a tiger not only announced to the world of the sacred territory of China is the real white paper, more accommodating, the Chinese government to regain the trust and the sense of security. Great unity and encouraged the sons and daughters of the three places on the country's patriotism. Filipino hostages have experienced the Hong Kong and Macao is a very small, Spirit baptism, but also very critical to the Macau government media to vent grievances with one turning point.

2, the Chinese government conveyed by Cici incident to the Waijie a new, hard-line political attitude, especially given the obstacles to U.S. imperialism Weishou the development of China's political rogue deep ocean a bitter blow, big against the Japanese pirates, Vietnam, Philippines, India and some to the United States followed the lead in the political needs of foreign aid "semi-political independence" (of is called a semi-political independence is more than a few countries because of political moves by the United States to be approval) Group like.

3, the event also made a friendly neighbor of China onto the world saw the forefront of China's decision to support me to see China's political and friendly countries, our government's political maturity and stable, making it more firmly believe that our country to strong political confidence and ability. For the subsequent rise of Chinese politics pave.

4, this event is also suggesting that those in power in Taiwan, the Diaoyu Islands is only your mother - People have the ability to recover.

5, the most important point is that the United States made clear that China has really Japanese so-called "US-Japanese security treaty," the minimum, it is impossible for the U.S. allies in the loss of soldiers for a pack will be. The victory of the Chinese political gain another victory and fully prepared.

Third, the Chinese government in the event of lost opportunities:

1, failed to properly grasp the media in the country in the world of political propaganda to win the support of the international community. Ie: I have agreed with the Japanese the Chinese side to develop the East China Sea resources, and Japanese side has yet to cooperate in Japanese, has not been clearly defined boundary of territorial sovereignty between the two countries, the Woguo territorial disputes in the areas of both sides of the mandatory withholding fishing vessels and fishermen. Woguo This is insatiable, Woguo has revealed the naked seizure of my ambition in East China Sea. Our government should appeal to the world for the first time Woguo such power, unreasonable, ambition passing onslaught. Woguo so outrageous act in the same time with it immediately announced the signing of the East China Sea Speculation about Chunxiao Oilfield agreement null and void, and the unilateral termination of the cooperation with the Woguo.

2, this incident is in the political confrontation between the Japanese, who wins will come onto the international leadership role. Inferior race, the Chinese government should not hesitate on the Japanese declaration of war events. Once when the Japanese war in China, to China's current military strength is completely defeated (in the Japanese military of their own, according to the volume data please access), not to say that other, just say, nuclear weapons would be sufficient. I believe the pirates were able to make nuclear weapons, but I'm sure there is no core product pirates, because pirates have a core product, but to domestic pressure Woguo is impossible to freely play with the U.S.. Once the core product pirates do not listen to the U.S. political greeted but how? So, in fact, the old pirates want nuclear weapons, and can only be powerless ah. Of course, in this we can not ignore the "US-Japanese security treaty," but please ask, sirs, if true in the Japanese war, the United States risked half dare to bomb the city was moved to the ground it? He has the guts and courage Uncle Sam do? Furthermore, from the perspective of economic analysis of direct participation in the war the U.S. did not dare, because I'm American now owes more than 1 billion U.S. dollars in China's treasury bonds, the Chinese government if the Japanese really bent on playing, she bent to help the U.S. Japanese, All the Chinese need the U.S. to sell government bonds due to the U.S. Bankruptcy (two years, according to the State Statistics Bureau, China purchased within the past few years are basically short-term U.S. Treasury bonds). This is not Russia, which also support China, Russia, although in other areas do not want a strong China, but in East Asia and the Middle East, the U.S. military presence, which Russia has always been a big heart. I take the initiative to come forward to solve the entire Chinese military threat in East Asia, in addition to Hainan related to this section of Northeast China region and the people of the territory and property, but also to vast areas of territory in eastern Russia and the people and property. In this event, Russia is among the dead cold relationship between the lip and teeth. The Chinese side expressed the hope that by Russia as long as some of the "support" that a request must be feasible.

3, in the Japanese war, Taiwan should also have several motives: A, response to the U.S. Japanese troops in Fujian, and declared independence; B, KMT third round of cooperation, the Diaoyu Islands to recover lost territory and conquer pirates; C, do anything, wait and see its change. Do not think we all know, the second option is that all people want to see, but things would be so development? I think the Japanese in Taiwan during the war the most likely motive is inaction, that is, the third option. Why? Start with the first option, the U.S. response to Taiwan once the Japanese military in Southeast Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, any military action will not escape the eye in the sky of China, China will be the first time in the shortest possible time to achieve control of Taiwan, to first to be conquered when the most likely is not Woguo Taiwan, and Taiwan certainly will not be foolish self-destructive level. Moreover the second result, if the KMT-CPC cooperation true for the third time China lost ground to recover, and that Taiwan is the same as announced to the world's major signals return to the motherland, and this third KMT-CPC cooperation will be very grand way history is recorded, pending later viewing. However, if Taiwan really return to his mother's heart, why wait until now? So, the next is only one Taiwan, and the only one choice - wait and see. Conduct of the war situation to see changes in strategy and tactics, then Taiwan can only be considered a reed and to the wall.

4, China beat pirates, the United States are faced with the weakening of military power in East Asia until disappeared (41 U.S. military bases in South Korea because the Chinese occupation of pirates will be after China, Russia and North Korea form a counter-encirclement). In this state, the United States in addition to withdrawal sadly it is no longer road. A U.S. withdrawal, South Korea, not the backing from the political footsteps away from the natural tendency to be geographically closer to some of the Chinese in Asia. No military threat from the East Asian and political forces.

4, China beat pirates, the United States withdraw its troops from South Korea, Taiwan takes two to tango, so that no spiritual world, in addition to no longer return to the mainland Road. Also eliminates a fratricidal disaster milk compatriots in Taiwan will be the new China, following Hong Kong and Macao is the third country outside the peaceful settlement of the territorial issue. East China Sea issue of a settlement, those holding a sword in season feathers United States Vietnam, the Philippines, India, the believers already in panic, not at the Chinese and I also dare to give it a try?

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