China's rare earth resources, to be themselves, and Beijing can not have too much spirit of internationalism

Recently the so-called rare earth in China's exports to Japan to stop this rumor is even the dust clamor, and the Diaoyu Islands which event the captain Zhanqi Xiong was released also, and be interpreted as some Western media is that the yield of rare earth is the result of Japan's ace and so on.

Rare Earth is known as "industrial MSG," or the "21st century gold", but the rare earth is not only not been able to China in exchange for considerable wealth, but continue to attract all kinds of suspicion and controversy. Recently the so-called rare earth in China's exports to Japan to stop this rumor is even the dust clamor, and the Diaoyu Islands which event the captain Zhanqi Xiong was released also, and be interpreted as some Western media is that the yield of rare earth is the result of Japan's ace and so on. All these speculations spread the West found the monopoly of China Rare Earth speech opportunities, they complain about a fear that as China's "rare earth beggars", worried about their F-22 fighter jets can not fly, can not worry about the missile launch, the computer can not be worried about mobile phone use fear that the tsunami triggered the so-called industry. These concerns then they hide behind the attempt to what? The rare earth industry in China to adjust the policy and who touched the nerve? China's rare earth in the end who will decide it?

We look at some recent foreign media reports, for example, Japan's Kyodo News said it would be to think that since China's rare earth, will hit Japan's "weakness" caused by Japan's "industrial tsunami." Or Japan, "Tokyo Shimbun," said, but Japan is a "rare earth beggars." In addition, we look at U.S. foreign military Research Council researchers say use of rare earth industry in China appears to be dominant inside, one can not play the last trump card, Hualiyouhua. Britain's "Financial Times" said that Japan imported from China rare earth resources is only 1 / 3 for industrial production, the remaining 2 / 3 as a strategic reserve to have been sealed, we pay attention to this view, China has tightened export for strategic consideration. Also like the United States, "Boston Herald" that a country that relates to security, including U.S. national security, and China is challenging U.S. hegemony in a country, such a relationship. In addition, "New York Times", said China has demonstrated strong rare-earth attitude to the Japanese, is on the board with a three-dimensional display its way to China.

For all the rumors of rare earth Ye Hao, Ye Hao suspicion, and even accusations of us, behind in the end is what?

Anxiety interrupt the supply of rare earth global "battle for resources" smoke

RE dispute concerning the right to independent resources

All the comments in a word, all in sensational, exaggerated. In fact, we must first clarify that China tighten exports of rare earth, within the next 20 years will not affect the countries of the rare earth-related industries. Them in the past 20 years, the export of rare earth with our cheap long enough to build strategic reserves, and we do not export now is a kilogram, will not affect their industries. The reason they are now called, not because his plane could not fly, but because of two things. The first thing he wanted the Chinese in this country's precious resources to maintain sovereignty and regain pricing power to give you back such efforts. Because we just started to maintain our resources, this is a start, there will be a second rare earth, the third piece, step by step for China to regain pricing power, which is part of a start, this part of us is most favorable, so he must take it to fight back. If this session, rare earth pricing by the Chinese back to the future trade between China and Western countries will be equal to our relations better, more disadvantageous to them, this thing is that they absolutely do not want to see. Another thing is that 20 years make so much cheaper to buy from our country with the price of cabbage to buy rare earth, and he do not want to, though he had sufficient reserves, but he also wants to continue with such a cheap price buy. So in this matter, he would trick, said not now, you have a serious threat to the stable development of world economy, with this big hat to pressure China, and China has always advocated free trade is not a thing. He will now take control of exports of rare earths in China ... ...

You have entered the WTO, you signed the so-called WTO agreement, I would like to use this thing to box you. But you see, for example like the German "Frankfurt newspaper," said rare earth in China and the West has become a new dispute, but the conflict is likely to upgrade. You have such a possibility, Mr. Song?

Known as MSG, and the 21st century industrial gold what is the use of rare earth in the end

In fact, say that now is indeed a rare earth mineral resources, but in theory, it is not hundred percent can not be replaced, but to spend a lot of money. For instance, the military uses, such as Patriot missiles, and its wing, the aerodynamic wing is that it is playing out like wings behind as a thing, and inside it contains the rare earth in order to increase the hardness, or its flexibility, pliability, or we say it's better. So without it right? If you do not add it, you want to process, on the other side to go to large capital investment and research and development, not to say no. Of course there is a chip, for example, the Japanese worry that is a lot of chips he has done. We know that the chip is actually embedded in the electronic components inside the capacitor. For example, there is a tantalum, rare earth elements in the dozen with the inside, it does a very good capacitor, the curve is very stable. So that is something like this, of course, possible to use other alternatives, but to use other alternatives to spend a lot of money to look this way. Of course, cheaper to sell in China, the United States, Japan, of course, I doing this again to find the cheapest way to spend money, you cheap to me, to take advantage of this is obvious.

Distribution pattern of rare earth resources in the world What are the characteristics?

Yes. Here is a data, I find it unbelievable. Let's take a look, have actually had to show everyone, all countries the output of rare earth, China accounted for 97% of the world, 12 million tons, and then we look at Russia, the United States, Australia and India have, but few of them yield, you are like Russia, the United States and Australia are zero, does not produce, not to export, the export only of China with India, and China accounted for 97% of the world, then we will turn to see, how much reserves it? In fact, we only account for 36% of the world, you're like 19% of Russia, the United States 13%, Australia 5%, and India is a little less, 3%. We are doing this out of resources, we have foolish to sell it?

China's exports of rare earths should be made clear only for peaceful purposes

We can not have so many international spirit, well-made computers in other countries is not good, this thing although we are not in a competitive and adversarial relations, but this is after all the things other people can not use our expensive rare earth to develop their economy. And we can put this thing to the extreme, you have just read in the media is a "Boston Herald," he said, this thing is a matter of U.S. national security, and China is a challenge to U.S. hegemony in the world countries. If China is not to challenge U.S. hegemony in the world of the country, but a U.S. trading partner, then we do not restrict the export restrictions related to U.S. security is not the problem, the problem is related to the economy, then this proposition is not established. So if we are a challenge to U.S. hegemony in the country, we certainly want to limit the export of rare earth, in particular, to restrict exports to the U.S. in particular, to limit our exports to the U.S. defense of rare earth sector. We put a topic into the extreme tip of the U.S. defense industry and many of them use to the rare earth materials, which are rare earth material, he was imported from China Rare Earth, to create a part of the weaponry was sold to Taiwan. That means the future if we are to solve the Taiwan issue by force, we face the threat of People's Liberation Army in part due to our cheap system, this is a great absurdity. So this absurd must start now to stop, so exports from China's rare earth, we should learn from the U.S. that one thing we have to determine its peaceful purposes. U.S. technology exports to many countries, there is a non-military use of such a license, you can not put my technology for your army, the same rare earth of our exports should accordingly introduce the same rules, you can not put our Rare semi-finished products for your weapons and equipment manufacturing, especially after you use can not be re-exported to Taiwan.

Our topic today is China's rare earth to themselves. Of course, while the West accuses China before, you break the WTO, you limit exports. We have a response to Minister of Commerce Chen Deming, said China's rare earth export both to promote economic, but also consider the protection of the environment and national security elements integrated in the existing conditions, the large extraction of rare earth on the two great harm to ecological environment and destruction, so the Chinese rare earth production, mining and trade restrictions are imposed, this approach is consistent with WTO rules. Song, China's rare earth we can do our own Lord?

I think it will, because they always want to put some developing countries as a resource exporter, and he went to get these resources back to do more expensive industrial products sold to developing countries. Even Russia, in industrialized countries like the original, he tried every means to make it a resource exporter, rather than an industrialized country. This is the developed countries has always been to one, or that they survive for one, they always stand for a higher position to do this thing. When you put yourself to the decline in export volume of rare earth, or you begin to get to their pricing, the get out of that part of the high price to develop their own industries, he will feel threatened. In fact, it is not only a thing of rare earth, he feels you will achieve a high degree of industrialization, a country with a population of 1.3 billion to achieve the industrialization is a threat to them.

Speaking of which, I looked at earth, we also have a plate, is a kind of metal collectively less, including 17 kinds of chemical elements, the chemical elements we have not introduced one by one, because I have read a lot of words do not come out . But Mr. Soong to us to explain where the rare earth in the end for its precious, or its so-called strategic significance in the end where?

I do think it is the main one is the original 70's, after the reform and opening us back into the world trading system, the original earth in fact is not at all Chinese exports in the first three years, and later into the system which , we started a lot of exports, and is open all provinces Luancai chaos, chaos contract, but also very large losses.

There is no single mechanism.

Extraction volume is very low, such as some provinces, we do not specifically say. First, a national real estate resources, the state land and mineral resources to be received, not, not to say that this management we get now, the country began to do several years ago. One is the problem of environmental pollution, and the second is the sustainable economic development, we are accelerating the transformation of economic development. For instance, we now have developed a number of companies to the board level, such as computers, such as communication equipment, as we Huawei, we will eventually have to do something at the level of the chip. Why do you want to take this thing? Equivalent to our species of wheat, and to you, you made it to the last bun, and then sell it to me, I do not own buns over, and I had a 600 million year students to employment, I put this economic development change the mode, I used to own rare-earth, your missiles to strengthen the strength of the shell, you can come to me to process, this is the most free trade, because it is the lowest cost, you can chip to my processing here, impossible. Instead, he would also like their stuff to us those restrictions, those techniques

Yep this thing is not a front for a while a bit like iron ore from abroad, people have a union, I know we now own pricing system is not holds together.

Outside the protection of rare earth resources, to prevent the thief should guard against ghosts

And this is particularly a problem which should be noted that anti-foreign spirit we want to have to be anti-family when the thief. This year we have earth, the rare earth ore as waste slag, cement export case too much, so even if we have rules in the future we have much more on this issue under the supervision of the effort. Otherwise there will not be colluding with foreigners, the use of such a regulatory loophole to shiploads as our rare earth mine waste rock took out to sell. In this case, no matter how integrated our domestic resources are not used. This is us, this thing is in addition to the rules, in the regulation, we should make great efforts.

And pricing is now way we should think again, should be more of a system, organized, at least in China ...

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