With the support of China: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Ahmadinejad challenges Obama to ask PK with the U.S.

Ahmadinejad to challenge, willing to debate with Obama

Let's talk face to face, man to man 

Ahmadinejad to challenge, willing to debate with Obama

Reuters, Tehran, August 2nd - (Reporter Robin Pomeroy) --- Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Monday to challenge the U.S. President Barack Obama, asked in a television debate, singled to see who took out the world's problems the best solution.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at a conference in Tehran, said: "We should be able to participate in the late summer (United Nations) General Assembly, I am ready to work with Mr. Obama one on one dialogue, the dialogue between man and man, of course, before the media in the world. "

"We will present our solutions to world issues, who ceded the program to better."

Ahmadinejad is also a similar proposal last September, but the Washington area has not been ignored. He said the former United States President George W. Bush had refused a similar invitation, because he "no courage."

Iranian President in his speech on the recent sanctions and for its possible military strike against nuclear facilities to cynicism.

"They said 'we will announce the sanctions'? Can, though, put your horse come. To the already announced a number of resolutions? 4? Have a skill could publish 4,000 items."

Likely is behind the support of Iran boldly dared to challenge to Obama. . . .

In fact, early in 2010 the United States began planning early war plans against Iran, now has two aircraft carrier battle groups deployed in Iran on around. Eagerly, Sabre-rattling, murderous look very strong. Only one command will be started this war!

China Economic Net Beijing August 2, 2010 Telecommunications (ZHENG Hui) Iran's Deputy Oil Minister Hossein Noqrehkar Shirazi last Saturday at a news conference in Tehran, said China's oil and gas sector in Iran's total investment has more than 40 billion dollars. However, the first half of Iran's oil and gas exports to China last year was significantly reduced compared to 30%.

Two aircraft carriers gathered the Middle East, will the United States battle with Iran?

China is also forced to cruel sanctions against Iran in the signed agreement, the war breaks of 40 billion U.S. dollars of Chinese investment in the interests of how to do? ? ?

U.S. relations with Iran in recent years has been in a state of tension, especially this year can say that the "sword aside crossbow for" state. But China's trade relations with Iran is very fire, Iran's oil exports to China have been growing up process situation, Iran has become China's third largest oil supplier, are revealed by the recent news of Iran, the ongoing consultations in Iraq increase the supply issues in China, Iran to help China by the end of 1 million barrels of oil. Foreign media have reported that Iran's condition is very simple, that is, as long as the weapons to China can pay.

In fact, decades of China's foreign exchange earnings are a large part of the money earned by selling arms (according to statistics of China has sold thousands of foreign fighters), especially in the Iran-Iraq war and the Gulf War, China also made a profit of a lot of money, while some of China's low performance is good and light weapons, it is so favored by the Gulf countries in the region. Even the U.S. arms dealers are from the hands of the Chinese arms dealers for the purchase of ammunition used in Iraq and Afghanistan government forces, Saudi Arabia has bought a lot of weapons from China, the current Iraqi government despite American objections to the purchase of weapons and equipment to China.

US-Iran nuclear issue in Iran so diametrically opposed to each other, the United States angry that always want to use force against Iraq that the Iranians is clear, therefore, continued to expand in the arsenal of Iraqi equipment. Most of Iran's weapons and equipment by purchasing from China and Russia, Iran also tested a variety of this year, torpedoes, missiles, but was the first to launch a satellite, although not know really successful, but Iran's military technology also really impressive, can Iran really have such sophisticated technology? This is something that is doubtful, because in Iran, some of the weapons and equipment can always find a little in the shadow of China's weapons. The United States has accused China of weapons and technology exports to Iran, but there was no evidence it.

U.S. wants to control the Middle East, must control and occupation of Iraq and Iran. Now the U.S. has taken control of Iraq, might be expected, since the United States to control Iraq's strategic goal is to control Iraq's oil resources, which is depriving the Iraqi people the right to development, therefore, anti-American militants and gradually evolved into guerrilla warfare, which is a natural development of things. As the Japanese invasion of China, the beginning is the name of the Sino-Japanese goodwill, name of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere building strategic slogan, and was later occupied the Chinese people I will never see through their attempts in China, it aroused the majority of patriots rose up against Japan, Devils finally got out of China, Japan, established a new China. The United States, the next step is how to control and occupation of Iran.

U.S. confrontation with Iran is now at the strategic, mainly opinion and ideas, strategic battle tactics. United States occupation of Iran, must Shichuyouming. Therefore, the Iranian nuclear issue, the United States a pretext for speculation, but also the establishment of the United States in the international united front against Iran an excuse. The United States actually do not care about Iran's nuclear issue, not what justice is. To put it simply, Israel's development of nuclear weapons, the whole world to know why the U.S. does not engage in Israel? This is the justice? Banner slogan of justice, the terrorist threat to produce nuclear weapons, the United States use of international public opinion and the United Nations to strive for their own attack on Iran to find the most legitimate excuse.

Iran, in order to establish an international anti-American united front, it is necessary to use the tragedy of Iraq, to build the domestic front. The second is to use the oil weapon, use of countries that need oil countries fear U.S. control of oil, with oil resources of the country, to establish an international anti-American united front. Only by establishing such a united front in order to establish common lot of the strategic relationship between lean angle, coordinate with each other, support each other, be possible to stop the U.S. aggression.

If Iran was defeated, the Chinese how to do? How Chinese investment in Iran do? This is known as the evil old U.S. national of countries, to China provides an important source of crude, not Iran, China's oil import prices do not know how many times to improve! China's oil imports do not know how many times to shrink! ! China's economic recession did not know how many times! ! ! Strangle Iran is China's oil off the valve, China's strategy into completely passive, completely routed into position.

This is not alarmist, but a living reality.

Once the Iranian regime's fall, China will lose the last line of defense in the west. American forces will be contiguous, direct access to China's western border. This situation occurs in the short term disastrous consequences for China. Our strength is still not fully match fit and the United States. Once the power of the United States extends to China's western border will be a direct result of investment in China had deployed sufficient forces to meet the United States west of the threat. And yet, at the east as well as Japan is ready for us. Japan is not a threat to China's overall smaller than the United States. Can be said that the Japanese forces to suppress the growth of China's desire to be much higher than the United States. Once both sides by the enemy, China will inevitably face a relative shortage of power situation. How to ensure that this situation does not appear to be a test of a strategic issue in China.

To be sure, defending Iran's absolute than in China's western border is more cost-effective counterweight to American power. Iran itself is a considerable strength of regional power. As a country with 1,645,000 square km of land and nearly 70 million population of the oil-rich country, Iran, the United States itself has the ability to some extent counterbalance. Of course, Iran on its own strength alone is not enough to really discourage the United States. This time, China also needed greater support for Iran to quit the United States. Of course, China is not rich, we can not inclined to help Iran, our strength, so contrary to contain China's west will be the main force in the United States and east of the first to solve some problems for the policy. Russia pulled the water is a natural choice for our country.

Once the occupying U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Iran and activate the power of the United States, Russia, Central Asia and Transcaucasia in the interests of the region will undoubtedly be a great threat. Therefore, Russia will not remain indifferent to the Iran issue. We can also take advantage of some and Iran mutually beneficial action. China and Iran signed a 100 billion U.S. dollars worth of oil and gas contracts is the most obvious access to Iran's oil and gas resources handed to the U.S. also sent a warning signal. In addition, the sale of arms to Iran is also a good choice. Despite the recent domestic laws of the United States some military enterprises in China to impose sanctions, but it can not hurt China's vital interests. Continue to strengthen Iran's anti-strike capability will directly benefit our country's more conducive to the strategic cooperation between China and Russia.

If the outbreak of the war the war will be how many countries? A fight will be another world war! China to face this war is nothing? Or actively support?

The second time the U.S. economy is experiencing a recession, such signs have been concealed or is the. Lack of state funding, reduced borrowing capacity, have led to the United States wants to maintain its global hegemony, there has been some uncertainty. It is in Zhezhongqingkuang Xia, the United States originally wanted to war to the transfer of State's economic pressures, or by dilution bonds, to achieve the debt of ability, but this road is being former Jici legacy of the war, plagued with. The United States in Iraq, the number of casualties in Afghanistan hit record highs, further demonstrates that the United States in dealing with global problem, forces stretched, the flow of funds flow sluggish.

U.S. action in Asia, but an exit strategy in the short-term rebound, or the implementation of pulling ahead of U.S. global strategy then? Here we have some of the more sensitive issues, do some analysis.

China's opposition, the Iranian resistance, forced the U.S. to give up Iran yet?

The issue of the United States in East Asia, in South Asia, the pressure on China, China has touched sensitive nerves. The idea seems to be a long absence, ran into the minds of the Chinese high-level, that is: difficult for the United States, is not being adjusted strategy, it started another Cold War? Really based on this consideration, China has in the context of the Asia-Pacific region, started the idea of checks and balances and the United States action. Here we look at the recent China's actions:

1, China started the Asia-Pacific, Central Pacific's visit; 2, in Iran, China has emerged a very strong diplomatic language, do not support sanctions against Iran; 3, anti-terrorism military exercises in Central Asia; 4, the size and quality of exercise in East Asia, We are all obvious; 5, in the South China Sea issue, and the United States is basically shut down the door to negotiations or contacts; 6, the state began a purge within the whole; 7, economic restructuring and deregulation and the U.S. economy closely, the main to purchase Japanese government bonds as a guide; 8, using various means, to sink an unsinkable aircraft carrier United States - Taiwan, and so on.

Multiple roles in China, and with Iran on the one hand a strong threat towards the United States, for example: hit the Japanese tanker (rumor is the earthquake, who would believe), blockade of the Straits, etc. Holmes; on the other hand, Brazil and other countries on nuclear issue negotiations.

Turns in these events staged, the U.S. had to stand, the U.S. plans to attack Iran, Israel also has plans to attack Iran. This is already sufficient that the United States in Iran, have begun to take the defensive. Through the publication scheme is to achieve deterrence purposes? Or in the back of deterrence, increasing ease of subtext it?

But the EU wants Russia from the United States claimed that the common argument of negotiations, it has been seen, Iran is not being attacked by the United States. Because China has not only opposed, but also against the sound and movement, so that a reality.

If the U.S. really give up now that Iran has, some premature, but there are indications that the United States has begun to think things behind.

China's full military counterpart the United States, the United States powerless

Among them, China's full range of military response the United States, is the position of the United States a major cause of loosening. On the one hand China in East Asia were in formations, on the other hand make every effort to support China in West Asia, Iran, and not hesitate to open up the land route to Pakistan, to achieve the purpose of assistance to Iran. And politically, China denied the practice of the United States has been deeply felt the United States, China seems to be really angry.

But now the United States, there is no power and strength to open up another battlefield. North Korea just a start, China's powerful rally. Just said about the South China Sea, China has to be the army and ships bound for the South China Sea. The United States is like intentionally or unintentionally helping China - to help China's military expansion to find a reason.

North Korea to allow advancement of China's advanced fighters, force delivery forward, China's offshore defense line forward; South China Sea issue, making China the past three decades, first in-depth heart of the South China Sea in the name of military exercises against the United States, secretly is deterrence South China Sea Asian countries; West just had a little movement, China is not only an immediate start and the SCO military exercises, advanced weapons systems will be deployed to the west, causing a number of U.S. military bases in Central Asia are in China under fire . Moreover, China has indeed comprehensive in the beginning of military competition or against the United States!

United States is really insufficient. Economically, make ends meet; military also has been gradually declining; politically, the United States seems to be experiencing a life and death struggle. All in all, are specified, the United States may have entered old age. (From China Military Report)

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