Why Sino-US conflict intensified? The eyes both of the two countries have a big problem

China Military Report: During this time, the two sides out of the contest increased significantly in secret. Multimodal speech of the storm not yet over, the South China Sea by rejecting his nomination has appeared. Antagonism between the public officials also will increase the academic views on Sino-US relations have negative a lot higher than the original, such as "a major strategic Sino-US conflict is inevitable," like the judge, the two scholars are in the market.

The problem is to solve problems found in the premise, consequent to find a new round of Sino-US underlying causes of conflict, the conflict is undoubtedly the key to avoiding or weakening. To do this, review the ins and outs of this round of conflict is clearly helpful.

It should be said that Sino-US relations since Obama took office, there have been some positive developments, changed relations between the U.S. president takes office, "the first cold and then warm" rule. Obama himself visited China last November, the two sides issued a joint statement.

But Obama after returning to the U.S. public's view of their trip to China very negative, that they had failed to make substantive concessions to the Chinese media to "empty-handed" or "humiliating journey" to describe the. Obama is facing considerable pressure from conservative forces.

Then, in December at the climate summit in Copenhagen, the United States believes that the issue of China's emissions are not with their cooperation, together took place during the so-called "Obama Chuang hall" event, the U.S. media have accused China of "too arrogance. " Sino-US relations experienced a brief warm period, began a negative sign.

In this context, the arms sales to Taiwan took place early this year to meet with the Dalai Lama, both routinely occurring ingredients, but also factors in the U.S. rebound. These two things lead to Sino-US relations nosedive, just restore again called for the suspension of military exchanges.

By the end of March this year, the United States hopes that China hosted in their own somewhat with the global nuclear summit, then on Sino-US relations Obama made a number of positive attitude. This has earned himself the meeting, President Hu Jintao and held a summit meeting with Obama. 1:00 deserted the Sino-US relations had a little heating. But this is only appearance, deep-rooted bilateral relations, the issue has not been touched.

Took place in March this year, "Tian An" incident, as it induced the deterioration of Sino-US relations with the incident. After the incident, China believes that all parties should exercise restraint, avoid escalation. The United States believes that China should recognize the findings of the US-ROK joint investigation team to North Korea to exert sufficient pressure. Differences between the two sides to the bilateral relations to further increase the negative factors.

In this case, an unusual case of US-ROK joint military exercises announced in the Yellow Sea to be held, and the proposed of the aircraft carrier to participate in, both warned that North Korea is knocking at the side of China. As China's strong opposition, the United States finally adjusted the time and manner of exercise. However, tensions between the two countries and antagonism, but the enhanced. Last month, Clinton again in the South China Sea issue to embarrass, there is long-term strategic considerations, but also with to express dissatisfaction with China's intervention in the US-ROK military exercise factors.

Throughout this round of Sino-US relations change, not difficult to find differences in Sino-US mutual recognition among the important causes of the conflict. In particular, in China, the U.S. policy toward China has not fully reflect the changes in China's strategic position, lagging behind the development of the situation, due to the Sino-US mutual strategic needs this more than he less, so bear with the situation in China, compromises, and now With the rise of China's comprehensive national strength has to get along with the U.S. Equal time; But the United States believes that China has put forward demands higher than its own strength can support, and the U.S. policy is too "advancing".

This is, in this year's series of events is so prominent. For example, the United States believes that the US-ROK joint military exercise in the open sea exercise, do not see the face of China to act, but still take care of the feelings of the Chinese, change the location and content of the exercise, which itself is "progressive" performance; in China's view to the Yellow Sea is the gateway to China, the United States in this exercise, and the proposed of the aircraft carrier to participate in, is a provocation to China, that the United States does not regard China as an equal partner or a rival approach.

For instance, in the United States that arms sales to Taiwan is the next president was permitted to do, Obama is the implementation of it, but also delayed for a long time, the first open presidential office did not sell arms to Taiwan within a year of records, this is the "care" China has; For meeting the Dalai Lama, a U.S. president is more practice, two Obama has declined to meet the Dalai Lama's first request, the meeting is in the White House Map Room that private will away, more than in the past "progressive" many.

But in China's view, as long as the arms sales to Taiwan and met with the Dalai Lama, is a gross interference in China's internal affairs, twigs last years the work does not change the fundamental nature of the incident.

Big Country Game of the surface is reasonable, in fact, the strength in the fight. By "power" does not refer to the objective force, but to evaluate each other's strength. If both sides overestimated themselves, underestimated the strength of each other, that conflict is easy to occur; the other hand, the basic conflict can be avoided. In most cases, both sides generally accurately assess each other's strengths. The problem is that between China and the U.S., both overestimated themselves, underestimated the other side.

Hence, in order to resolve the conflict between China and both sides should be self-examination. The United States should recognize that American power consumption is the trend of this long-he, the U.S. policy toward China should follow this trend, its old empire mentality, if not suddenly subside, they should show restraint.

China should also be clear, his strength is still not on a level with the United States, it is imperative to do their thing, "be patient" policy the United States should remain a general principle.

If both sides can do that, then the U.S. can avoid or reduce conflict. Otherwise, the contest between the oldest and second child will become more intense, the ultimate victims of not only both sides but also the whole world.

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