To beat China: The Pentagon has begun the sea-air battle against China

China Military Report: Air Force Magazine article number in August to deal with increasingly powerful People's Liberation Army combat forces, the U.S. military had raised serious concern about the "air and maritime operations" concept. Requirements of this new form of combat with the U.S. Navy and Air Force close in order to deter China or People's Liberation Army in wartime defeat. Now in order to obtain control of the joint operations, the U.S. Navy and Air Force engaged in a fierce battle.

This year in April, from Yokota Air Base, Japan 3 end of the U.S. Air Force C-130 crew members held in Indonesia "CopeWest10" air force transport exercise, we began to write the report assess the Halim Air Force Base and other once-off airport landing and to assess the runway conditions, reliability of electricity supply, fuel storage safety and adequacy of the apron and other issues.

Reported on long ago, this is just a routine report, intended for the U.S. Air Force personnel use the Indonesian air force base next to prepare, but with the "empty the sea one," emergence of the concept operational, the airport's information will be With the new meaning. Key part of the concept is to determine the future of U.S. air, sea military might use one day to the alternate airport in Asia. U.S. aircraft can be deployed to these airports, so that potential adversaries such as China, is difficult to determine goals. At the same time, more scattered base will help the resident U.S. pilots bombing emergency landing.

Reported that "air and maritime" concept of operations designed to prevent or defeat the United States and its allies, China is rising military power. According to this operational concept of the idea of taking off from aircraft carriers and land bases in the U.S. Air Force fighters, bombers and missiles with the U.S. Navy aircraft - and with the submarines and surface warships from missile launch - coordinated operations.

However, air and maritime operations control ownership is still a problem. The article said that the Air Force hopes Xiaweiyixi Keim Air Force Base 13th Air Force, 613 air and space operations center is responsible for directing air and maritime operations, but the U.S. Navy has been reluctant to give up his command of Carrier Air Wing. Moreover, the U.S. Navy has established the need and the U.S. Air Force air and space operations center naval operations coordination center and the current U.S. Air Force and Navy sensors and communications equipment can not be compatible.

In accordance with the new "air and maritime operations" concept, in Japan, Korea and Guam, the U.S. Air Force and Navy bases need hardening command centers, communications nodes, hangars and repair facilities, tanks, generators, warehouses, shipyards, etc. All workshops can be protection against missile attack assets. For the runway and ramps and other assets can not be protected, should be stationed in the vicinity of the engineering team, as well as repair the damaged area when. The concept of operations even require the development of new materials - new materials require curing time shorter than many common materials - quickly restore damaged runway.

Article called In response to the PLA's combat increasingly powerful force, the U.S. military had raised serious concern about the "air and maritime operations" concept

Furthermore, the "Air and maritime operations" concept will be integrated into "active" the concept of defense, using a variety of measures to destroy enemy aircraft and missiles, or reduce the damage caused by such attacks. Active defense to rely on aircraft, air defense weapons, electronic warfare and network warfare. Of particular note is that the "air and maritime operations" concept requires emphasize the development of ballistic missile defense system.

The article points out, "air and maritime operations" concept is very clearly intended to deal with China's rapid expansion and improvement of the military - use this military power, China or the U.S. from East Asia and Western Pacific squeezed out. If deterrence fails, "air and maritime operations" concept will aim to defeat, including China's People's Liberation Army, including the various military services. Obama administration and the Pentagon that the war against China is not inevitable. The article said that the U.S. is preparing for this possibility.

An official memorandum, said the concept of air and maritime operations aimed at making the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Space and Special Operations forces against the forces of coastal areas in the emerging East Asian military competitor - this country has a variety of destructive capability, including multi-dimensional "anti- involved in "Network, offensive and defensive space control capabilities, large inventory of ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, and modern attack submarine fleet. MOU envisaged that the campaign started in 2028.

The article said that only one in the East Asian coastal areas emerging military competitor, it is China. In the long run, China is the only real national security threat to its national security threat posed by the United States far more than Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran or North Korea.

The article said that since the rapid rise of the United States since World War II, in what might be called the world's most dramatic military expansion, dependent on its booming economy, China achieved annual double-digit increase in military budget growth. China is deploying advanced fighters, air defense missiles, radar and air defense and anti-submarine warship and mine-laying ship, to prevent the United States air and sea power into China's airspace and adjacent waters. Moreover, China also create blue-water navy, so that in the east to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and even projection forces, the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean in the south projection of power.

Article pointed out that China started in the Pentagon consider the sea air to prevent or defeat of China, the United States and the People's Liberation Army is also seeking to establish stable, effective military relationship. Military leaders in the Asia-Pacific region gathered in Singapore Shangri-La Asia security conference, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the U.S. hoped that the maintenance at all levels of continuous, reliable military exchanges, to reduce false positives, the risk of misinterpretation and misunderstanding .

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