U.S. intervene in disaster relief in Pakistan, suspected with impure motives

Introduction: Recently, the Pakistan floods much the international community. China's generosity naturally, of course, the performance of the U.S. disaster relief quite positive, but the U.S. media has to talk about their "impure" motives.

U.S. intervene in disaster relief in Pakistan, suspected with impure motives

Affected people in Pakistan

Pakistan thanked "close friend" of China

Reuters reported on August 3, UNICEF spokesman, said Abdul Malik 3, severe floods in northwestern Pakistan has more than 300 million people affected, of which 130 million people most severely affected. Pakistan is expected, heavy rain will continue this flood death toll will rise further. August 2, Pakistani Official statistics show that 1,500 people have been killed. Voice of America on August 4, said only the north-west Pakistan, there are 320 million people were affected.

Canada, "Vancouver Sun" on August 3, said this flood is 80 years of Pakistan's most serious.

Rhyme in the worst-hit areas, some villages without any signs of being swallowed up the flood, the hard-hit Swat district of Pakistan's most impoverished areas. Last year, government forces and the Taliban engaged in fierce fighting in the Swat valley, resulting in 300 million people displaced.

British Broadcasting Corporation reported on Aug. 4, floods like this are great challenges in any country, but on the economic deterioration and the Taliban continue to cause trouble in Pakistan, the situation is more serious. Pakistan has spent 50 thousand soldiers relief. 3 again, but rain hampered relief efforts caused. United Nations World Food Programme spokesman said the 1.8 million Palestinians need food aid.

Associated Press of Pakistan on August 3 reports from Beijing, said Pakistan Ambassador to China Masood Khan on the 3rd China's announced the availability of 10 million yuan of assistance to the flood itself threatened by the Chinese people and the government expressed his thanks. "This is from a close friend and dear brother of timely assistance. We are very grateful to the Chinese people and government." He also said that Pakistan in times of crisis, China has always supported. He said the government has mobilized all resources to disaster relief. Pakistani government and armed forces are fully rescue the victims. August 3, another one of the news agency reported that the Pakistan Red Cross Society of China donated 50,000 U.S. dollars for emergency cash. Associated Press of Pakistan reported on August 3, due to wind comes up, Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani afternoon plane can not be the hard-hit Swat district near the landing, had to turn back the capital Islamabad. Way in the exhumation, the Prime Minister from the air overlooking the impact by heavy rainfall in all affected areas.

Natural disasters, Pakistan has also recently been man-made, south of Karachi on August 3 of a riot, killing at least 35 people were killed and 125 injured, 30 vehicles were torched.

Palestinian radical organizations disaster relief

According to the U.S. "Time" magazine revealed that Palestinian militant organizations "Lashkar" subordinate to a new charity, "Charity Health Foundation", has traveled extensively in the northern region of Brazil, to help the helpless victims. The Indian side referred to as "Lashkar" created in November 2008 the Mumbai attacks. "Time", said the lack of dam in Pakistan, leading to flooding. In addition, the Taliban entrenched in the area, they are cutting trees for profit as much as possible, and this is cause flooding.

According to Canada, "Vancouver Sun" reported on August 3, a number of elements suspected of having an affair with a very turbulent Islamic charities on August 2 to provide assistance to the victims. Reuters also reported that Islamic charities have a helping hand to the affected people, some of which institutions suspected of having an affair with the militants.

In an interview with "Youth Reference" newspaper reporters, the Chinese Institute of Contemporary International Relations, said Fu Xiaoqiang, director of terrorism studies, on the whole, Pakistan's army more than the extremist groups welcome by the public. Pakistan's Taliban, many factions, some of which have links with the charity. However, Muslims believe in Islam are the world, the face of disaster, who will lend a helping hand, not necessarily compete with the Pakistani government support of the people.

The "four reasons" that U.S. military should involve  

In addition, the United States has pledged to provide 10 million U.S. dollars to Pakistan's aid, the United Kingdom to provide 8 million U.S. dollars in aid.

August 2 the United States, "Atlantic Monthly", delivered a speech entitled "The U.S. military should be involved in Pakistan's four reasons for the floods," the commentary very interesting: The article said that some of the Pakistani government is now beyond the reach of the flood. If the U.S. forces stationed in Afghanistan into Pakistan and use its huge power and transport construction materials to provide relief, there will be multiple benefits.

First, because Pakistan was accused of poor relief, the people down to their level of trust. U.S. disaster relief, it will enhance the image of the Pakistani government and control over the region.

Second, you can take to counter the anti-American forces. In war-torn border region of Pakistan, the U.S. military's image was tarnished UAV attacks and Blackwater, and just to repair the image.

Third, show the Taliban do not care about the interests of Pakistan. This is a great opportunity to weaken al-Qaeda, to Muslims that the terrorists do not care about people's suffering. The United States and the Government of Pakistan should do more to let Pakistanis abandoned organizations like the Taliban.

Fourth, the counter Iran's Baluchi extremism. The floods are mainly located in Pakistan's Balochistan province. Natural disasters come, the Baloch people in Pakistan will cross the border into Iran. In Iran, Baluchistan and the Iranian government in the terrorists have declared war on the war without such an influx of refugees would exacerbate the existing violence in Iran. This liberalization will be detrimental to Iran.

CNN reported on August 4, Obama will be Pakistan's crisis into opportunities, hopes to speed disaster relief to help Pakistan to improve its tarnished image. Should be Pakistan's request, the U.S. military has sent six helicopters to the affected people evacuated to safe places. (Source: China Military Report)

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