The United States insisted on sending the aircraft carrier for US-ROK military exercise in the Yellow Sea

United States argued that the right to engage in military exercises in the Yellow Sea

Aug 5, Pentagon said the United States, "George Washington" aircraft will take part in the Yellow Sea at a joint military exercise.

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said: "The U.S. Navy 'George Washington' aircraft carrier will take part in the Yellow Sea exercises. But I can not disclose to you to participate in the exercise aboard the aircraft carrier at the date of ... ... in our series of exercise at , 'George Washington' was again involved, including the exercise in the Yellow Sea. "

The spokesman issued a remark in the same time, outside Washington succumbed to pressure from Beijing late last month, in the East Sea (Sea of Japan) at the Korea-US joint naval military exercises criticism. Earlier, North Korean torpedo sank the ship with a South Korean warship.

Morrell said the United States will not tolerate North Korea further provocation. He said: "They have no reason to feel in any way by the threat of these exercises."

【Voice of America Radio website reported on August 5】 title: U.S. aircraft carrier exercise in the Yellow Sea

The Pentagon announced today that the United States, "George Washington" aircraft will participate in the program with the South Korean military exercises held in the Yellow Sea.

Pentagon spokesman Morrell said the carrier re-appeared the Yellow Sea will be the U.S. and South Korea in late July between the two countries east of the Korean Peninsula, opened a series of Air Force, part of naval exercises.

China has strongly opposed the US-ROK exercise in the Yellow Sea, especially against the large, high-performance, "George Washington" to bring carrier-based aircraft carrier fleet exercises. But the U.S. said that in addition to the Yellow Sea 12 nautical miles of coastal States control of the region, the remaining area is an international waterway, the United States remain in the Navy exercises all the rights of the international waterway. Officials said, "George Washington" last pass through the Yellow Sea in the second half of last year the implementation of routine military operations.

【Central News Agency in Seoul on August 6, said Xinhua U.S. Department of Defense, in accordance with the plan, the ROK-US bilateral naval and air military exercises held in the near future, the exercise include the Japan Sea and Yellow Sea. U.S. Seventh Fleet's nuclear aircraft carrier "George Washington" will participate in the joint military exercise.

However, Yonhap reported Friday, was the Yellow Sea to conduct joint anti-submarine exercises of the Armed Forces of the South Korean military said, "George Washington" will not participate in the exercises in the Yellow Sea. South Korea will coordinate with the U.S. authorities, "George Washington" in the joint military exercise in a specific time.

Reported that some analysts believe that the United States once again declared that "George Washington" aircraft carrier to participate in the Yellow Sea exercise is to send a strong warning to North Korea and that "Tian ship" after the sinking of the ROK-US alliance has been further strengthened.

People's Liberation Army "aircraft carrier killer" for the U.S. panic

Associated Press, "George Washington" aircraft on August 5】 Navy planners call a hasty response is that China is developing a weapon, analysts say it will change the rules of the game. This aircraft carrier strike capability with unprecedented missile known as the Dongfeng-21D, can be launched from land, its accuracy is sufficient from 1,500 km away through movement of the most advanced aircraft carrier in the defense system.

Analysts said that the missile may be tested in the final end of this year, the problem is able to more quickly improve their accuracy to be able to move the aircraft carrier on the threat. This weapon can fundamentally change the balance of power in China in the Pacific the role played by Washington to interfere seriously undermine the potential of Taiwan or the Korean conflicts. It may also lead to U.S. warships is not safe to use in China around 11,200 miles of coastline in international waters.

Although in theory, a nuclear bomb capable of destroying an aircraft carrier, but the particularity of the Dongfeng-21D is that it has struck a strong defense force precision mobile targets.

Washington-based Center for Security Studies of new senior director for Asia-Pacific security projects Patrick Ronning said: "China's anti-ship missiles out realize to reveal capacity, particularly Dongfeng-21D, represents the first time the power after the Cold War, it has may prevent us from showing naval forces, is deliberately designed to this end. "

U.S. Naval War College Associate Professor Yoshiwara Jun wells that have the aircraft carrier combat capability of the missile, "U.S. policymakers may have caused the psychological impact of continuing. It more clearly shows the U.S. Navy can no longer do as the sea since the end of World War II dominate the. very obvious fact that the oceans can no longer take for granted the right of control. " Yoshihara Jun wells that such weapons in Washington caused considerable panic.

Analysts pointed out that although China is ready to have its own aircraft carrier fleet made great efforts, but to catch up with the U.S. aircraft carrier staff knowledge, training and experience level of most of the time needed for decades. But Beijing need to match their own carrier and the United States. More intelligent, much cheaper cost of Dongfeng-21D can successfully attack the U.S. aircraft carrier, or at least prevent it from too close.

【U.S. "Defense News" website reported on August 5】 If the Washington-based Institute 2049 program released the latest report is true, then China's new anti-ship ballistic missiles will be deployed in the PLA Second Artillery Corps is located in southeastern China Guangdong
Province's new missile base. I

2049 Plan Study, a report on the website, the latest will be equipped troops deployed there, the Dongfeng-21C medium-range ballistic missile, the Dongfeng-21D may also be equipped with anti-ship missile. The new base may be "a unique ability to make the strategic South China Sea in Asia, especially the evolution of complexity."

Observers will be anti-ship ballistic missile known as the "aircraft carrier killer." Anti-ship missile is designed to prevent the outbreak of war in the Taiwan Strait when the U.S. Navy to come to aid of Taiwan's more anti-intervention strategy - part. At present, China appears to be using the same strategy to prevent the United States and other countries to carry out naval operations in the South China Sea. Report that the U.S. aircraft carrier battle group has a strong air defense capabilities, including SM-3 missiles, but anti-ship ballistic missile threat is a new threat. There are no reliable national developed anti-ship missile system.

Collision or cause the interests of "Sino-US conflict"?

【U.S. Hudson Institute Web site on August 5 article】 title: China's rise and the road leading to war

University of Chicago political scientist John Mearsheimer, believe that with the case of the last century in Europe, on the future of Asia played a decisive role in building a political, not economic. China's rise is likely to trigger a security competition with the United States, the world's first - and second largest economy, it is very likely to go to war.

This view runs counter to the prevailing view nowadays, but Mearsheimer's warning should be taken seriously. Although at present, the economic interdependence and the United States as a "control" the rise of China's successful attempt to avoid war between the two countries, but recently ignited the flames of war in the diplomatic arena - China reiterated that its primary ownership of the South China Sea in Beijing "core interests" - proved Allen Friedberg and other scholars in the past decade, held the view: There may be reproduced East Europe at the turn of the last century the situation. China's strategic goal is to stand still for several decades, it is not to re-join to create its own order to the area. However, in view of Beijing's many land and sea border demarcation lines are unhappy, it is a big country holding the position correction. In the course of the rise of China to ensure its own "core interests" of the desire for more and higher degrees.

Power, Deng Xiaoping, China's grand strategy is to avoid much more powerful than the competitors (the United States) conflict, and build up their own "comprehensive national strength." However, in order to combat political skills and to exercise restraint - not the full coordination of strategic interest - to rely on the peace situation is inherently uncertain. In the absence of personal experiences had scarred modern history of China, the country's future leaders will be more confident, they believe that China's foreign policy objectives in ensuring progress is too slow. Now the danger is that, with Germany a century ago in Europe out of a withdrawal behavior, such as China overestimated their own strength, but underestimated the strength and determination of the United States - coupled with dissatisfaction on the strategic situation and the unbearable, thus will soon lead to misjudgment and error, leading to disastrous consequences.

【U.S. "Christian Science Monitor," August 5 article】 title: China and the United States into conflict with it?

Indeed, the U.S. and China in Northeast Asia and other areas important strategic differences, such as the recent US-ROK naval exercise such tentative moves are possible. But now, whether Obama or the Chinese leaders have no time to take into account the macro-strategy design and geopolitical ambitions, not to mention costly Cold War-style confrontation. In fact, the two leaders in the adjustment of foreign policy at the same time, are focused on key domestic issues.

Now, the real danger is not due to differences between the United States and conflict. Greater danger is that leaders of both countries to concentrate on solving domestic problems as the lack of dimensions to find the common concern of the international response to the question of political will. These include: the growing trade protectionism, nuclear proliferation and climate change. Lack of American resolve would weaken the broader international cooperation. (From China Military Report )

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