U.S. aircraft carrier to show off the power: the PLA Second Artillery missile full alert

Pacific Seventh Fleet is the largest United States in the Asia-Pacific region, warships and naval forces of the strongest navy, of which George. USS Washington is the largest displacement of the nuclear-powered U.S. aircraft carrier docked in peacetime military base in Yokosuka, Japan or South Korea's Busan port, the main military task is in the western Pacific, from sea to contain China, to contain China's naval vessels within the first island chain.

Chinese anti-ship missile

Recently, abnormal Washington aircraft carrier operations, before the Navy from the Sea of Japan and South Korea hold military exercises at the end of July, the monster, mobilized, and, after a few days appeared around the South China Sea to Vietnam to participate in the US-Vietnam Friendship fifth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. A few days ago the U.S. State Department also claims that within a few months of this year, Washington aircraft carrier into the Yellow Sea military exercises

This continuous action the United States, it is to show off "aircraft carrier might" want to use a bow Washington aircraft carrier, several dozen Hornet, the rise of China is to contain the interior, in order to deter the Chinese government and the vibration Chinese army and people.

The face of such arrogant American, also claimed in the gateway to China military exercises in the Yellow Sea, the Chinese threat of force, coercion blackmail China, how to do, what action to respond to China, where China's power?

Here, I excited to see provocative behavior by the United States continuously escalating strategic confrontation is intensifying, words and deeds of the United States aroused the anger of the Chinese people, Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the ninth statement, denounced the United States has threatened military action security throughout the region, while China has military observers said that the U.S. aircraft carrier to be entered into the Yellow Sea for their own behavior and consequences for, in order to show that the attitude of the Chinese military, the Chinese army is well prepared to prepare in advance the layout, from the major Military to the armed forces, the various arms of the joint military exercise in the sea and air, the Second Artillery Corps make step after another Department, in order to prevent the United States go to extremes, make a deal to prepare.

Before I anger also has written numerous reports in the media to refute the U.S. use of military exercises, the Chinese carrier to blackmail, threats to fish for the Chinese to give in to political and economic interests of the conspiracy, expose the U.S. government insidious evil, deliberately create trouble in neighboring China, deliberately undermine China's peripheral security environment of peace and stability, deliberately provoking China and its neighboring countries, the deliberate destruction of the East Asian Economic Community and the ASEAN Free Trade Area of the building of the economy and split China, unrest and other conspiracy.

More detailed analysis revealed that the articles of the ugly American attitude, so that more people understand the true face of the United States, exposing the United States aim to achieve their own interests, unscrupulous, continued to use the core interest of China as a bargaining counter, hurt the Chinese, despite all of China people's feelings.

Japan and South Korea as the East Asian economic integration, ASEAN economic free trade zone, the South China Sea issue, Iran core base of China's energy imports, energy access port facilities in Pakistan, Central Asia, the SCO weakened U.S. military base in Afghanistan, the threat to Xinjiang, but also arms sales to Taiwan, using the Dalai Lama, Kadeer and other civil rights person, without exception, the shadow of the United States in trouble, everywhere is the United States military around the Chinese see and strategic layout, without exception, proved to be the United States to China as the largest enemy confrontation.

Many acts of the United States, only the people of China with the enemy Chan, rise up to resist the United States, this outrage on the interpretation of the Chinese power, such power is also the result of U.S. coercion, this power is the United States to sleeping peacefully deep pleasure of the Chinese people moving to a lesson in education classes ago.

Forget about War perished, this is the old saying, it is once again fulfilled Mao Zedong said, "the gun out of the regime", today, the U.S. aircraft carrier arrived, I said: "The missile out of the sovereign," the United States dare aggression, China dare to use the missiles to sink it.

Here, I thank you for the United States, is "Washington aircraft carrier" to the Chinese people to Naoxing it! Is the U.S. deterrent to the Chinese government and people of power brought against the United States. (From China Military Report)

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