Say thank: Russia gave China a vivid lesson!

Russian fire destroyed the base

Russian fire destroyed the base

Thanks Russia on the Chinese people gave us a vivid lesson. Russia, a sudden fire, not only the Chinese people see the backwardness of the Russian military system, also saw a way of defeating the enemy of China's future - Modern Fire Attack technique. The fire gave us the inspiration: the fire is more threatening than the missile. In the past, wily of Zhuge Liang(An ancient Chinese military strategist) at every turn to a Fire Attack, in modern warfare, as a means of advanced technology, easier ignition, less likely to fight, harmful. Higher for the forest cover of Modern Fire Attack Russia and Japan, is simply a nightmare. Russia has given us a new perspective of war, weather weapons show up at once so its importance. Of course we must not only good but also good at Fire Fire Attack.

1, the Russian military on a large fire out of the soft underbelly of Russia.

The fire finally I could keep the original Russian and Chinese government officials are the same as desertion; also, like China, slow rescue, rescue equipment behind, rescue system does not meet the requirements. I also suddenly envious of China, China experienced a natural disaster, you will see many Chinese people suddenly become very rich very generous, may be a patch on the performance of every Russian, and the army to the rescue, do not give money, do not.

The fire burned Russian wives and children, houses land property, serious loss of significant numbers of aircraft were destroyed, the nuclear research center was threatened, scolded Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Russian President ignition, the responsible person unlucky, Chinese schadenfreude ... ...

I thought of, the Russian defeat of Napoleon and Hitler, the Russians had not cold, but heat intolerance Apparently, this is a weakness of the Russians. If the Russian soldiers sent to fight the tropical rain forest, afraid to even have machine guns have fixed the right side (This is a joke, not really).

Russia's forests cover nearly 50%, Japan 67%, 33% of the United States, India 23%. It seems to deal with Russia and Japan, is best Fire Attack, released while the fire, do not waste any weapons or you have. After China, Russia to find the trouble, sent several people to put the Russian forest fire.

Fire does not matter, life and property loss is no big deal, the problem is the Russian Naval Air Station warehouse was destroyed, and that if the war, incendiary bombs better than others what is more severe natural fire ah. Preventive measures are not, remedial measures are not, do these people eat? No wonder the Russian president said, not without irony: "In this fire, I ask our armed forces to assume responsibility to protect people, but unfortunately things, some of the military sector can not by his own protection."

I also thought originally under forest cover in the nuclear base, can not easily be found in the United States military reconnaissance satellite, it is safe, the question is now can not fire the missile threat to the safety of nuclear sites, which if the use of weather weapons, Russia Jun Ye Hao, the Chinese army worth mentioning, how to deal with it?
Russia's large number of military aircraft was destroyed by fire engine

Russia's large number of military aircraft was destroyed by fire engine

Second, fire and weather caused the meteorological weapons of war

How the fire caused to the? The surface is not as Russia faced heat for hundreds of years, mostly caused by natural conditions. But the problem is in the same latitude of Berlin is only 18 degrees, the temperature in Moscow was as high as 35-36 degrees (in fact, I think some people make a fuss, and Beijing does not also deadly accuracy of the temperature). Then think of the recent U.S. launch of the mysterious X-37B space vehicle, there is speculation that the Russians are not the American Meteorological weapons in Russia over the trial? Of course, this speculation is never in the proven. But I'm still very interested in the meteorological weapons.

The so-called meteorological weapons is through technological means, the implementation of other regional weather artificial interference and control, and then the other enemy damage. Back in the Cold War, the Soviet Union played the weather war on each other, but with "HAARP" represented a new generation of weather is more lethal weapons program.

U.S. Air Force has published a report entitled "Let climate become a force multiplier - the climate in 2025" study, "as nuclear weapons, like weather, will completely change the rules of war." Weather can change in a specific region so that the enemy is facing an extremely harsh weather conditions, even the enemy can not take any counter.

That weather weapons, can increase the temperature, resulting in fire; also can reduce the temperature, caused by rain, snow and hail; can create hurricanes, can also cause dust storms; can trigger tsunamis, but also man-made earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. That is a series of natural disasters, weather phenomena can rely on man-made weapons production. In view of this, severe weather weapon than a nuclear bomb.

It clearly has such weapons, even in times of peace can also hostile attack, and hostile do not know if this is due to weather weapons, it could only silently suffer the loss. If it is war, large-scale use, might also decide the war situation.

Earthquake can destroy bridges and roads, force delivery is a problem, under the conditions of the earthquake, you need to take full advantage of Air Force's transport capacity. Wind, rain, snow, hail, dust storms of the Air Force in particular is a nightmare, if the radar can not deal with F22, I think you can deal with dust storms, and European aviation is volcanic ash is not under the conditions of grounding it? Can conclude that: who can effectively take advantage of favorable weather conditions, and who have access to a victory on the battlefield?

So we need to accelerate the development of meteorological weapons, and to think weather weapons to resolve the attack from the enemy.

Destroyed Russian military engines

Destroyed Russian military engines 

Third, the face of Fire Attack or other disasters, how can we do?

Chinese people have suffered too much suffering, 87 years Daxinganling fire, 98-year flood, 76 years of Tangshan earthquake, in 2008 and 2010 Yushu earthquake, recent Zhouqu debris, numerous mine disaster ...

We have a sound disaster relief legal system? You have a professional rescue team? Have a special rescue equipment? Adequate relief funds? Adequate disaster prevention measures? Conducted under various conditions disaster education work? Usually, we do not learn the lessons from the disaster, the old errors, and so when something happens, we will continue to commit to.

Disaster emergency treatment, in large part reflects the country or the armed forces ability to respond, do not despise the U.S. military failed to rescue in time, it is because the United States has a complete mechanism for relief, no need to join the regular army.

Aside other disaster and just say that the Fire Attack from the enemy, how do we prevent it? How to put out the fire? Fire law not only make for the whole of China, but also to apply to the army, the army should do this work. This requires the establishment of a complete system, the fire brigade from the military establishment to the management and exercise; from the fire equipment fire equipment to ideas of publicity and education. That and war, like to highlight a "fast" character.

Summary: Russia fire Enlightenment: Do not forget Fire Attack. To deal with countries with high forest cover, to first think of Fire Attack. When we can think of Fire Attack, but also to understand the preventive measures on the Fire Attack.

Russia, then causing the fire cause to consider the findings may come from weather weapons, and this weather can not only lead to fire weapons, but also may lead to other natural disasters, even more than nuclear weapons is also terrifying. Therefore, China should accelerate the development, but also to prevent the enemy attacks with weather weapons.

Finally, the state should improve the disaster relief system, especially the army, be sure to do this work, disaster relief is a part of military forces.
American X-37B space fighter

American X-37B space fighter

Russian weather experts: Russia fire may be meddling U.S. X-37B

The fire ravaged areas in central Russia increasingly serious, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the Defense Department to send troops to participate in fire fighting operations, as the Russian hit in the fire in the deep, some Russian media listed a number of fires caused abnormal climate phenomena, or even guess this disaster is the "weather weapons" up to no good, because in addition to the temperature in Moscow recently, "thriving" the increased importance of the "Russian General Staff's ear" was destroyed.

Taiwan Today News Network reported that thousands of years was considered the worst wildfire disaster in the Russian forest, into the first three weeks still can not fight; wildfires swept across Russia, Continental Europe, burning trees produce a lot of smoke, blown to Moscow, in addition to caused the severe air pollution, but also to the original high latitude of Moscow, the average temperature is higher than in previous years 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Moscow over the past few days people are living in the thick mist and then breathing world, according to Russia's "Kung Sheung Daily News (Kommersant)" 10 日 reported that Russia's modern history of this most serious forest fires have caused about 150 Russian economy 100 million U.S. dollars, equivalent to 1% of gross domestic product losses.

In addition, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" on the 6th report, the Russian airborne part of the first 3370-based facilities have been destroyed in the fire, it was understood that this was because the base is not designated fire zone, fire fighting equipment is also ill- Russian prosecutors have been involved in the investigation, also on July 29, Moscow, on the outskirts of a naval base, has also suffered a loss of 200 fire fighters and helicopters,

This fire was also approaching the famous Russian city of Sarov nuclear industry, the city where the threat of nuclear facilities, one is called "Russian General Staff's ears" of the contact centers are being burned in the fire, here is the importance of Russian strategic facilities, the Russian General Staff from the Contact Centre for satellite sent back information, as well as the importance of military intelligence military, this center in operation, the Russian General Staff would amount to "deaf."

Russian President Medvedev about the incident, charged that "I signed an order to troops to help firefighting, the military Fandao can hardly protect themselves." Clearly, the fire brought to the Russian loss is catastrophic. Thus many of Russia's reluctance to be seen as a natural disaster, there are more than a media trotted out the "American Meteorological weapons trouble," saying, for example: the Russian "free media" on a weather expert hired, will the United States recently launched X-37B space plane, and the high temperature associated with disasters.

Fires approaching Russia's nuclear facilities

Fires approaching Russia's nuclear facilities

X-37B is a kind of high-energy laser weapons can bring near-earth orbit spacecraft, U.S. officials claimed that the aircraft will fly 270 days in space, but research shows that laser in the near-Earth orbit can affect the climate, and therefore the Russian experts believe that Russia does not rule out such new weapons as a potential test subjects.

In addition, the Russian people and the media have this idea because not only here, also include: the temperature in Moscow reached a record 35 to 36 degrees Celsius, the temperature was 18 degrees in Berlin, Warsaw, 25 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the Vienna and Paris are 20 degrees Celsius, that is, the temperature in Europe, ranking in the major cities, Moscow "stood out."

And the high temperature caused by the anti-cyclone, it will come from the Mediterranean and Central Asia to the heat flow concentrated in European Russia, a phenomenon in the region is unprecedented. Another point raised the attention of the experts: in the raging heat, while the affected areas over the layer of the atmosphere can absorb ultraviolet ─ ─ suddenly thin thermal layer, leading to excessive ultraviolet radiation.

Since ancient times, humans have the desire to control the weather, past the "weather weapons" kill a small test various rumors, such as early in the Vietnam War, the U.S. military on the initial display of the "weather weapons" of power, so the United Nations war passed by a "prohibited influence on climate means the Convention for military purposes", the United States and the Soviet Union in 1977 this Convention annual Qian Shu, however, 该 Convention does not prohibit the control climate for peaceful purposes, also to the Mouxie Guojiatigong the "walking a fine line" as well.

September 1977, residents of the Republic of the Soviet Union Kalielia, and residents of neighboring Finland, have seen in 4 minutes, a rotating, shaped like a huge jellyfish clouds suddenly appeared, and later, the image on the matter obtained by Western intelligence agencies, the United States, "Washington Post" has done a special report, digital climate experts interviewed said that this is likely to be the Soviet Union to "weather weapons" test results.

Then in 1999, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by NATO bombing, the evening of April 5 that year, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia over the city of Nice have been shrouded in a thick cloud, looks like about to downpour, but a NATO plane suddenly After flying, the sky suddenly became clear, the clouds have gone, a few hours later, it was the bombing of the city of Nice, after the same thing in other cities in Yugoslavia have happened. (From China Military Report )

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