Shelling of the Yellow Sea not feint shot: To see action of PLA behind the scenes

Type PHL03 long-range rockets
 Type PHL03 long-range rockets

It is reported that on July 25, the army troops in the Army long-range rockets yellow sea on a large scale live-fire exercises. In response, military commentators believe that this move is that a tough stance, the threat does not constitute fact.

At first, I also agree to this, then, with sailing experience, "COSCO Shipping" netizens pointed out that the Yellow Sea was more than 100 sea miles narrowest. I quickly read a map, information search, the original is really such a thing, the Yellow Sea narrowest point 104 nautical miles (east China's Shandong Peninsula and the Korean Chengshan between long mountain string). That being said, our military long-range rocket artillery shot of the Yellow Sea is not feint.

To military active duty range of domestic long-range rockets, the narrowest in the Yellow Sea is almost a shot hit the other side. Taking into account the average water depth of more than 40 m Yellow Sea, a large fleet could not sail close to the coastline, then the enemy great depth the Yellow Sea Fleet if so, may well fall into the army within the coverage of land-based rockets. If our military can be developed by ultra-long-range rockets deployed, then the coverage will be greater firepower.

For the long-range rockets against sea targets performance, we should have full confidence.

As the rocket flight speed Kuai, against more than 100 km De targets, but only needs one to two minutes, in such a short Shijianneibei targeted the goal of Bing will not run very far, so that the within range, shooting the former Shen Shu calculated Zhunque , enemy ships do not do high-speed, intense maneuvering, coupled with last paragraph of the guidance, playing 10 rounds hit a couple of hair is no problem.

If taken dispenser head, in the fight against land-based targets, an artillery projectile fired cluster bombs at the end sensitive bullets, a tank battalion to a standstill, and replaced with a big fight on the 100 m long ship, hit more confidence. Of course, the enemy ship on the drill 10 holes in a few dozen centimeters, and can not completely destroy, as well as more accurate, more violent means to combat, requiring a guided rocket. Large number of drop bombs and precision of 30-50 meters, sufficient to ensure a satisfactory hit rate.

Thus, I believe that our military has been constituted in the Yellow Sea, a coastal defense gates, the gates by the air force, navy stealth missile boats, land-based missiles, land-based long-range rockets pose. The enemy threat from the sea if you want the hinterland of Beijing and Tianjin, certainly in the Yellow Sea was the gates of the block. Behind this gate, there is a huge blow fire trap. So the composition of the enemy threat from the sea, the hinterland of Beijing and the possibility of greatly reduced.

One result of this, the liberation of the North Sea Fleet. For a long time, due to the weakness of Haiphong, in order to prevent sea invasion of the enemy, the North Sea Fleet of China Navy's main gathering, taking purely defensive posture; now coastal defense, and our army will not have in the Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea hedgehog set up a large number of warships.

Recently organized a large military exercise in South China Sea Fleet on the show this trend, in the exercise, have the original is the main North Sea Fleet warships. China's large destroyer was relatively small, the North Sea Fleet's main defensive position from being liberated, enhanced naval mobile assault force, very meaningful.

In addition, the long-range rocket exercise for South Korea is also a "goodwill" of the warning. On July 18, South Korea announced the "basaltic C"-type cruise missiles, reportedly has a range of 1,500 kilometers. In order to prevent long-range cruise missiles after South Korea had become dizzy and timely hit the edge of a few guns in the Yellow Sea is necessary. If the wise words of Koreans should understand that South Korea does not need to play more than 1000 km range.

But everything is not perfect, our military's long-range rockets are also facing problems.

Money is a very important factor. Guided anti-ship missiles, rockets and comparison is not cheap, there are gaps in the accuracy, but the breakthrough anti-jamming enemy interception and has advantages, therefore, to achieve the same damage effect, difficult to say there are advantages of long-range rockets.

It is said that a rocket's cost the equivalent of a limousine, each playing a dozen fat, exercise, equal to more than a dozen BMW cars thrown into the sea. That is probably why a lot of high-performance rocket is not listed our installed one of the reasons.

In addition, the enemy have taken similar measures. United States, plans to Army tactical missiles (ATACMS) combined with the M270 rocket launcher, fitted to the Navy ships to enhance combat capabilities on land; Korea and Japan also intends to introduce. If opponents of the plan in various implementation, then it has the ability with our bombers.

Confrontation is inevitable that the two sides interact, not a party once and for all, so we should do two things, first, keep on working hard, and second, to seize the opportunity to lose a little vertical or the interests of greedy grab.

Type PHL03 long-range rockets
Type PHL03 long-range rockets

Chinese-made Type PHL03 300 mm long-range rockets

Chinese-made Type PHL03 300 mm long-range rockets  (From China Military Military)

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