Shame the Chinese: A Vietnamese military officer revealed ambition in his blog

Recently, a post worth considering, this post is from a Vietnam Navy officer's blog. Bowen said that China is very advanced very powerful warships, fighters advanced than Vietnam, but these can only make the Chinese people psychologically satisfied, in fact, no useful.

Compared with the Chinese Navy, the Navy in Vietnam very much, only a few a few missile boats and frigates, warships can not be called composition, and only have to contend with China's SU-27 fighter support, so the U.S. Navy said they were "the most backward in Southeast Asia The. " But the Vietnamese soldiers went on to went on to say: It Together, this missile boats and frigates, warships can not be called the composition of the most backward of the Navy in Southeast Asia, but in control of the South China Sea 24 islands, and security of their control of the South China large sea oil and gas resources in Vietnam in the 80's on a lot of exploitation of the South China Sea oil and gas resources in the occupied islands, it is in such naval escort for completion.

South China Sea oil and gas resources in the occupied islands, a steady stream of transport back to the mainland, so that in 80 years ago was a net importer of oil and gas in Vietnam became one of the world's oil and gas exporting countries, China is now a large number of annual oil imports from Vietnam Gas! The Vietnamese military also said that although we compare the Chinese Navy, but Navy our country attaches great importance to the building of the Navy development top priority. Our large-scale military exercises held each year, every year at the three armed services in the North Bay comprehensive exercise several times each year, held in the South China Sea islands occupied comprehensive navy and air force exercises. Vietnamese leaders and the government is now explicitly requires us to: to ensure that the North Bay and South China Sea islands occupied the safety and "prosperity", to ensure that these areas and waters in the event of "insecurity incidents" and "territorial dispute" when the attack quickly eliminated enemy.

Moreover, the Vietnamese military also said that the Vietnamese Navy, is currently seeking to purchase from Russia and India, the new naval equipment, and thus to achieve the quality leap in the Navy in Vietnam. Finally the Vietnamese soldiers shouting: We will tell every Chinese, in the North Bay and South China Sea occupied islands 上, every day is a continuous development of the "Vietnam Navy" Patrol Ji alert, 让 Chinese do not dare to jump one step forward!

After reading Sven, grasses and sealing hui died of septicemia, although the text has traces of boasting, but most of the basic truth. Indeed, far more powerful Chinese navy in Vietnam, but Vietnamese control of the South China Sea islands, the largest, not only that also have non-stop exploitation of oil and gas resources, thus making the Vietnamese oil and gas importer from the leap to exporting countries, and even some oil and gas are also exported to mainland China. Vietnamese so arrogant with what? Is Zhezhi dilapidated Vietnamese Navy, this navy though backward, but can be rushed to the front line to Vietnam exploiting the boundary. Our navy? Control of the South China Sea islands, not only pathetic, but also watched much of the surrounding small Navy rushed to occupy our island.

Moreover, nothing was done about the Chinese navy in the East China Sea, a tightly controlled the Diaoyu Islands on the hands of the Japanese navy, the Chinese navy is stunned by even the edges are not up. China's navy weak it? No, we are very strong. Currently, the total number of 300 000 Chinese Navy, including naval air 25000, coastal defense forces 25 000, Marine Corps 40,000; we have to make super powers are formidable submarine force, with 25 destroyers, 47 frigates vessels, large landing ship 18; addition to our missiles, torpedoes, anti-submarine helicopter and ship-based helicopters are also very good, aircraft carriers, also allegedly construction. Despite the large gap between the United States, but the gap is small compared with Japan, and Southeast Asia with our fundamental differences on several orders of magnitude. Especially Vietnam, the nearest but also a good brother socialist countries in Southeast Asia known as the worst of its naval power, occupy most of the South China Sea island of China.

When asked why at this time to stir up Vietnam in the South China Sea dispute, Phoenix Qiu Zhenhai military observation room commentators said: "Vietnam is attempting to deepen its South China Sea, the influence of the parties in order to enhance the parties in the South China Sea The actual position of the ASEAN countries on the South China Sea to the problem caused by a common concern to ASEAN or the South China Sea, the power of the parties together against China in order to achieve the further erosion of its purpose and the occupation of the South China Sea. "

According to reports, nine Vietnamese, Vietnam vigorously promote marine development strategy in an attempt to keep the Navy as the pioneer expansion to the ocean, to become the 21st century, ASEAN and the world maritime power. As Vietnam's unique strategic position at sea, another in the Nansha area there are territorial disputes with China, therefore, particularly its naval development trends of concern.

Recently, it was reported that Russia's ties News, Vietnam, the Navy is building 30 to 40 400 tons of warships, and plans to invest 3.8 billion U.S. dollars, in northeastern Vietnam build a major naval port area of 3,000 hectares. It is estimated that the military port, once completed, will be able to stop 40,000 tons-class ships, not only can ease the Vietnamese warships docked in the plight of the Southern Cam Ranh Bay base, but also greatly enhance the Navy's infrastructure construction in Vietnam, Vietnamese troops combat support capabilities to a new level. While also replacing a number of far Cheng Duihai warning radar, to strengthen the monitoring efforts of the South China Sea.

Vietnamese military official said: "Since 2005, purchased from Russia 11 SU -27 fighter, the Vietnamese Navy's air combat capability greatly enhanced, while the purchase of Su-30MK, m-28H, card -31 and -39, and other advanced fighter Su The plan, also implemented in an orderly manner with. Vietnam plans to build a modern navy 2015. then, the Vietnamese Navy's ocean escort capability and combat capability at sea, to modernize the Navy's requirements. "

According to the Singapore media said: "At present the Vietnamese troops still Russian naval surface ship missile boats, except the purchase of four Russian-made 'poison spider' class missile boats, the use of Russian technology in the domestic construction of six missile BP50 boats and KBO2000 missile frigates and entered active duty, the water has been a qualitative leap in combat capability; the original capacity of the Vietnamese Navy's underwater warfare poor, but since the purchase of two pocket-sized Korean submarine, the submarine combat has taken initial shape. At present, Vietnam is preparing to set up submarine force, and plans to buy Russian Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines. " (From: China Military Report )

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