Chinese expert interprets the US-ROK military exercise: Is U.S. not willing to spend great money?

Data Figure: A helicopter of South Korean military  landed on the U.S. aircraft carrier in the US-ROK military exercise

Hong Kong's "Asia Week" in the July 26 interview on the US-ROK military exercise matters a Beijing military expert Song Xiaojun. In response to the current 30 years to see the largest US-South Korea military exercises at sea, he is deceived by the fact that the economic constraints of the United States, "not willing to spend big money." Song Xiaojun, "Jianchuanzhishi" Online editor, CCTV special military commentator, the international military situation in the dynamic long-term tracking.

Song Xiaojun, said: "Since the exercise was too short, basically the original commitment to the protection of South Korea South Korea war plan shows a simplified version of what made it. The exercises are doing feint shot, what the largest all the media hype. four days there are so many subjects, just going through the motions only, the ability to exercise one month, it is real money you can afford? real exercise is costly, the United States not willing to spend big money. just media say much. The US-ROK military exercise not long ago that the United States and Japan to do more exercise. "

Song Xiaojun said on June 21 -25, the U.S. and Japan Maritime Self Defense Force in the Pacific Northwest out of an exercise called "water war" exercise, the United States, "George Washington" aircraft and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force held a joint, take-off of aircraft 1300. The United States and Japan spent the single exercise 4 days, consuming 700 tons of aviation fuel, consumption of lunch (lunch) 3.6 million boxes, the U.S. and South Korean military exercises was only 4 days, there are so many projects, this may be the depth exercise it? Only goes to South Korea to fight cheer, cheer to help the United States for the Lee Station site only.

He said the US-ROK military exercise this time is also nothing new. Only exercise in the past the United States commitment to South Korea, "5029" war plan, that is, three levels, United States, Han Jun, as the first wave; immediate assistance to U.S. forces in Japan, "George Washington" aircraft carrier as the second wave; Alaska F -22 as the third wave. As the exercise was too short, this exercise is only a few super-light equipment, shook the ocean.

Song Xiaojun the US-ROK military exercise about the background. He believes that the military exercise is the United States in Northeast Asia The place was smashed. He said the U.S. concerns on the Korean Peninsula is not willing to see China's economic rise. Song Xiaojun said: "U.S. and South Korea to ship with Tian An event to disturb the regional security environment."

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