China at present should not express "core national interests"

China Military Report: Recently, people can often hear the "core national interest" argument, and thus lead to some discussion. From some reports, if the not the word to express the core national interests, would seem unpatriotic, or at least seriously inadequate. As everyone knows, "core national interest" who might abuse, but not conducive to the maintenance and expansion of the national interest.

First, some core national interests are not publicly stated. The United States is the world's super military power. In order to maintain its superpower status, the United States was refining its national interests. Based on "the American people the protection and promotion of freedom and security in a country where the survival and well-being" on the extent of the interests of the U.S. National Commission on its national interests into "vital interests" and "vital interests", "important interests "and" secondary or secondary interest "4. Nevertheless, the United States did not publicly specify the kinds of "refining interests" of specific content. Similarly, Russia has become an independent State attaches great importance to national interests. Putin took a phrases are the most commonly used is "Russia's national interests," but Russia has never clearly announce its specific national interests. It can be said to do so, to the Russian national interest to maintain and expand its logistics left a wide space.

Compared with the United States military capabilities, military capabilities but also in many ways worse. If open core national interests, will use diplomacy and the military have caused many other passive. The use of military means of war, the deterrent is the most common form. If the conflict involves two sides announced that the core national interests, the situation will develop into "anyone who is not afraid of" proportions. At this time tend to lose the deterrent effect. Therefore, China should not publicly explain the specific content of core national interests.

Second, the open core national interests of the specific location is not conducive to safeguarding national core interests. China has repeatedly announced that the national sovereignty, security, territorial integrity and development interests are owned by the state's core interests. This is the same for each country. But the core interests of each country without the specific content of same. At different times, different national interests and specific interests in the ranking is different. Therefore, in order to protect core national interests, China is still premature to disclose the specific content of core national interests. This is mainly because:

China does not yet have all the core national interests to maintain the capacity. As a result of our heritage can not reach a certain level of technology without some excavation of underground cultural relics, as China's overall national strength, especially in military capabilities, not enough to safeguard the core interests of the state. As China's comprehensive national strength, especially in the improvement of military power, can have plans to open core national interests. For example, you can enhance national capacity as "partial" open to those capable of safeguarding China's core national interests.

Moreover, the importance, the interests of national interests can be divided into core and non-core interests. If you are bent on upholding the core national interests, in reality, may cause an optical illusion: the core interests not only concerned about the importance of non-core interests. Indeed, as China's integration into the international community, China and other countries is bound to follow the collision of interests between the increase. In this case, our country must safeguard its national interests rather than national core interests.

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