Chinese 100KW nanosecond pulsed CO2 carrier laser weapons

Operational diagram of the U.S. military laser weapons

Operational diagram of the U.S. military laser weapons
A while ago, some media have reported that U.S. military aircraft and warships testing laser weapons and later another media stir-fried Chinese military 100KW nanosecond pulsed CO2 laser weapons carrier, has attracted world wide attention. The development of laser weapons technology from the U.S. standard of view, foreign media enthusiastically participated in the Chinese military or naval installation of laser weapons against U.S. warships in the news too much speculation.

As a new concept of laser weapons, arms, its speed, flexibility, precision and excellent properties such as anti-electromagnetic interference, multi-country world more and more attention. Given the important role of laser weapons and status, the United States, Russia, Israel and other developed countries have invested huge amounts of money, developed a grand plan, organize a large contingent of scientists, development of laser weapons.

Shipborne laser weapons are used against anti-ship missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft, high-power laser weapons, developed from the early 70s. By the wavelength of 3.8 micron mid-infrared advanced deuterium fluoride chemical laser (MIRACL), the exchange of optical components and beam emission aperture of 1.8 meters beam directional devices and other components. It is a modular system, weight 88.8 tons, equipped with the Aegis cruisers or destroyers of the deck, replace the 127 mm M045 cannon, as a fire ship to air missile system to add.

The system response time of less than 1 second, laser frequency of about 0.83 Hz can moderate rain, fog, smoke and sea environment, 4 km range against low-altitude sea-skimming cruise missiles or 10 kilometers from the optical system; the addition of a Taiwan low-power laser irradiation after the destruction of the missiles could be extended from 10 km. The system can adapt to temperature changes (-40 ~ +54.4 ℃), humidity (0% ~ 95%), maximum wind speed of 40 km, the maximum sea state four ship movement and other harsh environment. The system has been used hundreds of kilowatts output power deuterium fluoride chemical laser to destroy the BGM-7lA TOW anti-tank missiles.

The latest lasers can generate 2.2 megawatts of high-energy density laser beam, can enable the laser beam pointing direction and focus to the target, the kill probability of 100%. White Sands Missile Range in the series of inspection function of laser radiation on the target goal of testing the static and dynamic shooting test, the successful use of two megawatts of laser 2 to 3 kilometers away on the Mach 3 speed shooting flying targets, successfully completed test.

Targets including cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, missiles, chemical and biological and ballistic missiles in the first bullet, the most significant dynamic test was a typical combat distance, with 2.2 MW deuterium fluoride chemical laser successfully destroyed In the low-speed flight to Mach 2.2 missile. Currently, the U.S. Navy is seeking to further modular system design for the ship last paragraph of the air defense preparation.

U.S. carrier-based laser weapons is a more realistic subject, but soon may have some operational capability.

Of the 20th century the late 80s, the U.S. Navy successfully conducted shipboard Mid-Infrared Advanced Chemical Laser Weapons (MIRACL) land-based test. The main components include deuterium fluoride (DF) medium wave infrared chemical laser power (220 MW) and the "Sea Stone" beam direction finder (pore size 1.8 m) and so on. After 3 years, assembled the MIRACL high energy laser weapon in 1987 and 1989, the White Sands proving ground for a series of laser weapon shooting tests, including the destruction of a Mach 2.2 flight the "Vandal" and missile tests.

As planned, the U.S. Navy to prepare the system installed in the "Aegis" cruisers MK45 gun emplacements, the further sea trials. July 1995, "Laser Countermeasure System," a sample is placed in a warship of the U.S. military in Somalia, but because of concerns about provisions of the Defense Department did not order to use it. Later, the U.S. Navy in the mid 90s to renounce the further implementation of the MIRACL program re-launch a high-energy free electron laser weapons programs. U.S. Navy This has caused widespread concern among countries but also marked its carrier-based high-energy laser weapons for the 21st century into a new stage of development.

Made in accordance with the U.S. Navy in transition faster, more streamlined, more combat requirements, the Navy must have to the future of marine expedition ship anywhere in the world, that is fully effective against any Hailu Kong threats to precisely attack enemy inland Shubai km important strategic center, capable of rapid fire tactical value of destroying a target, the ability to network multiple next-generation air, surface and underwater warfare platform, the common operations.

Based on this concept, the U.S. Navy to develop a new generation DD (X) destroyer, surface ships, led by the family. In the design concept, DD (X) and the U.S. Navy before the design idea of different, mainly for naval combat systems, hull, mechanical and electrical systems fully integrated and automated as possible so that it functions. The number of active duty ship in the establishment of "Aegis" guided missile destroyer of the 1 / 3, but fire more powerful missiles and artillery in addition to conventional weapons, the most innovative integrated power system for laser weapons and electromagnetic round after round of artillery and the like directed energy weapons to provide support.

U.S. laser weapons research lab

Data Figure: U.S. laser weapons research lab

New concept of combat weapons include directed energy weapons, kinetic energy weapons and non-lethal weapons. At present, the development of directed energy weapons are mainly laser, microwave, two major categories, the U.S. Navy is developing called "Sea Stone" program shipborne laser weapons, mainly used against aircraft, missiles and satellites, strategic and tactical objectives, the future will be the anti-missile weapons system in the new members.

U.S. Navy had planned to include next-generation aircraft carrier (CVN21), including several new warships to install power generating capacity. When the laser weapons research and development success, and improve and produced after these warships will be deployed and used. U.S. warships will be the next DDG1000 install laser defense weapons.

Reported that the Chinese ship-borne weapons, suspected of much speculation. China's laser weapons still have a gap, it is not be combat ready.

To laser weapons, like with the current conventional weapons, mounted on tanks, ships or motor vehicles, Juyou high technical requirements, for now, China still a wide gap away from that requirement.

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fast and innovations complete this machine... a big leap to the future.

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These innovations are in preparation for our secure living in the future.

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