China showed the U.S. military spy plane missing for 31 years: military myth is broken

Recently, China showed the wreckage of the U.S. top-secret spy plane- D21 that had nvaded China several times. This greatly surprised allthe world, especially American politicians

As the next few months is the world's major powers, especially two great countries contest the critical period, and the two countries are in a direct contest of strategy and tactics, hence, the United States at this time to showcase the country's high-performance Jiandiefeiji absolutely confidential not simply "cultural exhibition."

Why? We stripped off from our successive U.S. military myth (hegemony) of the historical background and D21 itself to judge the performance of two perspectives.

Since 2000, the United States created a military invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and the abuse incidents occurred which completely stripped off the U.S. "democratic myth" of underwear;

August 2008, the Georgian war stripped off the "myth of American military alliance" of underwear;

January 11, 2007, China's anti-satellite test stripped off the U.S. and Russian space hegemony of underwear;

January 11, 2010, China's middle section is completely stripped off anti-missile test was the backbone of U.S. military hegemony - the myth of a national missile defense system's underwear;

July 2010, as the U.S. aircraft carrier Multimodal speech of "renege" and the display of our anti-aircraft weapons, China has completely stripped the United States has a military hegemony of the pillars - the myth of carrier underwear;

What is left?

F22 myth left the United States, the U.S. dollar standard system (perpetual motion machine that is Wall Street myth) myth, the myth of God the three major stock Buffett myth.

This is our country from breaking the D21's high-performance (3.35 times the speed of sound, 29 km altitude, some stealth performance), we issue this warning to Americans:

Decades ago, we are able to destroy you flying in the 29 km high, 3 times the speed of sound of stealth aircraft, a few years later, we are more capable of dealing with your F22, The X-37B, not in words next.

Add here that recent observations to see the defense program, a host asked experts BX-37 asked that the flight is not without weapons to deal with now, is not simply playing is not down, our military experts would say something like " more difficult, not to say not hit. "

We are gradually stripped off another piece of Americans, a myth of underwear, underwear every time the Americans have been accompanied by dramatic Pa sense of shame, anger and helplessness. We advise Americans, especially American politicians: Do not force into a strategic rival in China, because China is different from the European Union and Russia, "not completely power" (the EU economy strong, but political and military power is relatively weak, the amount of military capability to implement stronger However, the economic capacity of weak), China is a complete cultural wisdom with thousands of great power. The two wars over the past few decades have clearly told you: China is the bane of the United States!

Individual fate unchangeable, the same, in some countries is very difficult to change fortunes. China, destined to the bane of the United States!

So best American to find another enemy. (From China Military Report )

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