US-ROK military exercise, why do abnormalities Chinese military hard-line stance?

13, South Korean media reported that a South Korean government sources, that China strongly opposes the Korea-US military exercises in the Yellow Sea, the Sea of Japan and Korea and the U.S. is studying in the Yellow Sea at the same time exercise, the core of the U.S. aircraft carrier battle force not to participate in yellow naval exercises, only participate in military exercises in the Sea of Japan compromise. So, this news is true? The various twists and turns behind the ROK-US speech reveal about what strategic considerations? To solve these problems, the reporter interviewed military experts Jin Yinan.

The US-ROK military exercise affect all nerve

Reporter: South Korean media, in order to avoid provoking China, the U.S. Seventh Fleet's nuclear-powered aircraft carrier "George - Washington", Aegis cruisers and destroyers, nuclear attack submarines, and other key U.S. fighting force is likely to only participate in military exercises Sea of Japan , rather than from the Chinese closer to home Multimodal speech. For this information, how do we look?

Jin Yinan: first, the news has not been further confirmed, just coming out of South Korea a message. Second, this is true, no doubt, this is a good situation to develop in a relatively strong signal. Because the US-ROK exercises of this routine - including in the peninsula, such exercises are held each year. But you can see, after each exercise not only failed to cool down tensions on the peninsula, instead of warming. This indicates the end of the Cold War through the exercise of this form has been a deterrent to the other party is not a good way to solve the problem - especially the Yellow Sea exercise, to affect the sensitive nerve of the parties. Of course, from the South Korean side, the exercise aimed primarily at "Tian An" incident, is a declaration of force to the north, but I think it's methods, means and location of all issues.

Reporter: US-ROK joint military exercise, People's Liberation Army Deputy Chief of Staff Ma Xiaotian recently publicly declared that, "We are against the U.S. and South Korea in the Yellow Sea to conduct joint military exercise area!" There have been comments that the Chinese military high-level position abnormal tough. How do you think?

Jin Yinan: Ma (Xiao-days) when the deputy chief of staff in position, the tone is very firm, because this is our country's security concerns, we hope to resolve by peaceful means on the peninsula side problems. At the same time, we pay more attention to China's security. The US-ROK exercise area delineated in the Yellow Sea, China's interests seriously close to the scope of the Bohai Sea economic zone from a few hundred kilometers, so close to the exercises of this - the aircraft carrier would come, no doubt is a sovereignty and national security threats. Although the South Korean side claimed that the scope of the exercise is on the high seas, but even in such a region, we have full security concerns in this area. If you do not consider the security concerns, then, will bring big problems.

For example in 1962, the Soviet Union deployed missiles in Cuba issue. The Soviet Union and Cuba are two completely sovereign states, the effectiveness between the two sovereign countries and the United States nothing. But the United States in 1962, reacted very strongly, very strongly, almost hair-trigger nuclear war at that time. So this is the big country's security concerns.

From this perspective, the Chinese spokesman, including the Deputy Chief of General Staff Ma Xiaotian comrades, their speech would in no way tough. They expressed a country's own security concerns, we do not allow such a possibility exists - namely, its national security in the context of possible economic development in China Qu Yu and Zheng Zhi city Zaocheng a serious threat. Therefore, any force in this region build, any of the exercises, we have to be a high degree of attention, but also made solemn representations, protests, even take certain countermeasures, Otherwise we can not effectively safeguard its own security.

Reporter: Some analysts believe that the reason the United States Han Huanghai exercise dragged, in fact the United States continue to explore the Chinese attitude. China's recent actions have also had to abandon the United States to conduct military exercises in the Yellow Sea program. So, if the change in US-ROK military exercise program, it will affect the direction of the Korean Peninsula?

Jin Yinan: From Korea to disclose this information, it seems they have now been fully taken into account, but also plans to adjust the. We also see a very sorry thing is that when a relative just to achieve balance, the total number of power arrives to knock it from different aspects. Why did they do? Because of this balance may be a specific aspect of the situation, or in terms of certain specific negative, chaos may be more beneficial for them.

So, often a critical moment will have a spoiler phenomenon, they seem to deliberately do not want to see the situation on the peninsula towards a peaceful, stable, truly fit direction. So from here we can see the complexity of the peninsula. According to the goodwill of the parties to conduct an open set, I think the problem may have resolved the peninsula. Then the Peninsula yet to be resolved today, but also a tendency towards more complex, this is why? I think there are some under the table, and the motives at work behind the scenes.

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