China's military is working with six countries negotiating the sale of FC-1 fighter

Farnborough air show static display FC-1 fighter

Arabianaerospace site on the 19th reported FC-1 fighters jointly developed by the CMB, in 2009 Pakistan received its first aircraft manufactured by China. Last year, Pakistan's national assembly began to air the Commonwealth of the fighters will start in 2012 with the West for the type of fighter avionics, radar and other systems.

Reported that two aircraft of Pakistan participated in the Farnborough. "FC-1" is expected to be on display during the show, but only for static display.

Pakistan and China want to export the fighter, is the publicity that FC-1 fighter to replace the aging F-5 and F-16 low-cost alternative to machine. Pakistan to end an estimated 28 JF-17 fighter FC-1 service, in the end its air force with 250.

Currently, the global market for military aviation products in China, China Aviation Technology Import and Export Corporation is negotiating with six potential customers, while the Pakistani government is also preliminary discussions with other countries.

One industry source said that China plans military aviation market in the world play an important role, and their wish to exports, "FC-1" fighters as part of the plan, while Pakistan exports fighter is hoping to reduce the assembly of fighters in unit costs.

This name the industry, said: "They have had a period of negotiations, the negotiations will Farnborough will continue to be carried out, it is their ability to showcase their aircraft and a great opportunity."

The name of the industry, adding that China has, including Congo, Nigeria, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Venezuela, countries in a dialogue, including Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey, the official also discussed. "

Alleged, for commitment to buy "a large number of aircraft" customer, China, or can help to establish a local assembly plant. This is China's "FC-1" fighter project for the treatment of Pakistan and China to Egypt to sell a few years ago, "Honduras" K-8 training and light attack aircraft and the same way.

However, the report pointed out that China may encounter difficulties in the engine, because Russia does not want to sell outside of China RD-93 engines. China Guizhou Aviation Group, has been for the past decade of WS-13 fighter engine Mount, it was reported in March has been a test flight with the new engine. It is not clear whether the company is ready to mass production of this engine.

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