Powerful! PLA's new smart bomb exposured,

According to the U.S. strategic global network coverage, probably in the last five years, China has 200 retired five strong fighters. But some of the fighters was found with a half-ton TV-guided KAB-500Kr smart bombs. The picture shows the increase hanging under the wings of KAB-500KR TV-guided bombs, weight 560 kg, the maximum throwing distance of 9 km, with an accuracy of about 4 meters.

According to the U.S. strategic global network of 15 reported in the past five years, China has 200 retired about five strong fighters. But some of the fighters was found with a half-ton KAB-500Kr TV guided bombs.

Reported strong five aircraft is a new generation of China's first supersonic jet attack aircraft. Weight 11.8 tons of double strength five MiG -19 fighter aircraft is based on research, so do not have the early features of imported before the MiG fighters. Strong carry out five major low-altitude penetration, the attacker forces the assembly points, tanks, airports, communications centers, missile positions, as well as surface ships and other war zones and the shallow depth of target, and can carry air-air missiles to defend itself.

Reported that since 1969, China has produced thousands of fighter planes strong 5. Five single-seat fighter equipped with two powerful 23 mm cannon, can be mounted weighing two tons of bombs and missiles. People's Liberation Army Navy has always been to use its strong anti-ship missiles, five fighters. Five aircraft equipped for the strong TV-guided bombs, and China recently equipped GPS guided bomb unit, will extend the service life of this aircraft.

Over time, China has been strongly upgraded five fighters. The early nineties of last century, it started strong with five fighters in many modern electronic devices (head-up display, laser range finder), and even produce that can be mounted laser and GPS guided bombs, upgrades of intense five fighters. There is a strong five aircraft can carry targeting pod upgrades. While the outside world to believe that the fighter version of the smart bomb is still at an experimental stage, but was found in a number of bases in a few planes carrying smart bombs rather than conventional experimental aircraft.

Network mounted pods and laser-guided bombs Q-5 fighters
Q-5 can be modified to add a plane fuselage pod instructions.
Online circulation of Russian KAB-500KR TV-guided bombs. The shells in exercises and actual combat performance is better than laser-guided bombs, the anti-electronic, smoke and dust are strong interference.
Russia GNPP regional joint holding company, KAB-500Kr show the temperature-pressure-guided bombs.

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