Expert: three nuclear submarines appeared that the U.S is adjusting its military strength in Asia-Pacific

"Ohio"-class strategic nuclear submarines.

Recently, three U.S. military's "Ohio"-class nuclear submarines suddenly while in Asia, eastern and southern naval port of three public appearances. Had only been in the ocean, "elusive" and rarely show their faces in the "Ohio"-class missile submarine, this one is the "collective appearance." Then, "Ohio"-class nuclear submarine combat how? What the U.S. military deep intent of this action? On these issues, the reporter interviewed the National Defense University professor Li Li.

"Ohio" carry Tomahawk cruise missile attack on the strong

Reporter: "Ohio"-class missile submarine is the fourth-generation strategic nuclear submarine the United States, in the late 80's in service of the U.S. "Trinity" the backbone of strategic nuclear forces. So to make up for it, "Ohio"-class submarines and we had known What's the difference?

Li Li: "Ohio" class in itself is a very important nuclear backbone of the United States. If, according to the previous program, an "Ohio"-class submarine can carry 24 nuclear bombs, a bomb there from 8 to 12 lanes warheads. So, yes, "Ohio" is the U.S. nuclear arsenal at sea. But now that the "Ohio" is actually modified after the "Tomahawk" missile boats - that is, the original dismantling strategic missile launchers, mounted on a conventional "Tomahawk" missile launch tube. A launch tube can now be installed seven rounds, 22 22 x 7 cylinder is equal to 154. In addition, there is a cylinder above it is to launch special operations team with the pocket-sized submarine, capable of carrying special operations team members, they conducted covert operations to transport to shore. There is also a launch tube can be fired underwater UAV. UAV launch wing is folded, after the water rose from below, the wings started to gather intelligence. After complete investigation and other unmanned aerial vehicles, but also to the wings folded, and then fall on the water, when the submarine out of a hook from the tail to hook into it from the launch tube, the UAVs can also be re-used .

In summary, the appearance of the three "Ohio" nuclear submarines are actually Tomahawk missile boats, they carry a large number of Tomahawk cruise missiles, can form a large ground target strike capability.

"Ohio"-class nuclear submarine fully converted fire

Reporter: The U.S. military is currently equipped with 18 "Ohio"-class missile submarine. Of these, four modified to no longer launch the traditional "Trident" strategic nuclear missiles, but rather a "Tomahawk" cruise missile submarine launch platform. The U.S. military said the submarine with rapid reaction capacity, the equivalent number of single-boat combat surface ships.

Li Li: This 4 "Ohio" class submarines, modified it costs money, it funds the construction of less than 20 billion dollars per ship, but converted every one, "Ohio" class have to spend one billion dollars - the cost of very high. The reason why the U.S. military to do so, first, in order to maintain its strong conventional military deterrence. Such as the Tomahawk missile, which a boat carrying 154, is actually a very large potential combat power. Another example x 3 equal to 462, more than 400 conventional cruise missiles What is the concept? Cf about the Gulf War only fired 288 Tomahawk missiles. So, that 462 is a great performance of a military capability.

In addition, we also consider that each boat can carry more than 60 special operations team, then the three boats is more than 180 special operations team members. Therefore, the Tomahawk and the number of special operations team members together, we see that in fact the U.S. is deliver a message that no one should underestimate the U.S. military forces in the Asia Pacific region.

Three nuclear submarines also appeared that the U.S. military in the adjustment of the Asia-Pacific

Reporter: The Pentagon has said that the three nuclear submarines of the same appearance was "pure coincidence" and not directed against any state action. So, the U.S. military behind this action is really not an even deeper strategic intentions it?

Li Li: Obviously, this is certainly not a coincidence. Three nuclear submarines also appeared, which is very rare. Not to mention the appearance in a number of important military bases in Asia. In this situation, there may be reasons behind this: first, the U.S. is to being the "Rim of the Pacific -2 010" exercise in the rally. Because the current in the waters of Hawaii, "Pacific Rim -2,010" exercise, to continue until August 1.

Second, the three nuclear submarines is not a temporary one exposed immediately below to go back, its positioning should be deployed. Since it is a military deployment, it contains a sense of long-term intentions. A very important point here, every one, "Ohio" class modified the Tomahawk missile boats, which are several times the firepower of surface ships, but also in a very short period of time to make all kinds of military threats fast, flexible response, on this point is concerned, I think the intention of the United States is a very important force in the Asia Pacific region to adjust.

Third, it may be issued as a deterrent signal.

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