Military experts: People's Liberation Army shelled the Yellow Sea have been "premeditated"

Nanjing Military Region, artillery live ammunition exercises unprecedented

US-ROK joint military exercise in the beginning of the day, July 25, the Nanjing Military Region artillery forces launched an unprecedented scale live ammunition exercises. Reported that large-scale long-range rocket fire that combat exercises in the People's Liberation Army is the first time in history.

Yesterday, the China Central Television reported the first exercise, the report referred to in the exercise area is located near the Yellow Sea. Military analysts believe that the exercise was to make China-ROK joint military exercise as a reaction, but also reflects a gesture.

Rocket is the first large-scale exercise

Commander's order, the rows of shells roared out from the launch vehicle, with a long smoke, pierced the sky, accurate coverage targets. This is the first round of the Nanjing Military Region artillery fire against the exercise, then exercise forces have practiced single-shot volley, volleyball volley, volley and many even live firing.

According to reports, the exercise using artillery Radar, UAV and other equipment for battlefield intelligence and reconnaissance, effectively increasing battlefield transparency and information exchange, in order to make more accurate long-range combat, the participating forces also live ammunition shooting range in accordance with the environmental characteristics, Expand detected.

Shooting is also the past performance evaluation exercise based on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, radar, television and optical equipment, battlefield reconnaissance and other means to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the exercise system based on the information capacity of long-range artillery fire against a comprehensive inspection.

According to reports, the exercise area is located near the Yellow Sea, is a live ammunition exercise, such large-scale long-range rocket fire against the exercise is the first time.

It is understood that the long-range rocket was made in the exercise of the new long-range rockets, long-range firepower of the PLA ground forces are an important part. Blue Cloud, said military experts, the participating in the new long-range rocket series marks the 60th anniversary of New China in the last year had a large parade debut.

Military exercise frequently shows that the attitude of China

US-ROK joint military exercise in the day, the Nanjing Military Region to hold such exercises also aroused strong concern about the outside world. Blue cloud on the analysis of military experts said the exercise may be arranged in a long time ago, but choose to exercise on the 25th day, letting the CCTV so advertised is a manifestation of our country for the joint US-ROK exercise attitude, "come and go, a normal reaction."

Li Jie military experts pointed out that the U.S. aircraft carrier had planned to enter China Multimodal speech but were strongly opposed, then the first US-ROK military exercise held in the Sea of Japan, but U.S. and South Korea still Fangchuhualai, the next step but also to the Yellow Sea for military exercises. Then the Nanjing Military Region of the exercise is another expression of China's "resolute opposition" stance.

Li Jie said the army earlier in the East China Sea for firing exercises and anti-ship missile attack drill to complete; then held in the Yellow Sea, code-named "war -2,010" marine emergency support exercise; this again a land-based exercises are the expression of a position.

Although the military exercises on land this time, but Lee said, from a regional perspective, the exercise location in the Yellow Sea near the coastal region can be said is. Nanjing Military Region's long-range rocket is showing drill offshore my army combat capability, "If anyone dares to challenge our ability to fight back, but by all means to fight back."

Large-scale force delivery training

According to another report, the Jinan Military Region is also the 26th Air Force began training exercises delivery standardization. Resident in the hinterland of the Jinan Military Region Central Plains armored brigade forward command post and some equipment, on the 27th the way by air transport, emergency vote sent to the Shandong Peninsula in a coastal city, rapidly combat operations. Participate in the exercise of formed units military exercise capacity using the remote delivery of aviation procedures and processes.

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