If the North Korean military strategy installations are hit, what China do?

Recently the Korean Peninsula has 10000 almost critical, U.S. and South Korea in a series of things on both sides of the Korean Peninsula, a large-scale naval and air military exercises, sent out a displacement of 97,000 tons of nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in Washington, Aegis destroyers, submarines, military strength is more than 8000 people, especially to point out that, the United States dispatched F-22 "Raptor" fighter.

The United States did not send ground forces participating in the exercise, all the Seas and air forces, from the United States dispatched F-22 fighters of view, intended to break in through the F-22 air defense network of the other countries, on the other strategic targets will be launched, including the other air forces, and then control of air carrier aircraft with the advantages of sea and air combat.

If the United States, the move is aimed at deterring China, there is one goal and that is it possible to crack down on North Korea's strategic goals, if sent direct American naval and air forces and attack North Korea is limited, and not to send ground forces have attacked North Korea , how to change the face of China?

North Korea has nuclear weapons, the United States has been the intention to combat North Korea's nuclear test, then after another missile test, the U.S. (Japan) has created a strong spirit of the stimulus, due to China's significant influence on the Korean peninsula, has been unable to to take substantive measures. With the Tian An incident, the United States took the opportunity to break through, take generous, and highlighted two problems: 1, the United States has long planned to major sea and air equipment stationed on the Korean Peninsula and to the norm of navy and air force exercises, to deter China; 2 South Korea dealing with North Korean nuclear issue collusion.

North Korea to step by step into a situation of injustice and create public opinion in North Korea a terrorist state, set up to eliminate the North Korean nuclear facilities, all kinds of excuses, with these external pressures, to increase the North Korean nuclear issue must be resolved in China's determination to establish the United States in the Korean Peninsula Plastic and military dominance in East Asia.

In such a large-scale sea and air forces deterred from the exercise, if the United States attack North Korea's nuclear facilities, China has no pre-preparation and initiatives?

If someone thinks that the United States not on the Korean Zeyang? North Korea's big guns will blow a rare bus in Seoul bad, Koreans are not allowed, but you have to know that the wartime command remains in U.S. hands, if the "a" one similar to the Tian An incident, it will blow happen suddenly, but in such a case or not, entirely with the views of the United States.

The United States is hoping to take a war with China involved, so that China and distracting, the U.S. domestic economic pressures, as well as China's domestic economic strides forward, will allow the U.S. to interfere with the role of agents in China to prevent or slow China the pace of development, with a huge arms to stimulate domestic economic interests. China has been raising night in the patient's policy, the United States would use the war to maintain its strategic prospects!

Taiwan, the United States is not moving, with arms sales to promote its strategic value, China does not rule out doing my part that the use of force to resolve the Taiwan issue, in the face of the core interests of the United States is not waging a full-scale war with China, and a lose-lose It should be able to appreciate the consequences.

South Korea is a people called the Lord, things now instead of disgrace to Koreans face a big chores face was disclosed by the Americans, and Koreans but spurned by the world, so that Americans across the ocean riding on top of the head and shouted, and the like puppet the same, no wonder North Korea accused South Korean people are puppets, light up. Syngman Rhee is just one kind of scum of Wang Jingwei.

China has also held a certain number of regional-scale military exercise, the scale is smaller, significance was reached, it is my determination and the United States against the will. This is a trend will force a confrontation.

But if there is any substantial blow to the Korean war, then we change Zaban? (Shallow obscure the view)

1, China is now necessary to continue with the military exercises targeted against the United States of arrogance!

2, it is necessary to use some means of deterring the United States, the United States to understand that F-22 fighter aircraft, the aircraft carrier is a warship, can not protect the U.S. homeland;

Three, warned South Korea, is being trampled on by the Koreans;

4, to enhance communication with North Korea, on the one hand to force deterrence (Korea), on the one hand patient can not have an accidental discharge;

5, the Chinese make a surefire plan to develop plans, a variety of effective response measures, to develop all levels of military deployment.

6, strengthen advocacy and diplomacy at the United Nations (since the US-ROK military exercise is still linked to a United Nations flag), De Qing Tian An ship the truth (and a Ban Ki-moon for the elderly), the joint Russia, jointly issued a number of declaration of the Korean peninsula.

Specific to the event of attack, I can not plan the war, it was the Central Military Commission and the General Staff Department of things, just from the tension on the Korean Peninsula, to express their views on a number of shallow.

The first U.S. war against Iraq is in the night, suddenly the United States against Saddam Hussein's son, killed a move, even when Blair is being woke was told, then large-scale air strikes began. To deal with North Korea, nothing is impossible, make any response is should be.

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