If no "China threat" in the world , it will be China's sorrow

China's nearly three decades of economic social development rate, overall national strength has improved rapidly in the world affairs of the growing influence Ye, thus causing the rise of China Yi Xie western countries fears that Yueming Rise of Great Powers of the West Ren Shi Huan stay in the old thinking , while in some countries the media have been advocating from the China threat view, many of China's development with a glasses of view.

Regardless of how the Chinese government has repeatedly explained to the world, China is a peaceful development will not harm his country's interests, but did not receive much effect, but in some countries, the China threat theory has become worse. How should we deal with the Chinese foreign speculation in the China threat theory?

As a Chinese, I would sentence the truth, we do not need to spend great efforts to patiently explain our development path, some speculation in the Chinese threat in the country will not again because of the interpretation of the Chinese leaders to abandon the prejudices inherent in China Some national media hype behind the China threat theory has its hidden agenda. Of course, the development history of the world, the balance of power between states are eliminating this long he followed the law, so some unfriendly countries is not happy to see a smooth rise of China, we must have this understanding.

The rise of any great power will not be smooth, this will to break an existing unreasonable old international order. China's rise will inevitably committed to the interests of some of the old order who brought this conflict is inevitable. Therefore, we must straighten our own good attitude, down-to grow is the truth, do not ignore the outside world had agreed a number of discordant voices.

China's development is bound to touch some people with vested interests, causing the rebound is inevitable. It can be said, as long as China is developing, then China threat will never disappear. As such, we do not need to make great efforts to explain the development is the hard truth.

No country can please all of the countries around the world, this world is the strength to speak. Sometimes we have to face the Chinese people are too, and can not tolerate people say that is not, but in this world, even a superpower like the United States to face the daily criticism from all sides, if the United States leaders to the Chinese Government continual interpretation, that U.S. officials had long been exhausted, so the United States very smart, you criticize you, I do my thing.

At this point, we Chinese should learn about the United States, some critics could have turned a deaf ear to achieve the interests of the most important, face really is not worth much. Absolute power in the face of criticism from all extraneous seemed so important.

Old Chairman Mao said: "the future is bright, the road is tortuous." Similarly, the rise of China is the same, the Chinese renaissance is overwhelming, but some hostile forces will not easily make a smooth rise of China, is bound to China revival set a lot of obstacles on the road.

China threat theory is that hostile forces set up an obstacle to China. China must skip these obstacles in order to continue moving forward, why here is to skip it and not destroy? As long as China's development, the Chinese threat will not cease, we can only jump, not to focus on eradication of the China threat theory,.

Our goal is to rejuvenate the Chinese nation. If the world is not China threat theory, it shows that China has been reduced to an insignificant country in the world; and China will have developed a number of countries must send discordant voices.

Therefore, there is the China threat theory is normal, there is no China threat theory of the world will be China's sorrow.

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