China has test-fired three times the world's first anti-aircraft missiles

U.S. Navy's "Aegis" anti-missile system has been very advanced, but to spend one billion U.S. dollars to upgrade, the reason turned out to be "deal with China's new ballistic missile threat"
U.S. naval intelligence office to the media, the Office believes that the Chinese military will be deployed in coastal areas in the world to ship the first batch of missiles near Taiwan in order to form a foreign fleet inaccessible areas. Lin of Taiwan with military experts said that the mainland already have the missile capability against foreign fleets.
U.S. intelligence agencies said the situation
Voice of America reported that U.S. naval intelligence office 斯科特布莱 is the latest report of the writer. He said the Chinese missile technology over the past decade has made significant progress. China has put to-ship missiles from the concepts to be able to combat the missiles. This missile has a range of 1,500 kilometers. Can be launched from land-based mobile launchers. Missile is designed to crack down on China's territorial waters close to the U.S. fleet. China has three launch such missiles.
A total of 11 U.S. aircraft carriers, five of which are deployed in the Pacific. The aircraft carrier in international waters activities, often close to China's territorial waters. Once the Chinese army decided to exercise its view of the sovereignty of the Taiwan Strait to attack Taiwan, the U.S. aircraft carrier can rush to the rescue of Taiwan.
U.S. naval intelligence office's report also pointed out that China is also developing beyond the horizon radar network, aimed at very far distance away from the fleet will be able to find the United States. Blair said that the Chinese Navy from 2000 onwards with the number of anti-ship missiles, warships from 12 to 36. According to analysis, China's new ground-to-ship missile will provide China's "strategic restricted area" basis. Restricted strategy refers to deter foreign warships to enter Wu Liwei photo or near China's territorial waters.
U.S. military response measures
Washington's "Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment," the director of 安德鲁克雷 Pineiweiqi said the Chinese armed forces against foreign ships will continue to increase the distance. September 16 this year, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that China's investment in anti-ship weapons that could threaten the United States to protect and assist the capacity of Pacific allies, especially the threat to U.S. forward bases and aircraft carrier battle group.
U.S. Naval Operations, the leaders of Gary Luge Hai, said the Chinese missile threat was his decision to DDG-1000 destroyer from eight down to one of three reasons. Because the destroyer missile attack capability against weak. U.S. Navy changed the plan is to increase the construction of seven DDG-51 destroyer. And to this vessel equipped with the latest radar and missiles.

U.S. military to wind -21 known as the "world's first to target ballistic missiles against sea movement."
China's relevant speech
First Deputy Chairman of the Chinese Central Military Commission Xu of China will have to dilute the power-to-ship missiles. He said: "The new missile's capabilities are limited, can only reach the minimum requirements of China's national security."
Zai Beijing's military commentators Song Xiaojun, said: "This is normal. 100 years ago, the United Kingdom and the United States to balance the trade deficit problem, Pai warships Dao China Lai, Yong Junjiandakai Le China's door. 100 Duonian Hou's Today, China to deploy military power, once the external force for Taiwan independence, to block China's doorstep, put it destroyed, it is necessary. "
Taiwan, the mainland has long been renowned experts have the ability
Taiwan Institute of Strategic Studies at Tamkang University researcher Dr. Lin Zhongbin is a military expert, he served as vice chairman of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council. Dr Lam believes that fact, since 1996, the Taiwan authorities two states, the United States dispatched two aircraft carriers to defend Taiwan in the mainland military has been proactive to prevent U.S. military intervention by Wu Liwei Taiwan Strait affairs as a priority. The mainland's military deployment in a large number of missiles across the strait, its range and power could endanger the ships in the east of Taiwan Island. The U.S. Navy said the new Chinese missile threat, threats in the past and add another layer.
Dr Lam that, in fact, China's missile force have been close enough to stop the U.S. Navy. Even if part of the U.S. ability to intercept missiles, but China has thousands of pieces of medium-range missile, any missile defense system are incapable of guaranteeing that part of the missile defense penetration. Lin believes that the Taiwan authorities recognize this, recognize the possibility of reducing the U.S. rush to the rescue, rush to the rescue of speed may decrease. It is the understanding of cross-strait detente with more conditions.
Japan's "King Kong" was conducted destroyer "standard -3," intercept ballistic missile tests

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