America's conspiracy was exposed, China's "front yard" has begun to fire

From the northern and southern United States is to "contain China" issue? The acute problem of world politics the past few days enveloped Asia.

US-ROK joint military exercise is also like an isolated action, but to win over Hillary Clinton last weekend, the issue of ASEAN against China in the South China Sea, to judge public opinion is changing rapidly. Several Hong Kong media assertion that "containment of China" has become the focus of U.S. strategy.

One of Hong Kong "Oriental Daily" commented that Obama earlier announced as a "Pacific President", it appears he did not brag. U.S. "national" magazine that the United States recently as "just to build one around the Great Wall of China."

US-ROK joint military exercise on the 26th into the next day, but the most attract attention are not the contents of the exercise, but exercise great power behind the confrontation.

South Korea's "cultural newspaper," said the situation surrounding the Korean peninsula has entered a new sign of the Cold War, the United States and China are temporary return of the Cold War relations.

South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo," said the United States in the exercise of the strongest fighter in the world into four F-22 "Raptor", not only to break North Korea's air defense network, you can break through China, so the sources said, would include the transmission of a message to the Chinese.

"Chosun Ilbo," said the U.S. deployment of F-22 fighters to China's "front yard" is the first time, it was that this incident can be described as "China forces" and "marine forces" conflict. The composition of the Korea-US and Japan from the marine forces and the composition of the continent by the forces of the DPRK and Russia to "Tian ship" incident as a turning point in the acute confrontation between the Korean peninsula.

Hong Kong's "Ming Pao" commented that the Japanese Self-Defense Force at the last minute as the US-ROK military exercise "observer", U.S. Japan and South Korea alliance ready to come out. This is tantamount to light cards out of the cold war existed between the "iron triangle" re-assembled, not only to deal with North Korea, which takes more muzzle rise gradually toward the Chinese. "Sankei Shimbun" also said: "The U.S. and South Korea realized that they have to deal with North Korea's premise, that is, first of all to deal with China."

U.S. actions in Southeast Asia's strategic intent to make it even more clear. Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" that Hillary the ASEAN meeting in a speech on the South China Sea, "between the United States will pose a new fire."

"Korean national news," the analysis said, after the Japan Sea and Yellow Sea, 25 in the beginning of the ROK-US military exercises, the United States in the South China Sea has also set a "second front"; Some analysts believe that the United States through military exercises and in the South China Sea The new policy made clear the intention to contain China.

Canada's "Globe and Mail" analysis, said cold-growing interest in China's expanding influence in East Asia for many years, as the region, "the old forces" of the U.S. comeback, re-intervention in East Asia Affairs, Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia, two from the border, "containing China . "

"Washington Post" on the 25th of the article says Obama the one hand, hand it over to the Southeast Asian countries, "cookies", but on the other sights to contain China's rise.

Hillary's speech gain a foothold in the South China Sea territorial dispute so that the Vietnamese sounds pleasing to the ear, it is clear China's position in the same sing a different tune. The article added that this is the last few days, Obama fight for Southeast Asian countries to take measures to guard against the rise of China, the second thing, after the U.S. announced that it will resume with the Indonesian special forces have been frozen for 12-year relationship.

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