U.S. ridicule China: How much will the PLA spend to prevent domestic F22?

Although there is no rocket was successfully launched in Korea, but South Korea's military strength has been strengthened; across the sea of Japan in the fight to buy F-22, it is also the fourth generation of fighters from the study; At the same time, India's LCA also will end 30 years of practice ... ... All of this indicates that China's peripheral military will become more complex. Starting from this issue, this newspaper has set up "around the military" section to give readers a more in-depth understanding of China's surrounding areas and military developments in military industry.

In response to "Tian" ship incident tensions on the Korean peninsula, the U.S. Air Force stationed in Japan to dispatch an emergency from local red Shengjia hand Sonar to the 12 F-22 "Raptor" fighter flew on May 27 in red Shengjia hand Naki. This is the U.S. military since 2007, the fourth F-22 fighters temporarily deployed at Kadena Air Base, is also the first time, transferred from New Mexico base.

For the temporary deployment of Kadena spokesman said the United States for an important ally, Japan is very concerned about the United States is determined to ensure the stability and security of the Pacific.

According to U.S. media, as the U.S. Pacific Command, a regular rotation of combat troops, is envisaged that this contingent will be deployed at the Kadena 4 months or so. As long as the F-22 fighter jets stationed in Japan, the scope of its activities will include the Kadena Air Base, Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan, the U.S. military base in Misawa, Japan and South Korea, Osan base in north-eastern base, and with the Air Force stationed in Japan and South Korea were the bases joint training.

Earlier, South Korea, "Tian" sinking ship multi-national survey released, the content is the cause of the accident was accused of attacking North Korean torpedo, but North Korea does not recognize the findings and said that if the sanctions will not hesitate to fight. US-Japan and the ROK reached a consensus to strengthen cooperation deal.

The F-22 again to the East, but also the security situation in Northeast Asia, cast a shadow over.

The F-22 fighters deployed in Okinawa, no doubt reflects the strategic position of Okinawa and the U.S. attach great importance to the East Asian region. U.S. military to Okinawa as the U.S. military in the Pacific region's "cornerstone." U.S. troops occupied the whole of Okinawa Prefecture about 10% of the area, accounting for bases in Japan about 75% of the area, where U.S. troops accounted for nearly half of U.S. forces in Japan.

Aircraft can take off from Okinawa arrived within 2 hours on the Korean Peninsula, and from Guam will need to 5 hours, 11 hours is required from Hawaii, from the United States needs 16 hours; ships starting from Okinawa to Korea can be only one-half, from Guam will need 5 days, 12 days required from Hawaii, but from the United States needs 17 days.

The United States in the Pacific region has a number of well-equipped military airport, but stationed in the Asia-Pacific region "Raptor" the base camp is located in Alaska's Elmendorf Air Force Base, from a strategic point of view of profound significance.

The air base is located in southern Alaska, as early as during the Cold War was seen as defensive outposts Soviet strategic bombers, so always the main priority access to the most advanced fighter.

Moreover, relatively close to the Arctic location, this also allows the deployment of combat aircraft have a "full attack" the potential to reach the northern hemisphere in a relatively short period of time most of the region.

More of that, F-22 a maximum range of more than 4000 km, could be a long time to supersonic cruise, once the Taiwan Strait or the Korean Peninsula, stationed in Alaska's "Raptor" air refueling in coordination with the rapid departure from Kadena, Anderson, in front of the airport such as Guam, timely response to the crisis, to form mutual support of the deployment triangle situation.

In addition to El Duo Fuji door to outside, it was reported 夏威夷希卡 Muji in the near future will become a permanent F-22 squadron base. Thus, the Air Force will have a total of three directions directly to the Pacific "Raptor" Task Force, resulting in the "iron triangle" attack battle is bound to the Asia-Pacific countries to bring unprecedented pressure air defense system.


Although the F-22 fighter jets do not normally stationed in the red Shengjia Kea in hand, but when required, this model may at any time from the U.S. mainland and Asia-Pacific base at the disposal, but these models are usually stationed in the rotation.

The F-22 fighter combat radius sufficient to cover the entire Korean Peninsula and China's coastal areas, from Chong Sheng Jia and start hand-Naki's F-22 fighters, half an hour against the DPRK territory.

And now, North Korea did not respond to the capacity of F-22 fighters, the aircraft can easily enter the airspace of the DPRK mission without being discovered. And Kadena Air Base near Tokyo, Japan than in the U.S. Yokota Air Base from Pyongyang closer.

Republic of Korea Air Force F-15K has been under actual combat deployment, the U.S. F-22 fighter latest move to Kadena Air Force plans to conduct joint training with the Republic of Korea, will greatly enhance the ability to contain the war against the DPRK.

The Associated Press quoted Air Force spokesman as saying, "the deployment of F-22 is not necessarily for the special case, but F-22 presence in Northeast Asia itself contribute to safeguarding regional security and the containment of war." For the temporary deployment, observers believe, the purpose is obvious tension in the Korean peninsula.

Associated Press reports this appears to be more straightforward. Reported very sure that the U.S. military presence in the Asia-Pacific region will be enhanced with new deployment, the U.S. military response to security crises erupt at any moment the capacity is also increasing.

The report also quoted as saying the U.S. Pacific Air Force Commander, the new deployment of the U.S. Pacific Command, "in response to unexpected events could have faced a variety of options." Okinawa, the Korean Peninsula and in close proximity, the emergence of new aircraft are likely to give rise to concern about North Korea.

"People must understand that when we (the U.S.) to take such action, must be to achieve a dual purpose. In Okinawa, the deployment of F-22 will not only help us to train pilots, but also send a signal to North Korea: take a look at our the strength of it! reached this deterrent effect. "

U.S. intelligence Courand's report recommended that emphasis on the strategic position of the Okinawa region, with the growth of military power in Russia and India and the rise of the uncertainty of the situation in the Taiwan Strait, the Korean Peninsula situation of uncertainty and disputes in East Asia such as the growing number of reefs , asked the U.S. to Asia-Pacific region as a top priority in military planning.


From a strategic perspective, the Cold War, U.S. forces deployed in Europe the demand for large-scale conventional forces have been gradually weakened, while Correspondingly, the United States's strategic interests in the Asia Pacific region increased gradually to strengthen military forces in Asia Pacific has become the inevitable trend.

B-52 will follow on June 1, a group of U.S. Air Force B-52H "Stratofortress" strategic bomber from North Dakota Minot Air Force Base flew to Guam's Andersen Air Force Base for a period of 6 months deployment rotation.

U.S. Air Force proclaimed, is the group of B-52 bombers to carry "deterrence mission" of. Turns familiar with the operational environment in Northeast Asia in order to prepare for possible future war.

The task for the U.S. Air Force Commander, 5th Bomb Wing Pat Oder on the proofing media, Charles said, "No. 5 Bomber Wing's mission vital to national security, our mission is to protect, but also deterrence."

Pateaode that these bombers from Minot Air Force Base will effectively prevent the region's "aggressive action" to protect the security of the Pacific allies. Pateaode further said, "U.S. Air Force B-52, B-1 and B-2 bombers will be stationed turns, I guess we will have 5 Bomber Wing stationed at the Pacific Command will no longer need us so far."

As the U.S. bomber force in the "veterans", B-52 strategic bombers had been acting as the "vanguard of deterrence and intervention," an important role. Once the United States that a region of instability, threat to U.S. national interests, the so-called, B-52 bombers will be rushed to the forward base, a show of strength.

At present, the "Tian An" incident sank inconclusive, continued tension on the Korean peninsula, the U.S. military now deployed to the Asia-Pacific powerful strategic bombers, apparent alliance with the cheer and show of force in this.

Many military analysts said the increased U.S. military deployment in the Asia-Pacific region there is also the number of elements induced by the arms race.

F-22 stationed at Kadena Air Base, Japan, the U.S. "defense technology," Journal of the disclosure, U.S. Department of Defense to consider before the F-22 deployment in Asia, on China's air defense systems were studied in detail and published the secret reports that China In order to address F-22 to establish an effective air defense network, will cost 300 billion U.S. dollars (which is equivalent to China's annual defense spending of nearly 5 times).

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