The United States has murdered, guess the truth of the United States bombed the Chinese Embassy

Specifically responsible for the bombing of targets marked Lieutenant Colonel Bennett has been the first two years of unnatural deaths, the truth of the Chinese Embassy bombing never be a mystery. What is the truth? Sino-US high-level understand, do not say it.

That is, "bombing the Chinese Embassy" is in fact to the Chinese, "a declaration of war!" Dare to fight on the very spot to pack you, block you. Not fight, we will complete as boss of U.S. imperialism. At that time rumors of the "China secretly helped the FRY", "Milosevic may be hidden within the command of the Chinese Embassy in the basement battle," "117 wreckage," and so, perhaps true. But such a major event, not a simple technical factors. Of course, decision makers may not be the President of the then U.S. imperialism, but the president was informed. From the time Bill Clinton performance, he is very reluctant. Subsequently, the German Kohl also explain the situation in China shows that Western Europe is unwilling to war.

In any case, the CPC was not publicly acknowledged high-level is, of course, that it would lose face, so the arrival of a play dumb. Time passes, 10 years have passed, and now senior U.S. imperialism is of course not publicly acknowledged. A slightly stronger than the forces in China, how to locate a good random; 2 to be too significant and unreasonable if all countries in the world trace from eggs, the U.S. imperialists boss had a tough time, only Bennett died.

Was said to have been shot down an F117, the Chinese got the wreckage of the plane, get embassy research, there can be F117 tracking and locating devices, was found in the United States. Therefore, a direct blow up Come on, stealth technology to prevent falling into Chinese hands. I remember looking at photos, a bomb has been drill down to the basement from the roof, the building had been punctured, and It is clearly not the ordinary bombs, ordinary explosives, then the entire building should be Zhata, the Embassy is on the floor construction can be beaten wear, only the basement was partially blown up, using a well-targeted bombs.

That said, it still has some technical sent home, J-10 used in the body, improve the J-10's stealth capabilities

The Americans say is an accident, that the Americans bombed targets marked on the map marked wrong, there's argument is that the day before the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in operation just bought some gas cylinders, were found in the U.S. reconnaissance the Americans considered to be weapons, so they bombed, my personal opinion is: the Americans deliberately bombed the Chinese embassy, angered the Chinese people, Americans know what can not shake the pace of China's development of its economy, so they with anger the Chinese people, with the people to pressure the government in order to slow down the pace of China's development in China and even confuse the results did not expect the government's influence is still great, the people still more likely to trust the Government, the outcome of the treacherous Americans did not succeed. Instead, let the Chinese people in China, the United States occurred in the public mind the image of great changes. Indeed gained nothing eclipse the rice!

China was developed out of new radar, in order to test its role, it placed in the basement of the embassy which Slavic. To Nasilafu transport information. The results are effective. U.S. aircraft were shot down after another. The United States to detect the signal source. On the use of precision missiles into the Nasilafu embassy basement. Claiming mistaken bombing. Because there is no evidence, the United States eat Yaba Kui. Can only claim an apology. This is the truth.

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