How much deterrent of Chinese 095 nuclear submarine

According to the U.S. Navy intelligence reports, China is pushing forward the development of submarine forces of modernization, which means that the focus of the Chinese Navy is being changed from quantity to quality. However, the quality of China's equipment, there is still a long way to go and some of its newest submarine noise levels and foreign submarine built quite a few decades ago. Report, "Jin" class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines designed and manufactured to give the Chinese Navy, "a reliable second-strike capability", now equipped with two. Than the first generation of the submarine, "Xia" class ballistic missile submarines to be much more advanced, but not really low noise of weapons, its noise than the former Soviet Union built 30 years ago, Delta III submarine even more significant. In addition, China's latest 095 nuclear attack submarine in noise improved, but still higher than the former Soviet Union 20 years ago, "Akula" class attack submarines to be big. 095 submarine is expected to equip the Chinese navy in 2015, although the noise is still large, but the new submarine is already higher than before the "Han" class and "business" class nuclear attack submarines, a lot of good. However, the U.S. brick home and do not forget to belittle you on China's combat capability, a new generation of nuclear submarines on the 095 yet to debut in China on first give a positive attribute. And that the 095 class nuclear attack submarine and its equipment, look more like a missile, "a regional arms", can threaten the Japanese army stationed in Guam, or the U.S.. Potential nuclear attack on the 095-class submarines will be the noise deterrent role played by doubt, and the second against the strategic threat to the United States will not achieve the role. Deterrence and the history of China can only have a border dispute with China against Russia and now India.

I think that this is a common problem with Americans, proud, self-confidence. Afraid of the U.S. population, said a Chinese nuclear submarine in essence, is actually very scared, or else at the risk of armed conflict with China once again may have to insist forcing the South China Sea, is to gather information on Chinese nuclear submarine base in the South China Sea. So how exactly China's new generation of submarines like? Author to gather information for the evidence to speak.

According to statistics, Belarus earlier time sold to the Chinese Navy sonar telex sets of sophisticated communications systems for installation in the strategic submarines, China's new generation of submarines specially imported for the manufacture of automatic welding machines. Automatic welding machine according to the Chinese imports of time and the introduction of sonar communication equipment condition, can be essential to determine the progress of a new generation of nuclear submarines have entered the sea trial production stage, but service may be in the 2 years.

According to reliable information and network rumors speculated that the submarine captain is about 150 meters, 10 meters higher than more than 094, ship 20 meters wide (094 to 12.5 meters), close to the maximum displacement over 20,000 tons (094 to 12,000 tons) . Elongated shape similar to the drop ship type, with double-shell design, integration of power plant might be two pressurized water nuclear reactor and two steam turbines of jet propulsion mode, the maximum speed should be up to 32 knots. In addition, because the use of high strength alloy steel hull shell, so its potential can reach 600 meters deep, called the world.

As for quieting equipment, in addition to installation of the base vibration noise source and the ships in the applicator high-performance muffler shell tiles, the ship there are still active noise reduction device, making the ship underwater noise generated much lower, probably only 95-100 decibels, well below the 094 submarine of the 115 decibels. In weapons, superior than the previous generation, with a 32 range of more than 14,000 kilometers, "Waves" II submarine-launched ballistic missile, which makes China the second fully equipped with nuclear counterattack capability. It is reported that "waves" II use electric compass, inertial and GPS guidance of three ways, and then integrated by the built-in computer, strong positioning, guidance features far more than the previous generation of "waves" of a type, so that the PLA has use nuclear weapons to attack the U.S. homeland and to a paralysis of the capacity of the entire United States.

As a new generation of nuclear submarines in the end there is no military threat to the United States produce? With intent to belittle the United States and China, strange fuzzy, which is the two countries, which are nothing more than the mystery of the spirit of war in the play.

Chinese threat to the United States the usual argument is out, who stress that the expansion of China's military threat to overestimate China, but is contributing to China's powerful counter-productive, to play down the effect seems to be even bigger, at least in the U.S. is also under tremendous fear This is the Yankees get smart.

The strategy has a very rich culture of Chinese people, it is neither admitted nor denied the use of, to fool or confuse adversaries, bring their People's Liberation Army can not grasp the dynamic of the strange fuzzy strategy, you say your I do my grandchildren Art of War by saying: "All warfare is deception also" embodies the most.

For Americans, of all of China's military not to argue, but the release of information be sure, China's advanced military made public days will let the world know the wisdom of the Chinese people feel will not lose hybridization species, let the facts to prove, after all, we had a good practice, the so-called major noise issues with the Chinese submarine, living in the U.S. aircraft carrier fleet is not in front of shocked to find, 5 miles What is the concept? Even the Chinese submarine lucky, lucky wartime neglect and what the results will play can imagine, the other not more comments.

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China don't need hundereds of SSBN like the imperialist USA and USSR. China is always known as non-imperialistic nation which has the most prolific history of cultural and scientific achievements. These are required only for self defence against ex-imperialist japanese and indians.

I love chinse people. Go China...

You're a beautiful blogger,too

How do you know about its noise level if it has not entered in service yet?

Oh, wise Chinese People's Army propagandists. You are not fooling anyone with your lies. You call China a non-imperialistic nation? That's a great but sad joke especially with your raping of the Tibet nation and of your indigenous populations? What do you call buying up all of the oil where ever you can get it? I hope you start thinking twice about your stupid support of North Korea. It's really funny now especially with four huge Trident cruise missile boats surprisingly popping out of the Pacific Ocean all around your coast lines. Your arrogance and stupidity really shows how far your county needs to evolve before it can be a nation of peace and not a bunch of communists with a goal of world domination.

raping Tibet? Who the propagandist now? Western media! they make war, they influenced every people to support their politician stupid war!Look what just you say,bonehead! you already suck every they propaganda of your country media.US cannot be trust, especially with their warmonger politician with their double-standard attitude.Whose the dangerous now!

Tibet had feudal lords b4 the communict takeover. Dalai Lama was a feudal lord.

They use the bones of human hand to scratch themselves/ their back.

They torture their own tibetans before China took over day to day adminitration. It was a feudal society then.

You can see these picture in 60 min program in Australia in 1980's

India will threaten to sent over the Indian army to takeover Bhutan & other independent states around India if they dont accept a treaty allowing India to takeover defence and foreign affairs.

Just see what Indira Gandhi did.

In Kashmir India continue to refuse to allow a vote to allow Kashmiri to decide on their independence/future.India told the muslims to dream on!This isnt very democratic of India.

american kill me not chinese

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The US has been used to attacking other countries safe in the knowledge US bases and soil are unlikely to be hit.A war with China will change all this and though the Chinese maybe defeated,the price extracted will be very prohibitive making such a war very unattractive to the US.
And stop the bull shit the PLA is athreat toUS security.