China will complete the development of four generations of aircraft to begin an internal test flight

Recently Hong Kong media that China will soon complete the development of fourth-generation fighters, "will first conduct an internal small-scale test," Currently, Air Force pilots are stepping up related training.

"Hong Kong Commercial Daily" Web site published on April 14, entitled "Research into the fourth generation of fighters may soon rival F-22 military pilots already trained," the article, the paper said, China's fourth-generation fighters will soon be exposed open mystery, sources said, after years of development, "has entered the harvest stage, China will first conduct an internal small-scale flight test."

Hong Kong media said, to meet the new generation of fighters, the Chinese already underway to intensify the training of new fighter pilots. Including the team has to perform the famous J -10 Air Force's 24th Division, "mainly for the performance of a number of different training routine practice."

Hong Kong media quoted a military officer as saying, "I am absolutely convinced our national aviation industry's strength, will we develop a more excellent fighter!" For the current ability to meet the strength to deal with F-22, the officer of "soldiers to the breakwater to soil cover, "answered.

The article also mentioned that as early as late last year, how proud the Chinese air force deputy commander said the upcoming fourth-generation fighter first flight, followed immediately into the test phase, according to the existing situation, in the 8 to 10 years can the troops.

"Hong Kong Commercial Daily" also referred to sources, the fourth-generation fighters advantage over third-generation technology presents an unprecedented generation gap is comparable to the US-made F-22, with stealth, supersonic cruise, super maneuverability, short take-off and other characteristics. This machine came out, will greatly enhance China's air power, narrow the distance between America and Europe.

Chinese Air Force's next four generations of fighter image

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