Yulin No. 569, the latest 054A-class frigate of the South China Sea Fleet

In early March, the South China Sea Fleet destroyer detachment of the organization and 72 hours of continuous sailing fleet training. Training, a time when fog season, they overcome the adverse effects of climatic conditions, in strict accordance with the new outline requirements, the individual capacity of making it up, training and the second and third grade combat readiness under the combined value of more training, and constantly fighting and training methods to enhance innovation and research, to practice tactics, training technology and training in ideology, practice style closely integrated to achieve a continuous training of static to dynamic changes in a continuous and effective training.

The exercise, the South China Sea Fleet has dispatched the latest frigate Yulin received 569. The ship on February 1, 2010, the official delivery of the South China Sea Fleet, part of the latest made-class stealth frigate 054A.

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