China's aircraft carrier renewed turmoil, real strong or a paper tiger

China has to build aircraft carriers? This issue has been quiet for a moment,  but during "two sessions" refloated. Recently a National People's Congress, National Defense University, Lieutenant General, former deputy political commissar Li Dianren Speaking on China's aircraft carrier, said, "China in accordance with internal and external changes in the situation to make the right decision. As of now, is definitely what to do. "attracted outside attention.

Chinese-made aircraft carrier has been a measure of the international community, China's military power, and even the West, "China's military threat" ruler. There are rumors speculated that China's first self-built aircraft carrier has been a completed.

Lidian Ren said China's military strength and development will not pose a threat to other countries, but also never take the initiative to threaten other countries. "Our strength is more than what can not the United States. Economic, technological and military gap between the great. How can we threaten them?" At present, many countries have aircraft carriers, while China is so big a country, it should have. However, when there will, according to changes in the situation to make decisions.

Premier Wen Jiabao's government work report this year, first proposed to let people live with more dignity. Lieutenant General Lee said that this will inspire the Chinese army to protect people's lives, which is the most basic dignity. The army's role is to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, but also to make people's lives safer and happier.

"Two sessions" on China-made aircraft carrier topic, although not like last year's "two sessions" by the media blitz, it is still causing concern outside the media. Reuters issued a 9, entitled "China's military is strong or paper tiger," the article said the U.S. military to talk about contrast, and claimed that although China's military power on the rise, but to the United States, "destabilize" and also There is still a long way to go.

According to the article, after persistent reports that China has invested heavily in building the armed forces, is developing sophisticated fighter planes and missiles, and to consider the construction of aircraft carriers, but U.S. experts believe that China has established a set of missile systems, but the actual effects? The system is able to repeat a role? Its field effects? Obviously, with the United States engaged in military science and technology spending huge sums each year independent research and development, and constantly compared to organize military exercises, China has long way to go.

The Washington think tank, the Nixon Center expert Thompson has also recently said that although it seems from the data seems more Algarve Meng People's Liberation Army, but the experience in the field, new technologies in collaboration with the army, the Chinese military forces are insufficient. He said: "The Chinese armed forces did play a role independent technology it? Or simply within the system, like China, like many other things, only at a superficial sense? I prefer the latter of the A gum."

In response, China's National Defense University scholar Meng Xiangqing 9, told the media that the evaluation of the West on China's military power has always been there are two extreme views: either that China's growing military strength, and even contains exaggerated, such as making aircraft carrier, or that China's military worthless, backward technology. Obviously, these two arguments do not meet the objective of China's military power.

Meng Xiangqing that a country's military strength, how, the most direct is through the war to test it. However, in non-war period, China's military strength through near-combat exercises, to combat natural disasters, such as participation in peacekeeping operations have demonstrated very adequate.

Here's "two sessions" on behalf of the armed forces believe that China's military power is indeed improving, it is obvious to all countries. But China has never been to the United States as the imaginary enemy, there was never the intention of threatening the United States. China's military development is in accordance with its own security environment in which the decision, and the construction of aircraft carrier will also follow this principle.

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