The dangers from Iran: China from Afghanistan to get a more shocking news!

If the United States to attack Iran, China could not stop, but the United States will immediately become the next Soviet Union

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates today, want to come to Kabul, while the Iranian president will also be three days later in Kabul. I am now finally experience the deputy governor of Balkh province, said the remark: "I hope that Afghanistan is not in such a strategically important position."

Brown's sudden visit to Afghanistan, promised to increase the British Construction

Local 6, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown paid a surprise visit from the Taliban in southern Afghanistan had just seized by Maer Gu district, inspected the British bases and the Afghan police training center, announced a high-profile efforts to enhance the building of the British.

Brown, the British military in Helmand province, resident of Bath, said Shen barracks in a speech, he thanked the 4000 to participate in a "common action" of the British officers and men, because to win the "Taliban heartland," Maer Jia action is called "Hope Light. " Brown subsequently visited Maer Jia region 2 from the Taliban to seize the forefront of the hands of A sentinel, and to the Helmand province of Afghanistan Police Training Center, watching the upcoming week, graduating 150 new Afghan police arrest Tully class simulation drill.

Low-key compared to the prior trip itself, Brown's trip to Afghanistan, the most concern is the high-profile commitment to strengthening the building of the British. He announced that the British government will invest 100 million 51 million U.S. dollars to build 200 new patrol cars. Such claims to have "stronger armor, more mobile" chariot will be the end of 2011 to replace the existing fleet of "Land Rover" patrol car. British troops in Afghanistan continue to complain that, due to a serious shortage of military spending, the lack of British helicopters in Afghanistan and other combat equipment, were forced to take even more dangerous in combat patrols on land, but worse is that "Land Rover" armored patrol vehicle can not by affordable roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan killed 265 British cases so far, mostly caused by a roadside bomb. On the day of Brown's visit to Afghanistan, another two British soldiers were killed.

Brown also promised to invest 27 million U.S. dollars for the Afghan National Army to purchase metal detectors and training for the Afghan National Army, and the other is also considering an additional 150 British police training the Afghan police. However, to Brown and other Western leaders feel embarrassed that the governor of Helmand province has just been appointed as the Chief Administrative Officer Ma Erjia Abdullah - Zahir actually traced to a "violent crime" previous convictions. German media broke the news that day, said Zahir Zengyin in 1998, "knifed" My son is almost killed, the German district court sentenced to imprisonment for four and a half, and also frequently beaten by his two wives. Although Zahir quickly denied that it was "to discredit opponents," but the Afghan government claimed to Zahir in Germany "historical problem" to investigate, since the matter related to the Maer Jia Afghan government and NATO people commitment level of trust. Earlier, the Afghan government and NATO has promised that after the fight Maer Jia does not withdraw its troops as quickly as before, the results of the Taliban resurgence, but will at the local long-term military, and building the "keep the public trust," the government .

To strengthen the building of the coalition forces in Afghanistan, in order to attack Iran

For Brown's surprise visit to Afghanistan, the intention of the United States in Afghanistan and in the BREA given us a different view:

Brown will participate in a larger scale military operations in Afghanistan the British cheer. The low morale of British troops in Afghanistan has been a concern of the British parties. On the day before Brown's visit to Afghanistan, a British anti-war soldier sentenced to 8 months in prison, while the soldier "would rather not go to jail fighting a war in Afghanistan" and vowed to give British troops in Afghanistan has many feelings, so after In the interview, there are British soldiers complained to us that they sacrifice their lives in Afghanistan could be London's politicians are "booked posterior": to reduce military spending, domestic subsidies are not granted sufficient equipment ... ... In contrast, the strength of the British entry into the war in Afghanistan is growing. Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Zema Lai - Bash Lane March 6 In an interview with our interview again confirmed that the multinational force in Afghanistan and the volatility of the national army of Afghanistan, will soon launch a nationwide scale for more "hope" for military action, The U.S. and British troops are still in this action "backbone."

For reaping political capital is another reason for Brown's visit - May 6 this year, the United Kingdom will hold a general election, and as Labor Party leader Gordon Brown now find themselves in trouble because the British military, opposition parties and the media have criticized Brown, due to He blindly cut military spending in Afghanistan, the British do not get enough equipment to protect themselves. Former British Prime Minister John Major accused Gordon Brown's trip was to the British as a "political campaign tool" to Brown's trip to Afghanistan as a personal image, "interspersed." Major said: "The 2007 British election, Brown, consciously or dominant surprise visit to Iraq, the result is to vote later pocketed the points. This time he made a surprise visit in Afghanistan, each of the offerings that he had earlier promised the armed forces should be given the construction costs This is not What kind of political opportunism?? "British Shadow Defense Minister Lim - Fox also criticized, said:" Gordon Brown is simply the force as a political prop. "

However, we understand that different channels from Kabul to another more alarming news is that the leaders of the recent United States and Britain "meaning peace unusual" to visit Afghanistan, has repeatedly stressed the need to strengthen the military construction in Afghanistan, the fundamental goal is not to "base" and " The Taliban ", but ready to attack Iran. A senior diplomat in Kabul told this reporter that senior U.S. officials to come to Kabul so frequent, so that the U.S. embassy staff in Afghanistan "almost crazy," while including the United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates and NATO Secretary-General in Recently, senior officials within the repeated calls for NATO members to strengthen military forces in Afghanistan, including state requirements include the Czech Republic to "immediately send more troops to Afghanistan," while 30000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan this summer, after the direct deployment to and Iran, which borders Afghanistan's southern and southwestern regions. The two senior journalists in Kabul who told us that the construction of military bases in Afghanistan, NATO can not see that they look like short-term leave. One source said: "Many Afghans are not allowed to enter the United States military base in the fundamental, but visited the border with Iran, a journalist to reveal the U.S. military base in the United States, where a U.S. military base in the construction of facilities people can not think of it only used to deal with the Taliban or the base of the guerrilla officers, and because the reserves of ammunition, underground tunnels command, stationed aircraft and heavy-duty vehicles make people feel that this is likely to be preparing for the war to Iran. "We have 5 had traveled to Bagram Air Base north of Kabul, interviews, and found that the Soviet Army left behind at the base have been Lvjing expansion, and now the size has exceeded the vicinity of Bagram cities, while C-130 and C-17 large transport aircraft The high frequency of takeoffs and landings, giving first intuition is that "those super-ordinary-scale" war effort.

Coincidentally, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran on the 6th a speech to the intelligence personnel of the Department, the first time publicly to the "9-11" terrorist attacks on the moniker of "lies" label: "It is simply a big lie, foreword to the war on terror, so excuse the invasion of Afghanistan, the United States the idea and practice of intelligence agencies. "remarks apparently to the tense relations between USA and Iran fuel. The international community had a direct mind that Iran may be a step by step into the trap set by the United States, their words did eventually become a pretext for the U.S. launch a military attack.

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