China started to develop a new generation of air to air missiles, F-11 fighter planes to carry eight bombs

Domestic SD-10 medium-range air-intercept missile side view
Domestic SD-10 medium-range air-intercept missile side view
Domestic SD-10 medium-range air-to-intercept missile publicly displayed

March 4, The chief architect of Chinese AAM Research Fan Huitao revealed that China has embarked on a new generation of air to air missiles research and development.

FAN Hui-Tao has hosted and participated in several air to air missile model development and research. He said that the importance of air superiority is self-evident. Because of military needs, the current countries in the world attach great importance to-air missile development, because its role is to capture air. In particular, some military power, the rich can afford their own R & D, do not have money to buy.

"Fighting eagles claws must be successful." FAN Hui-Tao said that China attaches great importance to-air missile development, the current generation has already started doing, not necessarily the fifth generation, but certainly is a new model.

It has been joked that there was no air to air missiles fighter aircrafts will be the "Peace Dove". Fan Hui-Tao said that he agree with this view, only the installation of air to air missiles, fighter planes in order to become a sky eagle.

It is reported that high levels of air to air missile technology is a typical high-grade, advanced weapons, and other tactical missiles, compared to their specificity. For example, by fighters launched its launch platform and target are both moving in the air and, at the same time as small as possible, light weight, but also to play well.
FAN Hui-Tao said the research and development-air missiles, high reliability requirements of belonging to the field of tactical missiles, technology is more complex. At present, Jian, Jian Shi, Jian Shi 1 fighters were capable of carrying four, six, eight-air missiles, which can simultaneously attack multiple targets.

As a National People's Congress, FAN Hui-Tao this bring "on enhancing the capability of independent innovation," proposal. He said that China-air missile has entered the ranks of the world's advanced, after and abroad continued to narrow the gap, to achieve a more advanced level, and only innovation.

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