Zhang Zhaozhong: Dongfeng -21 nearing retirement, but its performance far exceeds the "Agni -3"

Dongfeng -21 series has been developed for many years, the early models (above) will be replaced by the latest model of Dongfeng-21C (below) and so on.

India's top research institutions the military's Defense Research and Development Organization, the responsible person Dr V K Saraswat recently said that India is not only the missile accuracy of better than China, the anti-missile research as early as in China.11, accept the "Global Times" interviewed several Chinese military experts have expressed doubts.

Zhang Zhaozhong the National Defense University military expert, said China and India do not belong to the same missile technology heavyweight, India's "Agni -3" missile test performance from the point of view may be related to the former Soviet Union's SS-20 and China, "Dongfeng -21"similar, but the perspective of stability and maturity of the technology is lagging far behind."Agni -3" is still in the experimental stage, China's "Dongfeng -21" has served more than 10 years, belonged to the quick of the retired models.Moreover, in addition to missile capability, the missile interceptor and radar system also includes co-ordination among multiple systems.India has not yet to build a missile interception system, and control its missile capabilities, that is, the ability to track the missile after the poor in 2008 in the submarine fired a missile, but can not find the issue to go after, while China as early as age 80 in the last centurysuccessfully conducted tests on the submarine.Overall, the Indian missile by at least 10 years behind China.

A condition of anonymity, said the Chinese military experts, China's Second Artillery Corps has generally achieved a ballistic missile "solid-propellant era", which effectively improved strategic and tactical ballistic missile attacks and ability to survive and, more importantly, the use of solid-fuel rocketAfter the Chinese missile smaller in size, reaction time and can be road mobile launchers at the same time to return to China of using an independent-type active missile with multiple warheads, each in the long-range missiles capable of carrying multiple warheads, each attack different targets.These advantages, India's missile was not available.

Another condition of anonymity, said the Chinese military experts, China's Dongfeng -21 accuracy of various models of missiles against an average of 50 meters or less impossible than the "Agni -3" low accuracy.He said that India's military forces in information technology is very strong, but the missile capability is not very strong, and China 60 years of the last century began to study missile defense, though later was suspended, but the grounding is still.

The so-called "India's missile is stronger than China," Dr V K Saraswat argument may not necessarily be the original intent, it may be India's media hype.However, Hong Kong, said 11 military experts Ning Bo, this is not the first time, holding a Chinese Dr V K Saraswat Dang Bazi.Early in January this year, he also said the Indian Science Congress, India is developing "satellite killer" to prevent harm to India's space assets in China.Ningbo, said Dr V K Saraswat China may also have to mention the old departmental interests, the Indian Defense Ministry in 2008, according to data from 2003 to 2007, DRDO missile experts, a total of 1107 to resign, the problem lies in the commercial companies to open higher than the DRDOfour or five times salary.Dr V K Saraswat old rivalry with China, and more want to use public opinion to fight the budget for the DRDO.

India's military parade on the appearance of the "Agni -3" missiles and "Agni -3" series of future development map

"Agni -3" also uses old-fashioned 2-type airframe design, and China 20 years ago developed the Dongfeng -21 missile had been used launch tube design. The upper photo was "Agni -3" and the bottom photo shows China's new "Dongfeng-21C" missile.

Some analysts refer to India's "Agni -3" to reach a maximum of China's "Dongfeng -3" missile standards. The upper photo was "Dongfeng -3" and the bottom picture shows the "Agni -3."

India's "Agni -3" missile and China, "Dongfeng -3", "Dongfeng -4" missile is not only similar appearance, but also fired at a more primitive level with the. The upper photo Dongfeng -4 long-range missiles, the next picture shows the "Agni -3" medium-range missiles.

Launch test "Agni -3" missile. Despite repeated failures of the missile test-firing has not yet combat effectiveness.

China's "Dongfeng -21" missile troops have been equipped for many years.

China's "Dongfeng -21" ballistic missile model.

China's Dongfeng ballistic missiles -21.

China's Dongfeng ballistic missiles -21

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