To disclose two beauty agents effected the war and changed the military situation

The face of war, women did not go away, they devoted the wisdom and courage. There is such a beautiful group of agents, they affect the course of the war, triggering a war situation, Spy Game, commercial war ... ...

Beauty spy Nancy around Hitler during World War II

French woman spy - "The Lark"

Revenge for her husband

Marta Village homes from an early age learned to brandish swords, riding shot, showing a special sporting talent. She grew up on the obsession with flying, in 1912 she became the second French pilots. Two years later, she married Henry Lane hard in pursuit of her homes. Wedding shortly after the First World War broke out, Henry Lane homes enlisted the war front.

In 1916, came from the front of her husband was killed in the fighting. Marta husband's death so distraught, so she was determined to avenge her husband. She took the initiative to find Ladoo captain, called for the immediate allocation of tasks for her. Captain Radu After careful consideration, decided to Marta Richeux sent to neutral Spain, and played a nice give her the code name - "The Lark." "The Lark" will be directly related to maintaining single point of contact Captain Radu.

In August 1916, Malta in accordance with the instructions of Captain Radu came to the Spanish resort - San Sebastian. Ladoo captain has been intelligence, the German naval intelligence nominally Baron von Colberg embassy's naval attache in Spain, but in fact it is the German intelligence activities in Spain, the overall person in charge, who often came to St. plug Wasidian pastime, horse racing games for the owner of this specially prepared for a high-rolling regulars known as "the Terrible" in Ritmeester.

That day came to Happy Valley the center of Colberg Baron, the immediate scene of him stared.

"Terrible" in the setting sun in the palm turned bright shoes, roll up blowing dust. A beautiful young girl hand the reins, sit tight on horseback. She was dressed in deep brown, red hair flapping in the wind. Seamless whole person with the horse, like beating the flame, more like Greek mythology, the goddess of courage.

Two days later she became the German embassy in Spain a woman "secretary", and quickly intervene to Germany's espionage activities in Spain, which has become a Colberg Baron's mistress.

Josephine Baker, Ernest Hemingway called her "the most beautiful woman," She had been working for the French intelligence services, and collected a large number of important information from Nazi officials

Skylark wings

Marta in this acquisition a number of important information, she found that the German submarines have frequently carried out in the Spanish coast, and receive the secret resupply mission, she forecast a German submarine to supply the time and place; the issuance of new submarines from Germany put into use warnings; she won the With regard to Germany, which will launch in 1917, a detailed plan for a large-scale submarine offensive.

Marta has also succeeded in stealing the German intelligence agent invented Steganography sample. German agents were manufactured Steganography techniques unique to the Allies is mystery. France 2 bureau staff regularly intercepted by the German counter-espionage spy Steganography intelligence agents because they do not grasp the secret to write the ingredients can not be read out. Marta transferred back to write secret agent samples, so that Allied intelligence agencies face the problem solved a long-term.

Marta identified a risk of espionage activities in France - the Spanish Hall Andes. This is the one employed by the German intelligence agencies fishmonger, he often career as a cover to enter the French port of reconnaissance fleet movements, causing great harm to the French Navy. Andean Hall after the execution of the French secret, long-term lack of the Spaniards Otonobu of Colberg Baron angrily, he thought Hall had been defection of the Andean French work.

Once, Marta Bong Colberg Baron's life, carrying secret instructions and two bottles of "weevil" go to Argentina, to hand them over to where the activities of German spies. "Weevil" is a special food wheat crop pests, the German spy agencies want the pests to crop disease spread to Argentina.

Went to Argentina's ship, Marta of "weevil" death dip, after several weeks of the voyage, Marta finally to Buenos Aires. At this point the "weevil" has become a "specimen." Marta put two bottles of "weevil specimens" With the new sealing of documents to the German Embassy naval attache Miao Ler. She explained that the sea wind and waves, the sea had been shot from a porthole into the cabin she lived, the document too wet. Seawater soaked a few pages of "document" can no longer read, Miao gabriel military officer did not know that two bottles of "weevil" What is the use specimens had to wait for clear instructions from higher authorities before making a deal.

Broken kite

1917 Mid-autumn season, the French counter-espionage department captain after being entrapped by the leaders of Ladoo was accused of being German spies, sent to prison. Has been working with the captain to maintain a single contact Ladoo Marta no longer receive any instruction. Marta has become a sword of Damocles hanging in the air, breaking the line of the kite, it just turns out in the time that she had an accident, broke a leg.

Heartbroken, the Marta knows that she should end their mission, but she wanted to end his mission to do for the motherland before one last thing: the destruction of the German spy network in Spain.

One day, Marta leaning on crutches, asked to meet the German Ambassador to Spain, the first port-au-Prince pull. Marta told the Ambassador that, as Colberg Baron's mistress, she had mastered the German espionage activities in Spain all the materials, and the German spies in Spain to France in the list of notification. Prince forehead smoke layer of small beads of sweat, his face white as a sheet. If the German espionage in Spain by the Madrid government evidence of the hands of the consequences. Is imperative that before any evidence is to master the Spanish Government, as soon as possible to withdraw the local German spies.

Marta of course aware that the first port-au-Prince to pull anything. See the Prince's face tension of the color, she understood their purpose has been achieved. She knows that in Spain, the German spies will soon be called back, and the new spy network in the short term can not be re-established, Germany will in a very long time to lose in Spain, "eyes." This is Marta dedicated to France's final gift. Marta, as expected, the German spies in succession have been sent home, Colberg Baron committed suicide in his way home.

Marta the end of his quick-thinking mission, safely returned to France to meet her with no flowers, no colleagues, no praise and a medal, because there is no one about her legendary experiences.

In November 1918, the First World War ended, Ladoo captain was acquitted and promoted to colonel, now, the legend of Marta inside homes was only understood by the people, and she herself won the Government of Honor in 1933, Medal.

The former Soviet Union Meritorious female spy

Super control

Galina and her husband after marriage, according to 10000 Nuofu Na was sent to the country has still not publicly name belonging to the main North Atlantic Treaty Organization member country, as refugees of their success to get a return card.

Mikhail Fei Troughton has become an extremely humble little old farm owner, while Galina an accountant and buyer. Once, a long-term stomach pain, unhealed Galina because he went to the hospital, a doctor saw her history and learned that she was returning home of refugees, the respect of thoughtfully told her to do minor surgery in the use of narcotic agents psychological preparation. Soon, there are two strange "nurse" has replaced the original hospital nurses.

In this regard, Galina is very clear, sooner or later have to hurdle over them to check.

However, she did not know how to operate the other party.

Had a national security intelligence agencies to test a refugee is purely its own citizens, there is a very simple, very convenient way is to examine the extent of their use of language.

Any native-born residents, go further away, and then a long time, as long as the home or go back to stay for a period of time, they will soon adapt to the original language environment, and can fluently speak a native language. And this adaptation and the use of race is not clear-headed is not clear. Whatever the case, this nation's people will say to this nation if not the people of this nation, such as those who counterfeit, fake, most of whom do not have this inherent basic qualities or instincts.

They are the local security and intelligence sector, often through non-normal means, people entering sleep, anesthesia, or sleep state, listen to their words unconsciously speaking out whether the native language, in order to distinguish between genuine and fake people.

Of course, the security and intelligence agencies have been primarily identify an object from the Red regime (former) Soviet Union. As long as measured in a state listed above speak Russian or the (former) Soviet Union, joined the other language of the country, I will be arrested on the spot.

Galina to see the doctor that the hospital is a church hospital, in order to Galina palm knife is a good face of the Christian doctors. After some preparatory work, Galina put patient's clothes, was carried to the operating table. She felt that what seems to have been bitten a bit, they lost consciousness. Doctor during this period that would otherwise not be done quickly and should be surgery or a minor operation.

Do not know how long it took, she vaguely felt like someone lightly tapping her on the cheek, so she was a state of semi-dusk Banshui spoke. This time around "nurse" Miss hastily Minato over, his eyes fixed on live Galina's mouth, they waited. However, Galina mouth to say something that made them extremely disappointed, "Where are my glasses? Fast to me glasses! How I can not see that?"

Galina nonsense to say a camel is a typical of the crazy talk of the country's native language.

The real doctors and nurses Shuliaokouqi, with the attendant's face relaxed look, and that two temporary "nurse" is way out of the dingy white, quiet ward.

Later, when someone asked Galina is able to do so successfully pass a language test, she was quite pleased with themselves, said: "This is mainly due to my hard study."

Like a space-traveling

After the initial ordeal with the "baptism", the Galina and her husband started the fee Troughton brilliant intelligence work overseas, period.

Overseas dormant for more than 20 years, they secretly met with nearly 300 person-times of (former) Soviet Union, espionage agents and staff and no one into trouble; they were sent directly to Moscow more than 200 high value of top-secret, confidential information; by them hand, transmitted to Moscow more than 400 of valuable top-secret, confidential information.

Military organizations, including NATO countries, military equipment, military structure and grouping situation; based in France and Belgium between the Husseini Yamaguchi orientation of the NATO operational command center plans and internal structures.

In addition, in the late 50s at a top-secret meeting of NATO was the principal members of the United States, Britain, France and other countries for the (former) Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact's aggressive posture, initiated and worked out a pre-emptive major decision-making, that in certain circumstances can be the first to use nuclear weapons.

This amazing top secret information was timely and got to his wife Galina, and the sharp reversal of Moscow, is their outstanding performance to make the Soviet leadership with the full psychological and time to prepare.

Early in 1959, commissioned by the Moscow headquarters, Galina couples do successfully pass one of the central figure of NATO, "Brick" (code) of the work incite defection.

In recent years, "Brick" By Galina his wife to Moscow provided a lot of the NATO headquarters in the political, military, and personnel aspects of the valuable top-secret intelligence. The vast majority of information types is not convenient public.

The most interesting thing is that in the United Nations to convene an international security conference, when the US-led Western bloc has not put himself to the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries launched an attack to get the file on the desktop, the (former) Soviet Union and China Pact countries have put the United States and other Western countries, these documents refute its own text associated with the front of the UN building in New York earlier circulated out.

These original documents from the source of the "Brick" hands.

In the (former) Soviet Union, people are agents of espionage, and there is a metaphor, saying that they are like astronauts traveling in space. In fact, the real astronauts the help of instruments to see only the world's appearance, such as streets, military facilities, military bases, barracks ... ... they definitely do not see each other's internal situation, in particular, judgments and decision-making within the staff. As a special service tool of national security - intelligence officers in order to complete these and even astronauts can not be done.

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