Sino-US tensions, the Russian Figure boon!

Recently, Russia's actions in the international political arena frequently. Russian Prime Minister recently said the spokesman Peskov, Vladimir Putin will visit India in early March, Russia and India the total amount of the two sides will sign a series of involving billions of dollars in contracts, including the export of military, aerospace and space development, nuclear power and other important science and technology. Russia will assist the Indian armed forces fully upgraded weapons and equipment, including: the first will be signed with India the fifth-generation fighter production line technology, building design drawings contracts; the signing of GLONASS satellite global positioning system uses contracts; on the improvement of "Geershenke Hein Admiral, "added the aircraft carrier contract was signed agreements. Putin publicly stated: "Indian counterparts should understand that we are only in their co-operation, which we will sign the defense industry to develop and support their national industries boutique." Russian experts stressed that the Indian Army in 2013, the fifth-generation fighter line installation , the "Gorshkov" aircraft carrier will form a fighting force, the newly acquired Russian-made S-400 missiles into the Army, after serving a new generation of main battle tanks, conventional warfare and unconventional warfare weapons and equipment, and combat power in the sub - ranked first in the state.

In the meantime, Russian President Medvedev with visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's meeting, a rare strongly urged Iran's nuclear program should be in the provision of information with the IAEA and other countries to carry out more active and wide-ranging co-operation, and even said that if Iran does not fulfill their obligations, and no one can rule out the possibility of sanctions against Iran.

In another development, Russia's political forces to play an active involvement of Ukraine's post-election political arrangements, strongly urged the pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovich's President-elect provisionally accepted a political compromise, so that the pro-Western Tymoshenko continue to serve as prime minister.

Russia, a series of actions fully reflect the great power diplomacy, relaxation strategies and art, but its leader is the ability to play with sigh of international politics.

As we all know, Russia, have long regarded the eastward expansion of NATO to its scourge on the Eastern European countries and former Soviet republics to join the EU resentment in mind that Western countries by supporting the "orange revolution" Ukraine's political influence is even more to heart. By the number of years of hard work, and finally see the pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovich in Ukraine, the implementation of the forthcoming How could Russia not extra cautious? In order to prevent Tymoshenko and the rebound in the western countries, the Russian two-pronged approach, on the one hand strongly slow troops to pacify the other hand, the Western countries trying to shift attention. Slow to placate soldiers, mostly that is mentioned above, urges the Aristotle so Jishi continue serving as premier, so that Jishi and the West still have a glimmer of hope for the future; the same time, the Iranian nuclear issue and so on to make a political gesture to the West and good show and so on. Divert people's attention who was Putin's upcoming visit to India in this drama.

Putin's visit to India aimed at multiple, and its results are difficult to predict, or even affect the future may become a joint international strategic posture. People from Russia Vladimir Putin personally in the core of power, with India to conduct "high politics" of military cooperation, one can make use of the U.S., China face many problems, leg to stand on the occasion, from the arms sales to India, a significant gain real benefits; Second, it could weaken the , or even replace some U.S. influence in India and the Indian Ocean; 3 from the geo-strategic constraints on the formation of China; 4 is to enable the U.S. to divert attention, while the Asia-Pacific, especially in dealing with the issue of China, the United States and Russia could have a certain interested in cooperation in space, thereby Fun Game Play a big country.

At present, the Sino-US relations friction. Some anti-China forces in the United States against exaggerating "China threat", a strong pressure against China, but concerns about Russia's attitude, worried about China and Russia closer together; part of the anti-China forces in the United States is worried that the occasion of heavy domestic issues, but also with China, Chu Tou falling may be neither side gains and more losses than gains, so the so-called "agent containment" and advocated to rope in India and Southeast Asian countries, provoke their conflicts with China, from playing into the hands. Russia in such a situation, the major move to strengthen ties with India, which convey the political implications of food for thought indeed.

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