Before China, Obama like a frivolous, arrogant monkey

More than a month's time, the Chinese saw the performance skills that Obama showed: in December the sea and the Chinese leaders laughing immediately return a combination of punches on Chinese Canadian comic legs: trade sanctions on arms sales to Taiwan, Google Event to meet with the Dalai Lama. The most humiliating the Chinese people is that this young black president, a little face to China not to stay in China, preparing to issue a token of some U.S. arms sales to Taiwan-related sanctions on arms company, when the United States went so far off from the aircraft carrier to Hong Kong!

Like the United States is increasingly no. This rogue has been with the Clinton bombed the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia is no different. The United States has come to you the extent of any humiliate China. It is unique in the relations between big powers. And even the middle of international relations in general are rare. The United States has not ruined the Chinese eat quasi-US relations. Tomorrow I will write an essay, I would like to ask: the United States really is it so important? Why not to offend it?

Damage to the dignity of the United States through the Chinese crack down on Chinese people's morale, and in fact is a strategy of psychological warfare. It is the Chinese people in the anti-self-confidence. We Chinese must understand that the United States is an evil power. It is not as strong as it is shown. Many smaller countries have burst over the paper tiger it is the truth. Repeated condoning, it will only make it insatiable.

Finished "C-shaped surround," I have not relieved. How to control the rampage of the world's monsters, will become the focus of my next thought. The United States must be controlled! The United States also will be able to control! The premise is the need to go their way. We must not allow the United States does not pay the price to achieve its strategic objectives. Not only America's enemies should not be eliminated and should not be weakened. Like the jungle in the world, like China should maintain biological diversity.

Or Chairman Mao said, the good: The struggle to maintain unity while seeking unity in order to compromise the unity of seeking unity and die. Should we not hear that the U.S. is most afraid of the Chinese people then?

With the pro-Russian Ukrainian leaders coming to power, the United States in Central Asia will usher in a second failure. Russia's strategic counter-attack has achieved initial success. It is this victory, the U.S. strategists turned to Iran and China to seek strategic breakthrough. Pressure from China will be a significant increase in the future. China should prepare at least more than ten years to meet the U.S. strategic pressure.

The young Obama, like monkeys, like in China, before popping. It is just a puppet. American power family dog only. China should not have any thoughts of this person fee. Or to take good look at the nature of the United States. This is the one into the imperialist stage of capitalist countries. The United States will not allow China's development up, no matter what form. Peace, harmony not only confuse the other side, not to confuse themselves. China must be prepared to protest in advance.

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If the United States is so unimportant, why do you write in its language: English? China's fifteen minutes are counting down...are you prepared? At least Americans have the freedom to openly criticize their government without being arrested. I think that if the world has a choice between superpowers, it would choose America. Who wants to live under an oppressive, backwards regime? China can barely keep itself together, let alone help the world, like America.