China Aviation industry showcase the most advanced export-oriented FC-1 fighter plane

Domestic export the most advanced fighter aircraft

February 2, the second session of the Singapore Air Show officially kicked off. China China National Aviation industry in this air show, displaying a military aircraft, civilian aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, guided bombs to reduce the proportion of the balance model and 10 posters.

To carry out the first day, from time to time come to China to foreign military personnel advisory exhibit booth information. China booth staff explain the exhibits to foreign visitors, said Chinese-made Xiaolong fighter is China's export of the most advanced fighter aircraft from China and Pakistan jointly developed successfully. Xiaolong fighter which China is responsible for the design and manufacturing tasks, the Palestinian side will undertake the development costs, and in the future in the domestic assembly and manufacture of Xiaolong fighters. And the early years of China's exports of F-7 fighters, K-8 trainer aircraft, compared Xiaolong fighter planes used in today's world of advanced clam-type inlet, the inlet and the F-35 similar to. With mounting precision-guided bombs and be able to use SD-10A-made mid-range air to air missile capability. Re-designed large side of wing making Xiaolong mobility has been enhanced. Glass cockpit layout of a level three times, very modern. It is reported that Pakistani military personnel had considered Xiaolong jet fighter is fighting to achieve US-made F-16 fighter jets 70% -80% of combat power, and price concessions, the whole price of around about 20 million U.S. dollars, which compared to the latest model of the F-16 fighters for nearly two-thirds cheaper. For Pakistan, although the F-16 fighter jets the United States, a strong combat power, the electronic self-contained. However, if the event of sanctions violations, it is easy to be a foreign Kabo Zi. Therefore, Pakistan Air Force, determined to a large number of equipment, Xiaolong fighters. Has signed a contract for more than 40 aircraft. The future of Pakistan Air Force plans to equip at least 150 Xiaolong fighters.

Airshow staff also said that exports of China's most successful models is the K-8 advanced trainer aircraft, at present China has exported nearly 300 K-8 trainer aircraft. Pakistan, Egypt, and many other Asian-African countries are equipped with self-developed and manufactured by China's K-8 trainer aircraft. K-8 has become the star of China's export of weapons.

Why did not send for this Live to participate in the Air booth staff to explain that there are several key areas:

1, sent to participate in exhibitions and cost of actual machine is relatively large.

2, this air show flight performance can be approved by the relatively small number of places is only eight or so.

Foreign guests in the organization asked the size of China's Zhuhai Air Show, the Chinese side said that China Zhuhai Air Show in organizing various aspects of upper compared with the Singapore Air Show, there are still gaps.

Also in the aircraft industry, there has been no stand on the loud voice of the latest F -10 fighter model.
Sino-Pakistani joint JF-17 light utility aircraft
FC-1's tail coated with Pakistan air force emblems
CNAC booth made FC-1 fighter
China-made fighter model
China-made K-8 trainer aircraft have been exported more than 300
China-made L-15 machine model of higher education
China-made SD-10A in the distance-guided missiles
MA60 Regional Aircraft
China-made Y-12 light transport aircraft
H425 Helicopter Model
L-15 model
Y12 model
China-made Eagle trainer aircraft was improvemented from second generation
China-made Eagle high-trainer
J-10 model didn't appear in the Chinese Pavilion
Lei Shi 6 guided bomb
 model of MA60 regional jets
Falcon advanced trainer
Lateral visual close-up of the model of Falcon advanced trainer
Eagle trainer rear close-up
Eagle Performance moderate price concessions for countries with low military budget
K-8 is the Star of China's export-oriented fighter
Artful K-8
Chinese military aircraft Booth
H425 Helicopter

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