Seven Improvement: Chinese Air Force J-10B has become a true multi-role fighter

China's military Web site broke the J-10b in high-definition big picture. And the current Air Force F-columns filled with a huge difference in appearance compared to -10.

Compares the two models, we note that the new F-10b has the following improvements compared with J -10.
1, airspeed control:
Lengthened the airspeed tubes may be tested in order to obtain more accurate data, after all, J-10b have been using the new flight envelope.
2, nose shape, coating:
J -10 relative to the apparent head drooping, and adduction. Shape similar to the U.S. military's new model of F-16 fighter planes. This is equipped with radar, the original should not be suited to the new model of the radome. Radar should be nor is it kjl3 type of. Integrated with the fuselage nose with camouflage paint. Is not explaining the new wave penetrating radar is good, then more powerful?
3, airborne radar and fire control:
Air China had been reported some time ago in airborne phased array radar began to experiment installed message. Our radar technology has made considerable progress. Should have more new radar detection model, there may be indispensable-to-ground precision attack capabilities of the synthetic aperture. With the new radar, fire control system should also be upgraded to J-10b is more comprehensive. Our army on the data link system has also been familiar with and use of F-10b should be able to use bar.
4, inlet:
Intake changed in the fc-1 on the successful application of the dsi inlet to help improve the performance of subsonic aircraft, reduce aircraft empty weight, reduce radar reflection. Increased load capacity. Can store more fuel, or to add a more ammunition.
5 photoelectric Radar:
F-10b in front of the cockpit there is a circular protrusion, shape, and installation location and Su -27 / oeps -27 J -11 on the same optical fire control system. We can confirm that the J-10b to install the same type of device performance should be a conservative estimate and oeps -27 optical fire control system similar to the J-10b have a machine you can not open mine detection, target function. Eliminating the need for instructions to add a pod photoelectric processes, to add a low-altitude navigation pod can execute combat missions. J-10b of the multi-functionality with the upgrade. J -10 task model of the pylons on the photoelectric and navigation around the cannon, will inevitably be affected.
6, cannon:
J-10 next to the cannon in the landing gear, you can see a clear smoke cooling device. The J-10b cannon smoke less than the outside cooling device, we should be improved.
7, tail of electronic equipment:
Note that tail, vertical tail J-10 straightforward, back-end there are some UHF antennas. J-10b of the tail like a f-16 has a rectangular, like processes, the antenna protrudes from before disappeared. This rectangle may be a radome, which integrates a variety of antennas. Beams above the engine nozzle is also different. Personally believe that the use of a new radar warning receiver, we can see that the entire aircraft electronic warfare systems may be upgraded, self-defense capability should be stronger.
According to the above. Personally think that the J -10 J-10b is a multi-purpose family model. Various improvements such as increasing the low-speed performance, enhanced radar, optical equipment is installed as an air superiority will be a simple task turned into a multi-task J -10 ability to multi-role fighter that improve the line and f-16 is very similar. Chinese-made platform for third-generation fighter to make the best use of them. After China's national air may be from the F-11a / b, J -10 / 10a, F -8 modified implementation of the air superiority missions, from the J-11bs, J-10b, J H-7a implementation of the right to strike, and other multi-task , J H-7a-based implementation of the associated electronic warfare electronic warfare and "Wild Weasel" mission of the combat mode. Conversion to the offensive and defensive capabilities. J -10 J-10b, and should be a complementary relationship, there should be no question of who is whom replaced.

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