Russian Air Force T-50 fifth generation fighter successful maiden flight

According to the Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi company spokesman said the Russian fifth-generation fighter on Friday carried out its first flight test, aircraft performance, good performance, all indicators have reached the design requirements.

Russian T-50 the landing after flighting about 45 minutes

Russian T-50 maiden flight of the Five Dynasties machine Resembling the U.S. F-22

The Russian T-50 fifth generation aircraft preparing to land after a successful first flight

Russian television reported that T-50 maiden flight

Russian T-50 maiden flight of pulling up the head.

Russian T-50 use a similar F-22 of the rectangular inlet

Russian T-50 and F-22 uses a similar aerodynamic layout

Russian T-50 first flight to land

T-50 landed and ran away deceleration parachute

First flight before the Russian Air Force T-50 fifth-generation fighter to imagine Map

Russia's fifth-generation fighter the Air Force T-50 aircraft-borne weapons

The Russian T-50 similar to the Canadian version of U.S. F-22A fat fighter

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