Exposure: the most exciting unspeakable secret of China-made Su-27 fighter plane

Exposure: the most exciting unspeakable secret of China-made Su-27 fighter plane

Hand there is a "modern military" (why I have this issue? If you have, you understand), which has an interview with Li Fang Shen Fei, general manager of the articles, a lot of eight-legged essay, but there are some information about the process of introducing something Su -27 a bit mean.
Article only vaguely mentioned in the introduction of SU -27 is the early 90s, did not exactly say SAC in the end is when to begin the assembly. But the interesting passage:


Because the original drawings provided by foreign and there is a big part out of, to get through the production line has brought unexpected enormous difficulties. Some drawings of parts and materials, parts and materials, but not the heap; while the other provides a lot of parts and materials, drawings are not useless; the real part from design changes, but the drawing does not have any display; parts and between the mold parts, "Ziyaliezui" fundamental right does not last; part-tolerance signs are everywhere ...
F -11 starting from the CKD, it is not a secret. However, CKD can be started from different levels. If it is from the wings, fuselage section, tail started, it is very simple, basically overhaul the Air Force after the ground level of assembly can not be so many questions and no place out of so many problems. Therefore, Shen Jian Fei -11 assembly should be started from the basic parts, and even the introduction of materials from metal processing to do their own parts, Only then will it not on the drawings and spare parts, spare parts and spare parts molds for non-problems. In other words, in addition to the engine and radar (I suppose these two are directly imported, the article did not say that SAC did not build engines and radar), other "all" structures are SAC from the "zero," manufactured. This is very good, compared with South Korea, Turkey, the assembly of what the F-16 is much easier.

Another interesting place is the Russian Aviation and industrial technology and production file management. Previously referred to the modern industrial safety management, when the West MOC made a little introduction. It seems Russia's MOC is a more "liberal". This question is only the parties to the change causes, processes, results are clear for a person, probably a dark of the two. , I do not think that intentionally misleads the Russian side, the most likely is their own MOC on the very lax, if KNAPPO or Irkutsk own full set of information transferred to the original-made MiG -29 of the MAPO, I am afraid, out of the same problem.

Next, the article said SAC changes focused on drawing and design process.


Lee Fang is still clearly remember that eight years ago that "spectacular" scene. The company decided to release a factory dedicated to placing the parts in question. When all the parts in question in accordance with the relationship between emissions connected with Yes, even a whole plant under no loading. Foreign delegates watched a whole day, finally admitted that its own problems. Next, the entire process lasted more than a year, during the peak time, foreign sent as many as 150 maintenance personnel, maintenance of the tooling for over 80%, changing more than half of the drawing ...

The most likely reason is that the Russian side to provide a drawing version of the reality behind the production line, with the final product does not meet, but the final product should be from KNAPPO down the production line should be the latest standard. KNAPPO the production process, and continue to modify the original design, which is completely understandable. The problem lies in a minor adjustment process is not complete records and MOC, later on, and drawings are not on the right. Of course, such a sharp, in along with them to do not only get the correct geometry and material specifications, the school should also piggyback a little reason why such a reform. Grass-roots level, when technical staff to work together, with little attention to "above" and rules and regulations, particularly in the very specific technical level, think outside the box simply not in control. Engage in technology, people, who do not like to boast about one? There show is not show, too hard.

SAC process because of background, you can find so many down-process-level error, foreign "think this is a successful example for all of their foreign cooperation in the highest level." Of course, sympathetic Well, engage in technology, and knowledgeable people like their counterparts, even if it is a potential competitor.
The article mentioned that SAC is now extensive use of numerical control equipment, but did not say whether in the manufacture of F -11 processes involved in the original document "translation" to NC file, it is estimated the level of SAC is now manufacturing processes are not necessarily higher than KNAPPO. The article mentioned that the "foreign" a joke says: "Your line was very good, a few years, we have signed contracts, and from here you have to introduce it."

As Shen Jian Fei -11 in the end is when the heaven, articles and interviews in 2007, mentioned earlier in the factory, "a street vendor" is eight years ago, that is 99 years. Refurbishment designed for use in 1 year. That is, the SAC should be not earlier than in 2000, began mass production F -11, it seems later than the previous impression, but it should be relatively reliable.

F -11 and -27 original Su-What is the difference in the end, there have been a lot of argument. Article in the diagram from the point of view and there is no difference in appearance, but the color seems original plane's vertical tail tip comparison of deep and shallow comparison of SAC. This part is the antenna cover, it should be due to different materials, the representative is internally different electronic devices. Nose radome is light gray, but retains the unique corner to half of that so far do not understand what it is used. Fighter and materials on the color has never been decorative, are justified, only that we do not know that this truth really is.

To add a little bar. Source: the same article, that "modern military" in 2007 04. At present, a SAC established a modern CNC equipment as the main aircraft production line, full adoption of the three-dimensional digital manufacturing technology to achieve the design / manufacturing integration, fully able to meet the production needs of three generations of machines; mastered the key to the three generations of machine production technology, has overcome the five major technical difficulties to resolve the six major components of the key production process issues, master of the titanium and composite materials processing and manufacturing level, some of which technology has reached the international advanced level; built up a digital production management system, achieved a number of chemical equipment from the preparation, digital design, digital manufacturing to the assembly of the whole process of digital management system, all the process files are in digital management; train out of an average age of only 38 years old, be able to fight a hard battle workforce; increase research and management level, but also for a SAC sustainable development of the company provides great support. In a series of technical achievements, the most for Shen Fei Guo Dian Man engineer is that they are proud of the carbon fiber composite materials, titanium manufacture, processing, and make progress. Composite materials and titanium alloys as a new generation of aerospace materials, has become a par with the aluminum and steel, one of the four aircraft structural materials, their application level has become an important indication of the advanced nature of the aircraft. The fourth-generation fighter aircraft to achieve supersonic cruise and stealth capabilities, composite materials and titanium essential, precisely because of this, composite materials and titanium processing technology is also considered a sign of the fourth-generation fighter manufacturing technologies. Titanium is the main structural material of contemporary fighter, one of the United States 80 years after the design of a variety of advanced military fighters and bombers in the use of titanium in 20% or more, such as third-generation F-15 fighters accounted for 27 of the titanium alloy used %, while the fourth-generation F/A-22 fighters accounted for 41% of the titanium alloy used. The modern composite materials, Airbus A380 is expected to use composite materials more than 20 percent per aircraft, Boeing 787's composite materials usage at about 50%, the fourth-generation fighter aircraft, the composite structure of consumption will account for 25% weight 40%, such as the United States, F/A-22 fuselage skin are all high-intensity, high-temperature resin-based composite materials, the French "Rafale" wing most of the parts and half of the body have adopted the carbon fiber composite material. At present, a SAC processing field in the titanium alloy plate have one from the processing, welding, vacuum heat treatment to the sheet thermoforming, isothermal molding, restored milling, surface treatment of the mature product line, its technical capability and technological level in the country's premier not only able to meet the needs of aircraft manufacture, but also processing of titanium parts for aerospace systems. In the composite material production, a SAC has also built up a domestic best production line, its sophistication, even visiting Europe, the U.S. airline industry are also amazed. At the beginning, faced with a complex voluminous parts and drawings, Shen trapeze is like a loss and confused now, a SAC is not only competent, will be dry, with room to spare, Shen trapeze really felt the This decade's progress on their capacity, especially in technology has reached the advanced level. Guo Dian Man engineer is not without emotion, told reporters the other side of a person in charge of seeing a SAC of the production line, said with emotion, "Your line was very good, a few years, we have signed contracts, and then From here, you have to introduce bar! "This is of course a joke, but it reflects a SAC another innovation in manufacturing technology made remarkable achievements. How can all these to prevent future confident Shen trapeze right! "We've had a very good technical reserve," Guo Dian Man confidently said: "The next few years, we have little effort in manufacturing technology, it is entirely able to meet the needs of fourth-generation fighter manufacturing!"

After half a century of vicissitudes changes, a route to fly to Shenyang now has fixed assets of more than 20 billion yuan, becoming a leading enterprise in the aviation industry, the world's influential aircraft manufacturing companies. In this regard, SAC has also made a resounding answer: to consolidate and maintain a strong domestic position, continued to win new development, as soon as possible to the development of a new generation of fighters across to achieve the development of many types of aircraft series, becoming the strongest fighter development base.

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