Pakistan strongly respond to India's statement of winning simultaneously "two-front war" with China and Pakistan

India's Economic Times reported December 30, the Indian Army plans to revise the doctrine of war, increasing at the same time winning the war against China and Pakistan, the training content, a move triggered a strong response to the Pakistani side. December 30 Pakistan's Foreign Ministry said that this clearly shows that India's hostile intentions, Pakistani military is well positioned to respond to all emergency preparations.

Reported that the Pakistani Foreign Office spokesman Abdullah Baist, said in a statement, the Indian Army's new military doctrine has exposed India's hostility and aggression and hegemonic mentality, which is the era we have today is completely incompatible .

Earlier media reports that the Indian Army plans to modify its implementation of the five years of the Army doctrine of war in order to effectively deal with China and Pakistan may also combat the challenges of two lines to cope with asymmetric and fourth-generation warfare, improve and enhance strategies to reach capacity, and with the Indian Navy and Air Force joint combat capability.

Indian Army chief Deepak Kekapuer stressed that the Indian army has more than encountered at the same time, support military offensive succeeded in its ability to fight cold start (ie, able to quickly join in the fight). Kapoor said the new doctrine envisages the Indian Army in large-scale air superiority forces, supported by the more than able to gather together and attack enemy forces.

Pakistan said it had been prepared to deal with all emergency emergency preparation. "No one can underestimate us to crush any aimed at undermining stability and security of Pakistan's ability and determination to attempt." Baist said in a statement. Baist also called on the international community to give due attention to this statement. "Pakistan is very vigilant against anything that might undermine its national security threats, and attaches great importance to ensure stability and peace in South Asia."

Pakistan Army's "Khaled" main battle tanks for inspection

Khalid main battle tanks, also known as MBT-2000 main battle tanks, main battle tanks in China on the basis of 90II improvement from. Today is the backbone of Pakistan's armored forces.

Pakistan Air Force equipment, Chinese-made Q-5 attack aircrafts

Pakistan Air Force FC-1 fleet, FC-1 fighter planes before the end of this year in time to start mass production in Pakistan.

June 28, 2008, the U.S. military delegation in Pakistan Air Force Base Mushaf delivered to the Palestinian side ahead of the first batch of four F-16 two-seat fighter aircraft, originally planned to wait until these fighters began deliveries in 2009. As the Sino-Pakistani cooperation JF-17 "Lightning" fighter that appeared, the Americans suddenly are willing to surrender in Pakistan 10 years ago, ordered the F-16 fighter jets, and agreed to more advanced F-16C / D BLOCK52 sold to Pakistan, and sales of a series of supporting arms.

China for Pakistan made F - 22P frigate in the first ship, "Zulfiqar" number (hull number 251) was delivered in July this year, this year, arrived in Pakistan in September.

China has already delivered to Pakistan Navy's second ship missile stealth frigate F-22P

Pakistan's Z-9EC carrier-based anti-submarine helicopters

Pakistan made Shaheen-II ballistic missile

Pakistan "Babar" type of cruise missile

Pakistan's indigenously developed cruise missile Babur

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