Great power and influence not once more: Performance Analysis of T-50 Russian fighter

T-50 uses conventional layout, T-50 based on the aerodynamic structure Su-27, T-50 integrated F-22, YF-23 and F-35 part of the aerodynamic characteristics. Similar F-35 diamond-shaped nose, similar to YF-23 airframe structural design and similar to the F-18E / F of the inlet design, built-in magazine, extraversion vertical tail, with a large edge-type of repair.
T-50 shown us it's overall impression is one similar to the Su -27 and YF-23 into one. The design highlights of the aircraft is outside the dump plane's vertical tail, as well as full-motion full-motion side of front.
T-50's stealth characteristics, which prior to the stealth features should be better, but according to beam theory, although the edge of the leading edge, main wing leading edge, horizontal tail leading edge and trailing-edge parallel to, but because all-moving vertical tail, vertical tail in-plane projection, and other wing will obviously not be parallel to the surface, cut vertical tail without blocking, full-motion will affect the direction of beam reflection, the direction of beam reflection is more than the four YF-23 and F-22's eight. The rear of the engine similar to the YF-23 protruding from the fuselage, but obviously not as good as stealth deal with YF-23. In addition the cockpit also has a certain impact on the Stealth.
Taking into account Russia's military-industrial process manufacturing capacity, estimates that its stealth characteristics should be less YF-23, F-22 and F-35, but better than the Typhoon and Rafale.
On the aerodynamic characteristics, T-50 SU -27 have inherited the big lifting body design ideas, moving the leading edge strake implies T-50 and F-22, like the flight from the third-generation aerodynamic design ideas developed to the use of the first vortex four generations of active control of vortex, this is a design of a huge ideological leap. As can be seen from the figure, T-50 wing area, wing loading low. The large inlet, all-moving vertical tail, thrust vector should be the ability of its high angle of attack of great help. If the flight control system with a better and more powerful engine, and its agility than the F-35, Typhoon jets is still possible, but the engine, taking into account factors, its mobility from the F-22, there should be a period of distance.
Feature of left air inlet and wing

T-50 gives the overall impression is not surprising and not enough science-fiction form, and who left many traces of Su -27, makes a little disappointed.
Flight test on-site map
T-50 should be able to counter the F-35, as well as typhoons, gusts and other fighters, but still, and F-22 there is some discrepancy as to Russia's current strength, has been commendable. After all, Russia is no longer respected people in the past that the superpower.
Vertical tail and left wing close-up
T-50 Local Feature
Russian fifth generation fighter T-50 flight test plan
Russian fifth generation fighter T-50 maiden flight
Russian fifth generation fighter T-50 maiden flight

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