China established anti-missile systems, but also to demonstrate the power of strategic nuclear retaliation

Note that, the Americans prepared on January 22 in California, anti-missile test, but so far did not release any news. Does not know the test was rushed after the Chinese Anti-Ballistic Missile, or already scheduled. However, although the formal implementation of the United States has not seen the report has been seen in the article, the U.S. senior official said the United States on China's anti-ballistic missile successfully tested not surprised, and even that China's anti-missile only at the embryonic stage, away from the real ABM is also a far cry from the Western world is no need to tense, and so on. In comments made after not forget to attach a special: U.S. anti-missile system is fully capable of blocking any one from the Chinese military ballistic missiles, and so on.

This really true? The author believes that gentleman's remarks should be to embolden the U.S. military itself, because once the results of recognition of China would be virtually to deny the U.S. its global strategic plan, dealing a blow to the ability to extend the U.S. military tactics. This is not only to create panic among the U.S. military also encourages its followers to the Allies a great fear. Because once the results become a reality in China, then the balance of power in the world would be to rewrite the ABM, China's second and even the world's first jump is not impossible story.

Chinese anti-missile missiles

Let us first take a look at China tests anti-missile interception technology on display features: Although this test is purely technical tests a typical actual test and not only anti-missile intercept test verification through advanced technology and technical line correctness, but, after tests confirmed that the Chinese anti-missile interceptors in the core technology has made an important breakthrough, choose the middle ground-based missile intercept test, demonstrated China's ability to step high-tech fields, dare to to break the routine, but also confirmed that the Chinese people or not do it, once done must go beyond self, beyond the world.

According to statistics, for the anti-missile interceptor missiles on the battlefield sensing technology, tracking and recognition technology, rapid firing technology, targeting technology, to intercept damage technology, are now the world's best; while being intercepted by a missile, but also China is currently the most powerful but also for the United States and Western countries of particular concern to strategic weapons, said the white spear and shield of the collision are the most proud of China's current killer weapon hit by more importance on China's military found a "spear" soft The ribs at the same time, a better understanding of "shield" the crucial role of the conceptualization of their complete control, then the anti-puncture in terms of the right of the defense system is easy. In this practice, spears and shields showing the effects of the military to make China proud and delighted.

Chinese people, modesty is often misunderstood by Westerners, in the official explanation, the phrase: "This is just a test, there are still some distance away from real combat." Will result in a "embryonic stage" of the self-deceptive speech.

Take a look at the U.S. National Missile Defense (NMD) system during the Clinton administration began to continuously carried out some tests, but the results are unsatisfactory. October 14, 2002, a ground-based interceptor missile (GMD) from the Ronald Reagan defense base to launch over the Pacific Ocean 225 km at the destruction of a practice warhead. Test target consists of three decoys. Since then, the ground-based interceptor missile was conducted a number of successive tests, such experiments Bureau of interception in the last paragraph.

HQ-9 anti-aircraft missiles (data map)

Experts: China's middle anti-missile weapons are not comparable to HQ-9 missiles.

July 22, 2004, first with the middle ground-based interceptor system, in Alaska, Vandenberg operational interceptor missile base in the first launch of interceptor missiles to intercept targets of the simulation, after Kodiak Island in Alaska firing Lu mid-based interceptor missiles, against a target missile to intercept a real experiment, it should be said already has an initial anti-missile interception capability. Currently in Alaska, California and other places to deploy interceptor system. We can say that our study than in the U.S. a few years later, and we first announced the successful and the U.S. military confirmed that two missiles collide once again proved to be successful. Linked to the 2007 anti-satellite success, our success probability of more than the United States. Importantly, the middle of the GMD missile interception technology that we are now with the United States stand on the same level. China is a nuclear state, has a certain strategic nuclear strike capability, but because China pursues a nuclear strategy of active defense, therefore, China's nuclear strategy is defensive in nature, limited, effectiveness, and security features, which show that China's nuclear power solely for self-defense and will not pose a threat to other countries, Moreover, China's nuclear forces is also inferior to the United States, Russia, Britain, France and nuclear power. Now, the United States, Japan, India and other countries to actively develop a missile defense system, which will break the strategic balance in Asia-Pacific region, so that China's national security has been compromised, and the ABM is also compelled by the situation of China's development needs, maintain the nuclear powers distance Bale. Of course, to show off too much undesirable, but was ignored on the show of force can not help out. "No first use of nuclear weapons, they were not targeted at any country that does not develop new nuclear weapons," which is the focus of China's defense white paper on China's "three no's" nuclear strategy, the "three no's" nuclear strategy is not to tie themselves up, but by no means a weak little tenderness bone, on the contrary. China dare to implement the "three no's" nuclear strategy implies that China already has an effective "nuclear counterattacks" capability, that is not afraid of China's Second Artillery Corps, after the enemy step by step, China's nuclear force holds the latest technology developed, China's have sufficient grasp of the strategic nuclear retaliation and the ability to break through any missile defense systems. More specifically: China's "three no's" nuclear strategy is peaceful and friendly, but also self-confident and powerful. "Rebuttal" the meaning of the word is even more shocking, "rebuttal" means that China will Kangde Zhu enemy launched the first nuclear attack. Is still capable of following in the attacks in the implementation of nuclear retaliation, which has great relevance with the ABM. Attacking a nuclear bomb would be kept out in order to ensure a more effective response. Is no doubt that China's nuclear strategy is defensive oriented, but in the implementation of the second attack in the review report on the number of China's current missiles and high-performance power of multi-warhead missiles, including the carrying capacity of satellite systems as well as the orbit space technology development, China can entirely submerged, and pierce any missile defense system, so the U.S. anti-missile system for China to exist in name only. Therefore, I believe that, with the defensive ability is wholly-owned ability to fight back from the Chinese anti-satellite missile test to the anti-ballistic missile interception test the middle of the success of China's anti-ballistic missile defense system should have been in, and I believe do not need long, the real China anti-missile system will be erected on the land in the east, into the ranks of the world's most advanced battle.

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