PLA's Second Artillery Corps to create a mysterious "underground Great Wall" anti-earth-penetrating nuclear bombs

Recently, sponsored by the People’s Liberation Army, “China National Defense News,” revealed the Second Artillery missile forces to build an underground cavern situation. Then, Taiwan’s “Asia-Pacific Defense” magazine invited former Taiwan Vice Admiral Lanning Li wrote entitled “The destructive power of projection: the PLA’s Second Artillery Corps, a remote fly (guided) bombs,” the article, which also appeared on the Second Artillery underground missile facilities, analytical content. Analysts said that the Chinese media dared to publish these are called “Underground Great Wall” of the strategic facilities showed that the Chinese system of its nuclear operations with unprecedented confidence and courage.

Western experts estimated that China’s Second Artillery missile positions are very strong, “if used ground-penetrating nuclear warheads to China’s missile attack positions, then we will need a few pieces of hundreds of thousands of tons equivalent of nuclear warheads in a row before hitting the same point breakdown, and to their complete destruction, the need for more nuclear warheads “and so on.

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