Foreign spies to steal technology secrets of Chinese Navy's submarine stealth materials

Trojans invade classified computer intelligence agencies everywhere to launch cyber attacks against China

South Mangshan of Henan, The ancient capital of the Central Plains , a Chinese Navy submarine involved in research and development in military research institutes has undergone major leaks. A number of important confidential information and documents, and even some of the key materials, top-secret technical information, are falling into the hands of foreign intelligence agencies. Spy shadow flickering, black hands that? Security, confidentiality and other departments immediate and thorough investigation of the case: The original is all-pervasive network of foreign spy agencies theft attacks. Hidden in the network under the guise of a spy tool to drill into illegal Internet Xunxi work computer will be stored in which a large number of documents related to military items found, downloaded, sent back. Inestimable loss of military intelligence in ordinary-looking “little negligence” in the brewing.

“This kind of attack on China spy network can be described as ever-present, everywhere there is” a long time to work in network security official told the “Global Times” reporter, even a lot of party and government organs of the leading departments, as well as to participate in major national defense, scientific research institutions and the confidentiality of vital units of computers, have left a foreign spy agency networks traces of theft. A large number of classified information was leaked on the Internet, some units have been the work of a computer network of long-term control spy tool, the important bodies of individual computers or even implanted in the 10 spy agencies of several foreign special Trojan. The security official said the use of the Internet attacks, instigation and transmission to get the Chinese intelligence, foreign intelligence agencies are to carry out espionage activities in China as a conventional means.

Network instigation as used with the disposable

Theft and network attacks, compared the Internet to find, draw, luring Internet users in China to enable them to intelligence agencies in accordance with the instructions to collect domestic intelligence and espionage operations goals and points are more clearly defined. An official of the state security organs to the “Global Times” reporter describes several such cases. He said such cases is easy to see that in the eyes of foreign intelligence agencies, who have been lured into being the development of the domestic Internet users, but is the cheapest and can be used as disposable as an online information provider only.

2008 winter, an important port in the northeast of the city, a staff lost their jobs just 34 year-old man looking for work in the online information when a member of the liberal professions attracted, and a two-line contact, the other party only to test the a few words on the straight right, he said certain parts of the outskirts of the city People’s Liberation Army has deployed a missile forces and positions, can go take a look at the ground and then saw the situation recorded, draw a sketch, scan, from the hair-line over will soon get the corresponding reward. The middle-aged man surnamed Wang did not hesitate to promise actually down a bit. He went to that place, found the troops barracks, positions, although only a rough environment, the surrounding terrain, roads and army barracks, sentry position, and so drew a sketch, scan later transmitted through the network to the other side, but still touching the legal red line, not long before, Mr. Wang was arrested.

“To get high royalties, we need to collect valuable unpublished material”, see “Xiajing Li” in-line hair over this sentence into a strong heart “Ko Deng,” what he knew they could well be with the dealings in foreign branded a spy. Strong is the Yellow Sea into a city government staff. Not long ago, he saw an online “recruitment network writers,” the ads, according to the left of the e-mail, sent an article into a strong leadership speeches. A few days later, signed by a “Xiajing Li,” The person who wrote back, saying the company’s business is mainly compiled and distributed the mainland press, he made more speeches to go right path and hope that some materials, longer hair, and his biographical notes on the past, Good decisions can establish long-term relations of cooperation. Cheng Qiang did so, and the other will soon notice that he can long-term cooperation, to provide him with a bank card number in order to exchange royalties. Since then, the coming “Xiajing Li” in the letter. Considered as strong about it, message back, saying she did not want done. “Xiajing Li” Upon seeing this, hastened to comfort, one after another into the on-line Guohua to the strong core is a meaning: things will not get transmitted over the Internet, and the author’s remuneration is also considerable. Could not help “Xiajing Li” and “persuade them” and a strong on the sets. In accordance with “Xiajing Li,” The Enlightenment from, he also bought scanners, cameras, copy a lot of official documents and internal data to the other side. Bank card money stand to gain by a few thousand dollars, after being unmasked, into a strong national security organs have been captured. In accordance with a court decision, he must serve 10 years in prison.

A professional, as long as pulled into the water, in accordance with an order to send foreign spy agency intelligence, the nature of a very serious, is not with the national enemy. Spy amateur and professional bodies would like to contest the chance to get out, there is no possible legal sanctions for acts of espionage is very severe, which netizens offenders, the state impaired that he personally must pay a painful price, benefit only the foreign hostile power.

All-pervasive spy network attack

According to security officials who had introduced, from the grasp of the situation, China has a number of foreign intelligence agencies in the siege of the network among the network spy siege is a comprehensive, all-weather, attack surface is extremely broad. He said that as an emerging power, China’s internal all the information, whether related to political, strategic, military, diplomatic, economic, financial, or national, science and technology, education, health … … there is no foreign intelligence agencies are not interested in the network spy So also are all tools for search, are all stolen. Of course, the Internet espionage attacks on the top priority or the armed forces leaders, military research and manufacturing units at all times because of hot or China’s strategic, defense and military intelligence, such as military deployment, weaponry, defense high-tech, etc. .

An investigation of a case were told by officials involved in the “Global Times” reporter that occurred in the Central Plains from the ancient capital of military-industrial research laboratories, leak case, the parties network surname Peng, is a research officer. Mid-Autumn Festival last year, he used his work computer online access to the mailbox, you receive a letter, “Industry for National Defense Office of the Mid-Autumn Festival cards,” he does not think much, Xin Shou-point, the results are suddenly in the spy network attacks strokes. That message is completely false, and tied up a special intelligence agency of a foreign spy program, once click on the control of the Peng Bao work computer, but why Peng Bao’s computer also stores a large number of military research projects breaches of information as a result, even the submarine stealth materials, such as military technology secrets have been stolen by spyware programs from the Internet.

The officials in charge of specific investigations briefed reporters on a number of similar cases. He said that as long as the party, government, military or important industries, major projects, and stained with a little edge unit might be placed on their computers outside the network of special departments theft threat of attack at the slightest opportunity to spyware will be quietly intrusion. Rhine in southern China where a coconut, a number of private companies often carry military weapons and equipment repair business. Since it is for maintenance, you need to have specific technical information on repair of weapons modeled, although the companies and the military have signed confidentiality contracts, but for convenience, this enterprise of the relevant personnel to repair the object data is placed in a computer workplace years, and this computer has always the Internet, a network of four spy tool to easily spy on the computer and removed from this part of our military ship-borne weapons, drawings, data and other technical information.

Universities, institutes neglect network defense

Professor Sun in Hunan, a university teaching, he was in the north, a well-known military-industrial PhD at the University of Reading has participated in a military engineering major research projects after graduation, is still responsible for part of the research work related topics. As a scholar, Professor Sun regularly participates in a number of academic activities at home and abroad. Understanding of the merits of the one official said that foreign intelligence agencies spying program is an international academic conference with the electronic invitation into the Professor Sun’s computer as a result, he simply should not exist notebook computer, a major military weapons research paper project quickly transmitted to the spy agencies of overseas computer.

Relevant departments in charge of network security official told reporters, university and a number of academic institutions, the network more serious leak. Some scholars participating in major state issues and important research projects, and some scholars are high-level government decision-making departments always consult an expert, but their sense of network security is rather weak, and many people plan to facilitate the work of many classified documents exist to carry, and often Internet-enabled computers, almost equal to foreign intelligence agencies to open the door leak.

Chief Engineer of weeks to enjoy the special allowance the State Department experts in the field of energy, chemical industry is one of the academic leaders of one of the southwest. Earlier this year, Chief Engineer of the e-mail in the weeks received a New Year e-card, at first glance, is a professor friend of his hair, but just as he was opening the letter, when they reverse their computers involved in the 22 provinces in a number of major energy and chemical projects, especially the details of new energy projects to hand over documents hidden in this message sent to the spyware program. Network Security Testing found that the computer engineer weeks have repeatedly been implanted three times spyware, carefully investigated, then seal the hair pieces of e-cards E-mail friends, chief engineer with the week there is only one letter different from e-mail is the foreign intelligence agencies Network attackers to play with a barrier blurred strokes.

Insufficient attention paid

To prevent the network leaks, the most effective way is to let the confidentiality of the contents of computers and the Internet, the physical isolation, according to security officials who say, in principle, is “the Internet is not classified, classified non-Internet”, plus “classified computer shall not use removable storage media. ” Let the national security and confidentiality of department concerned that, although the vast majority of major units have developed in line with the principle of confidentiality of such networks and systems with strict requirements, network security testing found that many units are still ubiquitous network leak situation. A security research scholar of the “Global Times” reporter said that this reflected the national security out of the network did not attract enough attention. In fact, did not have much because of irregularities caused by the network leaks parties be severely punished, not to mention a few leaks unit’s leadership thus be held accountable management, and ineffective oversight responsibilities. He said that this situation has been improving rapidly, especially those being revised in the “Secrets Act” will very likely increase the accountability aspects of network security efforts.

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