Top secret!Submitted by 601 and 611 the 4th-generation fighter program contrast exposure!

China's fourth-generation heavy fighter J-14 "peregrine falcons" is a new high-performance, multi-purpose, all-weather air superiority fighter. It is heavy, low-cost-oriented thinking, to high performance, high survivability, high combat effectiveness of the design target for a large aircraft Thrust-Weight Ratio, non-afterburner supersonic cruise; with Chinese characteristics stealth performance; high stall agility and maneuverability.

The fourth-generation fighter has three design features: First, to maximize the combat aircraft in supersonic flight time under; Second, a large number of materials and the use of stealth technology; three aircraft taking off and landing performance is greatly improved, its flexible It will completely change the existing concept of the fighter.

The picture shows the program to participate in competition and comparison of the various conclusions Submitted by 601 and 611(Click to enlarge)

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