Chinese experts said the deployment of Japanese military repeatedly close to the sensitive areas of China

The map of Okinawa, Japan,Yonaguni Island is Japan's westernmost territory

Yonaguni Island is located in the eastern part of China Taiwan 120 kilometers ,about 170 km from the northern part of China's Diaoyu Islands (days referred to as the "Senkaku Islands")

Japan's westernmost territory-Yonaguni Island
According to Agence France-Presse reported that Japan's defense to the neighboring province of the Diaoyu Islands is considering the dispatch of Yonaguni Island Permanent Self-Defense Force, and plans will be included in this deployment will be revised at the end of the outline of Japan's defense. July 2, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang on this issue when answering a reporter's question that China hopes that Japan will move to the relevant and conducive to regional peace and stability.

Agence France-Presse, July 2, said Japan's defense ministry spokesman said, Japan is studying to Yonaguni Island Ground Self-Defense Force stationed in the plan, along the southern tip of Kyushu in Japan and China Taiwan Island chain of islands between the deployment of military forces, is "Japan's deployment of an important factor in defense." Japan's "Tokyo Shimbun" said Yonaguni town mayor Shiyukichi Hokama recently told Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada, and that the country areas often affected by typhoon and earthquake belt is, the event of a disaster emergency relief needs of the armed forces. In addition, the Diaoyu Islands, the East China Sea resources development and other related peripherals are also worrying trends, the SDF is therefore hoped that a long-term presence. Hamada considered that "at the border on the island of Yonaguni is important for national defense and should be actively considering sending troops." Hamada also intended to inspect the island.

"Tokyo Shimbun," that this means that the focus of Japan's defense has shifted from the northern border of the southwest border, but because of the disputed Diaoyu Islands on Yonaguni Island, and that China also has sovereignty over the island, so the move may will be opposed by the Chinese.

An associate researcher at the Institute of Japanese Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Huai held that since the start of the 21st century, Japan's security strategy is undergoing a transformation. Especially since 2009, the North Korean nuclear crisis in the tense security situation in the region, China's comprehensive national strength and international status has also generated a sense of crisis in Japan. Japan began as a positive means of military security policy as a means to restrain China. Yonaguni Island and the region from China Taiwan and Japan than in Okinawa, home to much closer distance. From the beginning of the 21st century, Japan will be the focus of military deployment during the Cold War from the North against the former Soviet Union gradually moving south-west. This forces the deployment of the location of the former process, mark the intent of China's more obvious, it is easy to cause anxiety and concern of China.

However, experts believe that countries with military deployment, as well as the island of previous pre-emptive military functions to write, "National Defense Program Outline" is unlikely. Huai said, "National Defense Program Outline" is to provide for Japan's national defense policy document, if so prominent in the Taiwan Strait aimed at the forefront of China's military deployment into the country's programmatic document will naturally nervous and anxious neighbors. On this issue, Japan should think twice, do not let anxiety and stress of thinking about the wrong impression. Linked with security issues and interactive, easy to move a chain reaction inappropriate. From Okinawa Island, Miyako Island to the Shimoji Island, went to Yonaguni, Japan has close to China's security is more important and sensitive area, which purports to Japan strategic dialogue with China to strengthen strategic and mutually beneficial, I am afraid not in line with the argument.

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