On Nanhai,China issues a message to Vietnamese people

South China Sea is China's inherent territory since ancient times, whether it is from a historical or legal point of view, there was sufficient evidence to prove that our country this fact. China in the last century since the 80's, in the spirit of "shelving disputes and seeking common development" principle, with Vietnam and other countries for peaceful coexistence and common development. However, over the past 30 years, Vietnam and other countries will not only fail to respect China's territorial sovereignty, and wanton invasion and occupation of our territory, on the fact that the formation of the South China Sea islands occupied and plundered the South China Sea of property, violations of our people's legitimate rights in the South China Sea has greatly undermined the people of our country the fundamental interests infringed upon China to Vietnam, as well as the feelings of the people of other countries. And this situation has become worse, it may be tolerated, what can not!

Here, we make solemn representations to Vietnam and the others countries

1, we have to do a good job with the transfer of work to recover the island, be sure to take the initiative from the Vietnamese invasion and occupation of our country's withdrawal from the South China Sea islands by peaceful means, I returned to the occupied territories;

2, China's willingness to good-neighborly and friendly spirit, the principle of harmonious development, to continue to develop friendly relations with Vietnam, to strengthen political, economic, cultural and military exchanges, and promote common development and progress of the two countries;

3, in the course of the island to recover, if the occupation force my staff resistance island, China's compelling circumstances, will be expelled by force.

4, if my island in the process of recovering, from Vietnam to combat the local military organizations, China will have the right to the Vietnamese military to fight back home. Including from the air, ground, sea, such as omni-directional, multi-mode and multi-way military strike.
China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity can not be violated!

Chinese people have the determination, confidence, ability to recover its own territory, to protect its territorial integrity!

If there is any other international forces in an attempt to undermine the opportunity to make China's national interests and feelings of the Chinese people, Chinese people will certainly give a strong fight back!

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ha ha what is a stupid post. Where is your evidence?
in 10 years from now your China will collapse under its own weight.

Later, until China has enough power, China will say Russa is belong to China. Japan is occupying Chinese teritory and The Chinese is first discovered America. American is occupying Chinese teritory.

and now, All Southeast Asia teritories is belong to China.

China is Han and Han need all people. Han want all the sea and Han love all the land.

All people living in China are sacrifying for the Han to expand its mentality hunger. Are you Han?

Well, China will pay price. Who are going to pay price? Leaders or the people?

From your comments,I see you You do not understand international law.another,the word "teritory" should is "territory"

China will pay a heavy price. Vietnam and other nations around China are already planted suicase NUKE bombs throughout China cities.

Easy to make and deadly effective. Who will come to China rescue.

It's a hint China should taking. In desperate time nations will do desperate measures.

No need for fancies hardware.

What international law are you talking about? Such a greedy claim. I am sure you have never heard about UNCLOS which you guys had signed. It is nonsense talking about law which the one who can not understand it.

We the Chinese people honor the diplomatic note were signed by premier Pham Van Dong . The Vietnam government and leader Ho Chi Minh again RE-ADMITTED South China Sea and it's islands were China's seventy. Any one who violates its territory without China's permission is illegal.

China always keep peace and maintain friendship around neighbor. We looking the best interest for South East Asia as far as economic and trading.

We also stand very firm on our seventy and we will protect our land and sea.

all of you guys should shut the hell up, especially the Chinese dude. You idiots do not know what the hell you are talking about.

Well, China say that Vietnam and other nations invade Chinese territory. Is it really reasonable when smaller and weaker countries invade a huge and strong country? Think yourself, Chinese people. Do you just believe in what Chinese government indoctrinate you that Paracel and Spratly Islands belong to China? Please do not judge from one side!



a message very nonsense!
documentation of Chinese is not clear in history!
Chinese military are hypocritical, flood metamorphosis. Get big hit small
Actually said: China's leaders want oil, they want to be like in the history of Empire.
Don't need give a message very nonsense

Just PLEASE S.T.F.U all Chink extremists! You are the world trouble maker!

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