Chinese naval force of new missile boats

According to CCTV reports, developed by China's new missile boats catamaran fleet exercises in live ammunition against the quasi-point in time is scheduled to enter the waters of all the missile hit the target, marking the first naval forces into a new type of missile boats formed the comprehensive combat capability of the formation.

New missile boats equipped with the East China Sea Fleet naval brigade in a speedboat, to manipulate the difficulty of new equipment for large, high-tech features, the "tipping synchronized with the training, testing and training both" approach, and gradually increase the number of batches of night-time missile attack, interference with difficult subjects such as training of anti-jamming, and just one year's time and equipment to complete a new full-function system-wide training.

At present, the new missile boats have been the safe navigation of thousands of nautical miles, a number of occasions to complete a major exercise task, the basic with a complex electromagnetic environment of the sea penetration, large range of combat capability, such as missile attacks.

In recent years some of the 022 as a result of criticism of missile boats amateur, in the community to form the so-called "022 useless" argument. That only the development of large-scale long-range naval aircraft and naval vessels is an effective defense. In fact, the efficiency of dispatch, the degree of preparation will be to maintain a military presence (retention time) and so on, more than 022 boats in the offshore advantage Haihang aircraft. China's coastal defense system by the shore-based, coastal systems, coastal and ocean systems, and can not be neglected. 022 stealth boat with excellent capacity, endurance performance and navigation information and the integration of operations, and is an important naval battle in the future of information and firepower of node node. The forefront of the target instructions can be carried out, the forefront of target detection - identification - such as combat missions against.

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