The Expert: Whether the Korean Peninsula does erupt into the war to be decided by China and US

North Korea on the 13th returned to use tough language of the United Nations Security Council sanctions resolutions, the most strident statement the word "war", the Associated Press quoted the Korean media as saying that the Korean Peninsula has become the possibility of nuclear war the world regions with the highest. "Communist China International Institute for Strategic Studies of the Central Party School Professor Zhang Lian Gui believe that the outbreak of the Korean peninsula is very low the possibility of full-scale war. However, if the requirements of other countries on board vessels to check on North Korea, North Korea is bound to strong resistance, most likely gives rise to a "physical confrontation."

British newspaper "Independent" on the 14th, said the threat of war, whether North Korea will depend on how much value can the United Nations sanctions against North Korea to curb the importation of capital and weapons, and this depends largely on the United States and China have much determination. "New York Daily News" and even said, "the only way to tame North Korea is China," China will continue to aid North Korea if the United Nations sanctions on North Korean leader will not play much role.

Moscow State University Department of Political Science, a professor of "Global Times" reporter said that North Korea is the powder keg to explode more with the United States policy on North Korea, the United States has been deliberately weakened the role of the United Nations in the Korean issue, come to rely on the United Nations, that is, do not want to launch unilateral sanctions on North Korea. Today, the U.S. naval blockade of the 60s last century, when the Cuban missile crisis had occurred, but between the United States and North Korea is not yet in today's fight against the Soviet Union and was also behind a number of the Berlin crisis. And Russia on this issue is mainly concerned about the potential of the refugee problem. At present, Russia is stepping up to the outside of the Far East and the development of Lake Baikal region, where the natural environment had on the poor, labor shortage, economically backward, if the Korean war broke out over a large number of refugees into the Russian Far East would be hit again.

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